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Meaning of Admission In Progress & Not Admitted On JAMB CAPS

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Meaning of Admission In Progress, check back later: Can “not admitted” change back to admitted?, what is the real meaning of admission in progress, my JAMB caps is showing recommended, what does it mean?, How long does it take for admission in progress to change back to admitted?.

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my JAMB Doctor Series, In this episode I will explain some of the most common terminologies used on JAMB Caps such as Admission in progress, Recommended, Sorry No admission given yet, Not admitted, et al with the best steps to take afterwards… STAY TUNED!

School admission
School Admission

First of all, I will like to congratulate you for the completion of your Post UTME exam in your respective school of choice, haven come this far, the next most important thing to do now is to check how it pays off.

Checking how it pays off in this sense is to see if you were successfully admitted or not, and one of the most important ways to do this is by checking your Admission status on JAMB CAPS.

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With JAMB CAPS, you will be able to know when you have been admitted or not by the school you choose in Jamb, you can also reject the admission or accept it, if it is the course or school you wanted to study in.

I have explained all you need to know about JAMB CAPS in a great deal on another blog post which you can check out HERE, so I will not be talking much about it in this write-up.

So, when you log in to your JAMB CAPS, terms like admission in progress gets you confused, you will be like, does it mean that my admission is guaranteed? or it just means that JAMB is simply processing my admission?

Well, all these will be answered here, did I just hear you say thanks, nah, there is no need for that, what are friends for??


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Meaning of Admission in Progress (AIP) check back later

Jamb admission in progress
Jamb admission in progress

According to the Joint admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Admission in progress on JAMB CAPS means that the student has been recommended for admission and currently undergoing processing.

If you read my post on differences between JAMB and School admission, you would have understood by now that the admission of student cannot be done by Schools alone neither can JAMB admit students without the university’s approval.

What this means is that both JAMB and Schools (Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) work hand in hand in collating and admitted students to the various courses and Institutions in Nigeria.

Jamb gives meaning of admission in progress on twitter
JAMB gives meaning of admission in progress on twitter

How does this now relate with my admission status; Admission In progress in JAMB??‍♂️

Good question, you see, the school you applied to is responsible for granting admission to students (that I have explained here), so after deciding on the students that are worthy of admission, they send the list (recommendation) to JAMB.

Once this list gets to JAMB, JAMB reviews the list and check if the students admitted actually meet the requirement for the stipulated course, if after checking, the board (JAMB) is satisfied with the process followed by the University in recommending a student for admission

The admission in progress status would change to admitted, thereby allowing the student to accept or reject the admission.

In summary

The admission in progress status on JAMB CAPS simply means, the school you choose in JAMB has recommended you for admission, but JAMB is yet to certify if your admission is fair.

Once confirmed, the admission in progress will be changed to admitted, else not admitted.

From the information above, you will agree with me that, the admission in progress will in a long run either change to Admitted or Not Admitted, pending on the decision taken by JAMB.

With this, the next logical question that comes to mind is, How long will it take for Admission in Progress to change to Admitted or not admitted?

How Long Will It Take For Admission In Progress To Change To Admitted?

Typically, it takes two (2) to three (3) days for admission in progress to change to Admitted, it does take longer to change to not admitted, but sincerely, there is no fixed date for this change.

This is what JAMB has to say on the matter; as shown in the image below…

How long will it take admission in progress to change to admitted
When will JAMB admission in progress will change

From the image above, you will see that, there is not fixed date for which admission in progress is expected to change, what determines the time is JAMB clarification period.

It can take two (2) days or run into weeks or even months, but taking longer means that JAMB is not satisfied with the admission and will most likely turn “not admitted” when the University does the needful.

This can be proved by the response from JAMB official twitter handle to a concerned students as shown in the image below…

admission in progress to not admitted
Admission in progress to not admitted

So, if it takes a shorter time, then there is a higher chance of being admitted, but this does not mean if yours takes a longer time, like a month or so, it must change to not admitted, No.

I have seen students with their JAMB CAPS showing admission in progress for close to a month, but later changed to admitted.

What To Do If Your Admission In Progress Stays For a long time

If you observe that your admission in progress keeps showing for a long time (over a month), then you must look out for the following and see how you can fix it.

Next on the list is recommended…

Meaning of Not Admitted on JAMB CAPS

Not Admitted Jamb Caps
Not Admitted JAMB CAPS

JAMB CAPS Not Admitted means that, you were denied admission by the school you applied for, this could be because you either did not meet up with your School’s required cut off mark for admission

Or you did not have at least five (5) credits in your core courses in O’ level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB), or probably did not upload your O’ level result to JAMB.

What To Do If JAMB CAPS Says Not Admitted

If your JAMB Caps shows not admitted or admission in progress changes to Not admitted, then the next best thing to do to check JAMB Market place, at JAMB market place, you stand a chance to be admitted by other Universities (mostly private or new Universities though).

I will prepare a detailed guide on how you can check JAMB market place for admission soon, you can subscribe to this blog to be notified when published or follow me on my various social media handle.

With this, I hope you now understand the difference and meaning of Admission in progress and not admitted on JAMB CAPS, I will now attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions on JAMB CAPS terms…ENJOY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Admission in Progress Mean You Will Be Admitted?

NO, your JAMB caps showing “admission in progress” does not mean your admission is sure or guaranteed, it only means that the school you applied to recommended you for admission but JAMB is yet to process (that is, it is currently being processed).

Some student’s JAMB CAPS portal shows admission in progress but still end up not admitted, but the chances of being admitted once it shows admission in progress is very very high, but is still not guaranteed.

Can Admission in Progress Change to Not Admitted?

YES, admission in progress can change to not admitted if JAMB is not satisfied with the way the admission was being offered to you.

I have shown you what to do here, if your JAMB Caps shows admission in progress for a long time, do well to check it out.

What can make Admission in Progress change to not admitted?

Admission can change to not admitted if; you did not upload your O’ level result to JAMB, Wrong JAMB Subject combination, changing of course or institution while the admission is still on or your the admission not in compliance with JAMB admission policy.

My JAMB Caps shows Welcome?

Jamb caps shows welcome

IF you JAMB caps shows Welcome alone, it is because you are using a mobile device to check your JAMB caps and as such the menu is not visible.

To resolve this, change your browser view to desktop mode and you will be fine.

In Conclusion

The difference between JAMB admission in progress and not admitted is shown in the table below…

For your JAMB CAPS to show admission in progress, it means your school of choice has sent your name to JAMB for admissionYour name was not part of the list (recommendation) sent by your school of choice for admission
JAMB is processing the admission to confirm if the admission is fairNo admission was offered to the student, and as such no need for JAMB to process the admission
Students have hope of being admitted once confirmed by JAMBThe only hope for admission is via JAMB market place and the admission will not be to the school he or she choose in JAMB.
Can change to admitted or not admittedCannot change to admitted.
Admission in progress & not admitted

This is the much I can take on this topic for now, If I failed to answer your question feel free to drop them using the comment section for review…

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27 days ago

I am a Direct entry aspirant sir, my caps has been showing AIP for a month now, can I go to jamb office directly to complain or what can I do to make it change very soon

Ihoon Angela
Ihoon Angela
1 month ago

I’m so confused I keep seeing you are not eligible to this service on my CAPs

vincent nkoro
vincent nkoro
17 days ago
Reply to  Ihoon Angela

When you click on check admission status, you should see a bar at the top, you can select your year of jamb that you want to access as long as you registered that year( I think this applies to people who wrote jamb from 2016 upwards)

David Obot
David Obot
1 month ago

His jamb is showing that he applied for a change of name but now that his admission status is showing *admission in progress*
Is there going to be a problem with getting admission since his name has not yet being changed

David Obot
David Obot
1 month ago
Reply to  DrugSavant

What do you mean before clearance

4 months ago

I am also confused…I keep seeing admission in progress for like two weeks now and lectures have started… people keep collecting jamb too
Can it still shift to admitted very soon sir because am loosing hope already..?
I also heard they will soon close portal
I was just wondering that can they close the portal without attending to any of the people that as seen AIP sir
I need you to reply this sir ??

4 months ago
Reply to  Kate

Okay sir
Thank you

4 months ago

When I have all of the requirements met as to my jamb caps remaining on AIP for a month
Should I be rest assured

Abundant Grace
Abundant Grace
7 months ago

At what point can one click on the refresh button on JAMB CAPS?

11 months ago

One of the best articles I’ve ever read
Incredible stuff….
Keep up the good work