Differences Between JAMB CAPS And School Admission: JAMB has given me admission but my school of choice has not?, Is JAMB admission more important than school admission?, what are the differences between JAMB CAPS and School admission?. 

Hello SAVANT! In this article you and I will be going through diligently, the major differences between Admission offered to student on their JAMB caps and admission from school of choice Portal/website, keep reading for details… 

Differences Between Jamb CAPs And School Admission
Jamb and School Admission

More often than not, Students always find it difficult to differentiate between the admission on their JAMB Caps and that from their school of choice, and that is the essence of today’s write up.

So if you find yourself asking  questions like ‘Is admission on my JAMB caps different from that on School website‘ or ‘can JAMB give me admission and my school don’t?‘, then you just landed at your final bus stop, because this article gat you covered. LOL, Enjoy!

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Differences Between JAMB Caps and School Admission

For those who may not know, there is a slight difference between JAMB and School admission, and these differences are what I will be exploring with you soon, Both JAMB CAPS and School Admission are in synchronization with each other, that is to say, One does not happen without the other…

Below you will find the major difference between both Admission (JAMB Caps And School Admission), don’t worry, I will make this as fun as possible.

JAMB Admission

Jamb Caps portal
JAMB Caps Portal

As a body, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has the power to Upload the admission offered to students in any of the Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of education in Nigeria.

This admission will be based on whether or not the student meets the admission Cut off mark for his or her school of choice, In fact, the Joint admission and matriculation Board (JAMB) was established for this singular purpose.

JAMB is responsible for the upload of all admission offered to students in Nigeria institution and it’s one of the reason while it’s important to check your JAMB admission status regularly.

Jamb Admission vs school admission

JAMB have the names and scores of all UTME candidates and those who meet the admission requirements will be selected and will be given admission, this admission list was not prepared by JAMB directly, the school in question.

JAMB only regulates the admission offered to students.

With JAMB, you can login to your JAMB Caps profile, where you will see the option to either Accept or Reject the admission given to you.

Upon registration for JAMB, student provide relevant information to JAMB and it is from this data their Admission can be processed.

Since the introduction of JAMB CAPs – Central Admission Processing system, Schools (Universities, Polytechnics & CoE) are required to submit list of admitted student to JAMB for Upload.

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School Admission

Upon successful completion of all necessary Exam, Your School of choice are meant to collect and submit the names of qualified candidates to JAMB by following the admission quota as stated by JAMB.

Gain Admission With Low Jamb Score
How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score

Any school that fails to abide by the rules set by JAMB may find themselves in situation whereby their admission list will be rejected by JAMB and new names will have to be drafted and resubmitted to JAMB for final review and approval.

JAMB then issues admission letter to student which will be used during their University’s clearance.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Can I be offered admission on JAMB Without School?

Well, Admission on JAMB is usually based on the list submitted by your school of choice to JAMB portal, so the deal here is, if you are admitted on your JAMB caps then you should find your name in your school of choice admission list in no time.

How long does it take to accept or reject admission on JAMB Caps?

Accepting or rejecting admission is usually within the period of 2 – 3 days, that is why students are expected to always check your Admission status on JAMB daily.

How Do I know If JAMB Has Given Me Admission?

You can tell if you have been admitted by JAMB or not by checking your JAMB admission Status on JAMB Caps. Simply login to JAMB caps @

Fill with your correct login details and click on the “Check Admission Status” button.

How Will I know If School Has Given Me Admission?

You can check admission for your school of choice by visiting the Student portal for your school of choice, all Schools (Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) have a portal with which student can check for their admission. Identify that for your school and TADA, your admission can be confirmed.

Does JAMB admission guarantee school admission?

YES, once your admission status on JAMB CAPs changes from admission in progress to Admitted, then you can be rest assured that same will reflect on your school of choice portal, because they both work hand in hand.

What do I do if JAMB has not given me admission?

There is really nothing much you can do aside than to wait and be hopeful that it comes out well.

Sooner or later, new names would be uploaded and your name may be included in that list.

Who gives admission first JAMB or?

The school you applied to will compile the list of student that qualified to study the various courses they offer and send to JAMB for publising through her JAMB CAPS portal.

For that reason, you can say, School first gives admission, then JAMB Publish the names of student already admitted by the School

Can JAMB give admission with awaiting result?

NO, students who are yet to upload their O’ level result to JAMB Caps Portal will not be offered admission.

This is so, because, JAMB want to ensure that only student who is certain to be fully qualified for an admission is given admission.

Can School Give Me Admission and JAMB Not?

YES, school can give you admission and it will not reflect on JAMB Caps, this is because the admission offered to you by your school have not yet being processed by JAMB.

So what you should find on your CAPS portal is Admission in progress.

In Conclusion

Difference between Jamb and School Admission….

JAMB Admission can be confirmed by login in to Jamb caps portal Your School of choice admission can be confirmed on your school’s student portal
JAMB cannot offer you admission without the school approving itSchools can offer admission without approval from JAMB, but must be sent to JAMB for regulation and upload.
JAMB do not decide the admission standard for a particular University, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education.School determine the admission standard such as Cut off mark, aggregate score and minimum O’ level requirements.
JAMB Does Not give admission, it only regulates admission in collaboration with tertiary institutionsSchools are responsible for the admission offered to students, but this admission is regulated by JAMB.
This Table Shows Differences Between JAMB CAPS and School Admission

JAMB cannot offer any student admission without the school approving it. The same way, no school can offer any candidate admission unless JAMB confirms and approves that the candidate has met the requirements.

Both bodies (School and JAMB) work hand in hand to ensure the admission is based on merit and other agreed upon criteria for admission.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, well feel free to drop them using the comment box below! 

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8 hours ago

Please when I tried to enter applicant login it was telling me invalid username and password and that’s is what have been using from onset pls what can cause it

16 days ago

What if jamb give admission but school doesn’t?
Jamb has given me admission but school is not.

23 days ago

Sir, but how do those people that use connection enter because most of them aren’t really qualified but yet receive admission. Wouldn’t jamb have approved it before giving the candidate admission?

23 days ago
Reply to  DrugSavant

Okay sir, thanks for your response!

Ojo Winner
Ojo Winner
1 month ago


I have been given admission by school but my jamb caps still saying admission has not been given yet.
I thought it should have changed to admission in progress why is it like this ?

2 months ago

Pls can u post update about university of agbor also in your telegram channel

Abiodun Adebayo
Abiodun Adebayo
5 months ago

Please sir🙏 I want to ask if it’s necessary for jamb caps to show admission status as admitted before one proceed to obtain school admission form