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Solutions To JAMB CAPS Showing Blank & Welcome 2023/2024

JAMB CAPS showing blank
JAMB Portal Blank

JAMB CAPS Showing Blank For Course & Institution: My JAMB Caps is blank, how can I resolve this?, The Space for Institution and Course is empty on my JAMB CAPS portal, what could be the course of this?.

In this article I will show you possible reasons why your JAMB Caps is blank with two (2) effective solutions

JAMB CAPS showing blank
JAMB Portal Blank

Did you try accessing your JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) portal but all you kept seeing were blank spaces?, or did you click on your JAMB admission status through JAMB CAPS and saw that your Institution and choice of courseĀ were both empty and you are now worried?, well fear not because I’ve got you covered.

But before you can be sure you are seeing blank spaces on your JAMB CAPS you must first know how to access it. For those who may not know how to Access their JAMB CAPS I will show you how.


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How To Check JAMB Admission Status Via CAPS

Jamb caps shows welcome
JAMB CAPS Shows Welcome

Follow this guide below on how you can effectively access your JAMB CAPS portal…

  1. Visit JAMB E-facility portal @ (I would advise you use a good browser like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, if possible use a PC).
  2. Upon clicking on the link above you would be asked to fill in your Email address & Password (fill your correct Email and Password here) and click login
  3. Upon login, locate the ‘check admission Status‘ just below the page and click on it
  4. You will be taken to a page where you would be asked to select your UTME year and fill your JAMB Reg number
  5. Then Click on Access JAMB CAPS (If you see ‘not eligible to use this service’ just follow the guide HERE)

Easy right?

Haven understood how to access your JAMB CAPS Portal lets now get to the good stuff…

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Why Do My JAMB CAPS Shows Blank?

Jamb Caps Is Blank

This error comes in two forms which I will explain shortly, these forms include

  1. JAMB CAPS Showing ‘welcome’
  2. JAMB CAPS Space For Institution and Course are blank

Irrespective of the issue you are facing, the solution is just few lines below… Cheers!šŸ„‚

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JAMB CAPS Showing ‘Welcome”

If when you login in your JAMB CAPS Portal and all you see is just a text saying ‘Welcome’ then you have absolutely no reason to be bothered.

Students checking with their PC will have no problem with this at all but those using their mobile device (Android or IPhone) may be stuck.

In order for you to pass this welcome page you must request for desktop mode else you won’t be able to access the portal menu which include CAPS Home, My Profile, My O’ level, Admission Status, Marketplace, Transfer approval and the Log out option.

How do I switch to desktop mode on JAMB CAPS?

For this tutorial, we will be using Google Chrome browser, for those who may not be used to using chrome browser, you can just locate it on your phone or use other suitable browser aside Opera mini.

The process is pretty much same.

Change Jamb Caps To Desktop View
Change JAMB CAPS to desktop view
  1. Locate the MENU Icon (this is indicated with three (3) dots)
  2. Next, click on the three (3) dots and locate ‘desktop site’
  3. Click on it, this will make your phone view your JAMB CAPS as if it was a desktop viewing it.

2. JAMB CAPS Shows Empty Space For Institution & Course

Aside from the welcome page (which I have already proffered solution to above), students may also encounter this kind of issue.

The truth is, this is not an issue at all, having a blank space for your course or institution is nothing your should worry about.

All student will keep seeing blank spaces for their Institution and course till granted admission from their school of choice.

Now here is the logic behind it, Upon registration for JAMB you are given the opportunity to apply to various tertiary Institutions, through the Preferred and most preferred choice options, any of these schools are likely to grant you admission provided you meet up with their admission requirement.

The Space for Institution and course will be filled up when you are considered for admission by any of the schools you choose in JAMB.

For now you can diligently go through the differences between JAMB CAPS Admission and School Admission.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I know if JAMB gave me admission?

You can tell if you have been given admission by JAMB by checking your admission status on JAMB CAPS, if you see admitted, then it means you have been offered provisional admission for that course

Else it means your admission is being processed or you were not granted admission

In Conclusion

JAMB CAPS being empty is no reason to panic all you have to do is follow the tips shown here, you should also check JAMB Marketplace regularly to check if other schools has granted you admission.

Success in your 2023 Admission Processing… SHALOM!

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This will be all for nowšŸ˜Š,Ā I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Please have done changing of institution since last month on 29th and it hasn’t been reflected till now… Please I’m worried since then


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