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UNIBEN Acceptance Fee 2023, Procedure, Cost & Deadline

UNIBEN Acceptance Fee: uniben acceptance fee and school fees, how can I pay my acceptance fee for uniben?, portal for uniben acceptance fee, deadline to pay clearance and acceptance fee for UNIBEN?

Hey SAVANT! here I will show you UNIBEN acceptance fee for newly admitted students 2023, and also show you steps to take to process payment… STAY TUNED!

University of Benin (UNIBEN)
University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Yearly, the management of the University of Benin review the acceptance fee paid by newly admitted students and as such it is important to know the correct amount you will be charged to better prepare for it

After accepting your admission on JAMB CAPS and downloading your JAMB and school admission letter, the next step is to process payment of your acceptance fee and begin online clearance

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What Is UNIBEN Acceptance fee

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As the name suggest, it is the fee UNIBEN charges students to show their commitment to the admission offered by the school.

Students admitted to study any of the courses under the College of Medical Science pay more because of “College development fee

Once Acceptance fee payment is completed, the student can now proceed with online clearance and subsequently physical clearance.

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How Much Is UNIBEN Acceptance Fee?

UNIBEN Acceptance Fee
UNIBEN Acceptance Fee

UNIBEN Acceptance fee is NGN80,000 and NGN60,000 for College of Medical Science Candidates and other candidates respectively

For those not sure whether or not their departments is under College of medical science, here is a list of those that fall in that category…

Below is a table showing a breakdown of what you are paying for… ENJOY!

UNIBEN Acceptance Fee For College of Medical Sciences Students

ICT LEVY6,000.00

UNIBE Acceptance Fee For Other Students

ICT LEVY6,000.00

How To Pay UNIBEN Acceptance Fee

UNIBEN Acceptance fee payment portal
UNIBEN Acceptance fee payment portal

UNIBEN Acceptance fees can be paid on students kofa using the “Add current session ticket” and on the next page, selecting Acceptance fees as what is to be paid for.

You can also visit any cyber cafe close to you to process this payment online for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

UNIBEN Acceptance Fee Portal?

Portal for payment of UNIBEN acceptance fee is UNIBEN Kofa

When is the deadline for UNIBEN acceptance fee payment?

Payment of acceptance fee must be made before exams, without payment you can’t proceed with your online and physical clearance.

In Conclusion

The University of Benin Acceptance fees is NGN80,000 for Medical science students while other students will pay NGN60,000. payment is made online through the students kofa login.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Please why did Uniben disable acceptance fee portal
    And please will it still be opened

  2. Good evening sir, thanks for the information.
    Please sir can you throw more light on that deadline? I don’t really get it.
    Like specific range of time

    1. Hey Desmond, no official deadline for payment of UNIBEN acceptance fee yet.

      But since without payment you cannot proceed with your online and physical clearance, it is expected you pay as soon as the portal is live for payment.

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