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How To Accept Admission On JAMB CAPS Portal 2024

JAMB Profile Efacility Page
JAMB Profile Efacility Page

JAMB CAPS 2024/2025: Accept Or Reject Admission: What is everything I need to know about JAMB CAPS?, Is it true that I can check my admission Status Using JAMB CAPS?

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Jamb Profile Efacility Page
JAMB Profile Efacility Page

Admission before the advent of JAMB CAPS was as confusing as how confused can be, before now, a student can be given multiple admission from different schools.

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For every multiple admission a student is offered, another student elsewhere loose the chance of being admitted, so you see that multiple admission is not as good as it sounds.

This was not the only issue experienced, before the advent of JAMB CAPS, we also had the issue of students travelling to far distance to check for their names on the admission list released by their School of choice.

In order to save student from this stress, the Board – JAMB, came up with the Central Admission Processing Systems (CAPS) which helps to regulate admission of student and prevent bias as much as possible.

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How To Accept and Reject Admission On JAMB CAPS

JAMB CAPS Portal Closed
JAMB closes accept admission page

All admissions offered by institutions can only be accepted or rejected either through the 55019 or 66019 channels or by using the candidate’s biometrics at any accredited CBT centre or JAMB Office.

Joint Admission And Matriculation Board

The change in method for checking according to the Board is aimed at protecting the details of the candidates and upholding the sanctity of the admission process.

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Frequently Asked Question On JAMB CAPS

How Long Does It Take To Accept or Reject Admission on JAMB CAPS?

The Option to ACCEPT or REJECT the admission offered to you on JAMB Caps is usually within the period of 2 – 3days.

That is why, I always recommend you check your JAMB CAPS at least everyday so you will know when you have been admitted in due time.

What Does Not Admitted mean on JAMB CAPS?

Not Admitted means, you were not offered admission by the school you selected in JAMB, you can try other JAMB alternative or wait till the next JAMB.

What Does Admission Pending Mean On JAMB CAPS?

This means you have not be offered admission yet by any school and most likely your school have choice have not started processing admission for student.

The recommended step to take here is to wait also.

Institution and Course Space is Blank?

This is normal for student that have not been given admission, when you have been offered admission the information will be updated

School Has Admitted but JAMB Hasn’t

If you have been admitted by your school but it is not reflecting on your CAPS page, all you have to do is exercise patience, your school of choice is yet to send your name to JAMB.

Once your name is sent, it will reflect on JAMB CAPS, no need to panic.

In Conclusion

You can visit any JAMB accredited center using your Biometrics to check your result, or alternatively through the 55019 or 66019 channels.

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