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How To Calculate OAU Aggregate Score With Ease


Calculate OAU Aggregate Score: what is OAU aggregate score for medicine? between my JAMB and Post UTME score which carries more weight for OAU admission? how to compute OAU average?

Hey SAVANT! here we will be going through how to calculate your aggregate score for Obafemi Awolowo University using practical examples and also explain why this is important. STAY TUNED!

OAU Post UTME registration Portal
OAU Post UTME registration Portal

OAU aggregate score is the ultimate determinant of who gets admitted and who don’t, this aggregate is combination of both your JAMB score and Post UTME grade

This aggregate forms the various departmental cut off mark for both the Merit, Catchment and ELDS (Education less developed states) admission list, hence the reason you should be able to calculate yours


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How To Calculate OAU Aggregate Score


Calculating OAU aggregate is different from what is obtainable in other schools, while most universities use the 50:50 ratio OAU uses JAMB, Post UTME and O’ Level in the ratio 50:40:10.

Here, the students JAMB score takes 50% of the grade, Post UTME takes 40% and O’level result takes the remaining 10% making the total aggregate score to be 100.

This is how it is calculated👇

Your JAMB score divided by 8 + Your OAU Post UTME Score + O’ level Points = Aggregate Score

  • Step 1: Divide JAMB score by 8
  • Step 2: Calculate your O’level point using the table below
  • Step 3: Sum up your divided JAMB score, O’level points and Post UTME score
  • Result: This gives your new aggregate score.

Your O’level point is calculated thus;

A12.0 points
B21.8 points
B3 1.6 points
C4 1.4 points
C5 1.2 points
C61.0 points
This Table Shows OAU Points for the different Grades in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB results

Here is an example, using JOHN as a case study👇

JOHN had a JAMB score of 258, a Post UTME score of 35 and two A1, one B2 and three C4 in his core subjects in WAEC. To calculate for JOHN’s OAU aggregate score, we will have?

(258/8) + 35 + 8 (we got eight after adding 2 (point of A1) + 1.8 (point of B2) + 4.2 (point of three C4) = 71.45

With this, it means JOHN is eligible to study any course with an aggregate score less than 71.45 as shown in the table above.

You can apply this to your JAMB and Post UTME grade to see where you stand.

Why Is OAU Aggregate Score Important?

It is important to calculate your aggregate score because this is what will be considered when granting students admission

OAU will not considered your Post UTME performance alone, nor will they overemphasize your JAMB score.


Do OAU Use O’level Result For Aggregate?

Yes, OAU use O’level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) result for computing aggregate.

What Happens To Students That Don’t Meet The Aggregate For Their Course

Students who were not able to meet the aggregate score for their desired course may be admitted to a less competitive course by the school.

This will be all for now😊, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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