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How To Complain To Jamb For Errors and Make Inquiry

How To Complain To Jamb Office: What is Jamb customer care line?, How do I send an email to Jamb?, How do I contact Jamb to complain to them?. Do you for any reason find yourself asking these questions or probably know someone who is?, then today is your lucky day.

How To Complain To Jamb
Jamb Central online support system for Complaints

In Today’s article of ‘Jamb Doctor Series‘, I will take out time to guide you through the processes involved in lodging your issues /errors / complaints to Jamb for quick sleek.

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For some reasons students tend to have some complications either when they first register for Jamb, writing the Exam itself or even during the admission process.

At times like this, possible ways to solve these problem becomes the search of the day, it gets difficult when you don’t know who to contact and even more difficult when you know who to contact but do not know how to contact them.

How To Complain To Jamb

There are not so many ways to do this, but I will try highlighting the most common and effective, read through diligently for details…

1. Through Jamb Contact Online System

As part of the initiative of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to provide help to student, they came up with an integrated system where student can lay their complaints and make inquiries.

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They called this system the Central Online support System (COSS), with this system you can easily lodge your complaints to Jamb and wait for response. There are two categories for complaining.

  1. For Student who enrolled for Jamb and have their Jamb Registration Number
  2. This who wants to make inquiry for someone (Parents or Guidian)

Irrespective of the category you fall under, the procedure is almost Thesame, just a slight difference, I will guide you for both categories.

How To Lodge Complaints To Jamb via Central Online Support System

To access Jamb COSS follow the guide below…

How to lodge your complaints to Jamb
How To Complain To Jamb
  • Click on the ‘create support ticket‘ button
Screenshot 20210716 213133 1
  • Upon clicking on the create support ticket button, you will be asked “if you are a candidate with a Jamb reg no. Please click yes, else click no‘. Select appropriately.
  • A form will be presented to your in the next as shown below…
Screenshot 20210716 213157 1
Jamb support ticket form (how to complain to Jamb)
  • Fill the form with the correct details appropriately and take note of your ticket ID.
  • You will receive a mail from Jamb when your ticket is responded to via mail.

Make sure the email address you fill is correct, else you will not be able to receive a response through mail

Detailed enough right?

2. Visiting Jamb Office Directly

Another way of contacting jamb for complaints or any other issue is by going directly to Jamb office, this is quite stressful and time consuming unlike using the Jamb Central Online support System.

Jamb offices are present in every state, soon I will update you with the list of Jamb offices in Nigeria, so you can locate that closest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are some common questions asked by student on ‘how to complain to jamb’ and their answers.

Who can lodge complain on Jamb COSS

Anyone!, YES, if you read through the post diligently you will see where I mentioned that both student with and without Jamb reg. No. Can use Jamb COSS to lay complaints.

How Long Does It Take to Receive response?

There is not straight answer to this, it all depends on the nature of the issue that is been complained of.

What Kind of complaint can be sent?

All types of complaint can be sent, from wrong date of birth to Jamb regularisation issues, to Jamb Matriculation list, Jamb change of course / institution e.t.c

This will be all for now, If I missed your question from the frequently asked questions list above, ensure to notify me using the comment box below.

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