When Will ASUU Call Off Strike: Is ASUU likely to call off the strike anytime soon, How will ASUU strike affect Jamb?, Will there be Jamb next year, what happens to the students who will be admitted this year since student admitted last year are yet to resume?, Why is ASUU on strike?, Are all federal Universities under ASUU?.

Hello SAVANT!, have you wondered the date ASUU strike will likely be called off or the impacts of ASUU strike on the routine academic activities such as how it would affect schools academic calendar, students newly admitted or even Students that registered for the 2022/2023 UTME exam, then you are reading the right piece.

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It is no longer news that, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) embarked on a rolling strike on the 15th of February 2022 and there are no indication from both parties involved (Federal Government and ASUU) that the strike will likely be called off any soon.

This now begs the question, When Will ASUU Call Off Strike 2022/2023? and how will this strike affect students both those currently in the University and those aspiring (Jambite). At the end of this post you will be able to tell when the strike will likely come to an end.

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I won’t be explaining what ASUU is because I believe we are already familiar with it, but if you need more information on what ASUU is, then click HERE.

Without further Ado, lets get down to business…

Has ASUU Called Off Strike?

NO, as at now the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASSU) is yet to call off the strike

…and as such, all academic activities of Universities under the umbrella of ASUU is crippled, no lectures, classes, Examination or releasing result.

Is ASUU Strike Likely To Be Called Soon?

shy to ask questions

From the response and attention currently given to the association, the answer is No, but as we all know this strike is not an indefinite strike but a rolling strike.

How is a Rolling Strike Different from and Indefinite Strike? 🤷

An indefinite strike is one where there is no fixed or proposed date for the strike to be called off, so the lecturers and all those involved in the strike sit back at home with out any proposed date in mind.

An indefinite strike can be called off anytime and can also span for as long as possible (Up to a year), it is like ASUU saying “let us know when you are ready to attend to us

But rolling strike have a fixed or proposed date wherein, all things been equal, would be called off. This strike can also span for as long as possible, but only if the issues presented are not attended before the proposed date.

But the good thing about a rolling strike is that, there is a date students can walk with unlike an indefinite strike where no date no time, nothing.

When Will ASUU Call Off Strike?

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The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) have proposed 6th August 2022 as the date for the strike to be called off.

But, yes there is a but, only on the condition that the Federal Government meets the Association demands before this date, so if by 6th of August 2022, FG is unable to attend to the issues presented by ASUU, there would be a rollover.

That is why it is called a rolling strike.

Will ASUU strike affect jamb 2022?

NO, ASUU strike will not have any direct effect on Jamb, at least not on the Scheduled exam date, registration process and Release of result.

This is because the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is not under ASUU, Jamb Registrar assured that the ongoing strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) would not affect this year’s (2022/2023) admission process.

But saying the strike will have no effect at all on Jamb students is not true, this is because, as at now, Schools like the University of Benin is yet to begin lectures for student who participated in last year’s Jamb (2021/2022).

There is no way, students for this year’s Jamb will resume and begin classes without those for 2021/2022 first completing their first year academic session. So the long run effect is that, Students admitted this year will have to sit out an entire academic session before they can officially start their classes.

So the routine of writing Jamb and resuming classes that same year will likely come to an end.

Except of cause, these schools rush up students in order to restore normalcy. This itself will still have a negative effect on the academic performance of the students.

ASUU Demands From The Government

I have been referring to the demands presented by ASUU to Jamb on this, I’m sure you don’t know what these demands are, well, to quench your curiosity, below are the Demands tendered by ASUU to Jamb…

  1. Funding for revitalization of tertiary institutions
  2. Payment of outstanding earned academic allowances (EAA)
  3. Review of NUC 2004 Act to tackle the proliferation of universities
  4. 26 percent budgetary allocation to education sector
  5. Implementation of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS).
  6. Constitution of visitation panels
  7. Withheld salaries and non-remittance of check-off dues of unions
  8. Salary shortfall

These are the Issues currently presented by ASUU to the Federal government, and if the strike must be called off, these issues must first be attended to.

ASUU Strike Update Today

14th March 2022: ASUU extends Strike by Two (2) Months

6th May 2022: ASUU extends strike by an additional three (3) months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ASUU Strike Affect JUPEB?

NO, the current ASUU strike will not affect JUPEB students (Lectures and Examination).

In Conclusion

The rolling ASUU Strike is expected to be called of 6th August 2022, for now work with this date as this is the proposed date by ASUU to call of the strike.

I’m pretty sure with this I have been able to answer your questions, do well to drop your comments or suggestion on this page using the comment box just below this write-up.

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