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How To Print JAMB Admission Letter 2023/2024 Yourself

Cost To Print Jamb Admission letter
Cost To Print Jamb Admission letter

How To Print JAMB Admission Letter: I am unable to print my JAMB admission letter after payment, how can I get JAMB admission letter after regularization?, how to print JAMB admission letter after paying?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of “JAMBPEDIA Series“, here we will walk you through how to print JAMB Admission letter using your phone or personal computer… STAY TUNED!😎

How To Print Jamb Admission letter
How To Print JAMB Admission letter

JAMB admission letter is the only physical proof you have as a student that JAMB officially recognize the admission offered to you by your School of Choice, so it is expected that, after you accept your Admission on JAMB CAPS

You proceed to your JAMB Profile and print your JAMB admission letter, this letter also, is one of the compulsory documents you will be asked to submit by the school that offers you provisional admission during your clearance.


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But then how to Print this JAMB Admission letter becomes an issue, here, I will show you how to print this admission letter, where you can print this letter, how much it would cost you, and answer some frequently asked questions concerning this topic.

All you have to do from your end, is to take a glass of water, sit back and read through diligently as I take you on this Voyage… ENJOY!

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Cost for JAMB Admission Letter Printing

Image Source: Vecteezy

You will pay NGN1,000 (One thousand Naira) only to print your JAMB admission letter

You should have at least NGN1,200 in your account before proceeding with the payment because of remita charges.

We currently run admission letter printing for JAMB and charge NGN2,000, you can send us a mail: [email protected] let’s help you out with this😊

Requirements For Printing JAMB Admission Letter

To be able to print your JAMB admission letter you will require the following;

  1. A device that can connect with the internet (Personal computer or Android Phone)
  2. JAMB Profile login details (email address and Password), if you don’t have this yet, you can follow my premium guide on how to create and access your JAMB profile
  3. JAMB registration number and year of admission
  4. You must have checked your Admission Status before proceeding
  5. Money; NGN1000
  6. ATM card
  7. The ‘Technical Know How’ (TKH)

How to Successfully Print Your JAMB Admission Letter

Printing your Admission letter for Jamb

You will need a debit card, mobile phone or PC and data before you continue with this process

Estimated time 6 minutes

  1. Open Chrome Or Other Suitable Browser On your Phone

    Open chrome browser

    Using your mobile phone, locate your chrome web browser or other Suitable browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer and open it

  2. Visit JAMB Efacility Page

    JAMB Profile Efacility Page

    On the browser you have opened, fill in the search or URL box with, you will be taken to the page shown above, on that page, click on the “Create e-facility Account/Log in

  3. Login To your JAMB Profile On the E-facility Website

    Jamb Efacility Login

    When you click on the “Create e-facility Account/Log in“, you will be taken to your JAMB Profile Login Page, Fill the email address and Password with the Email address you linked to your JAMB Profile and the Password sent to your email by JAMB

    If you have not linked your Email address yet, endeavor to do so.

  4. Locate The “Print Admission Letter” On your JAMB Profile Homepage

    Print Admission Letter on Jamb Profile

    Once you fill in your correct email address and Password, you will be taken to the page shown in the image above, on this page, locate the “Print Admission Letter Option” and click on it.

  5. Click On “Pay With Remita” Option On The Next Page

    Payment page for Jamb Original Result

    On the Admission letter Slip printing Page, you will see two payment options, click on the first option (Pay with remita)

  6. Click On “Continue To Payment”

    Payment page for Jamb Admission letter

    When you click on the Pay with remita button, you will be taken to the page shown in the image above, click on the “continue to payment” button.

  7. On the Next Page Click On “Pay Now”

    Pay Now Page for Jamb admission letter

    On the next page, click on the Pay Now button, there you will be taken to the remita page where you will confirm your details and fill your card details for the payment.

  8. Hit The Submit Button on the Remita Page

    Remita Payment Page for Jamb Original Result

    On the Remita page, go through thoroughly the details on the remita page, if they are correct click on the submit button.

  9. Fill your Payment Details and click on “Pay Now”

    Card Payment for Jamb Original result

    On the next page, you can choose to pay either by through Card, Bank account, USSD and others. Decide on the payment option to use and fill the details correctly on the right boxes.

    After that, click on “Pay

Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Year of Exam and
  • JAMB Registration Number.

After entering the information correctly, you can now print the Admission letter as shown on your screen. Easy right!

What to Do If You’re Unable to Print Your JAMB Admission Letter After Payment

Payment page for Jamb Admission letter
Payment page for JAMB Admission letter

If you paid but still experience troubles printing your JAMB Admission letter, simply locate the print admission letter option on your JAMB profile, click on “pay with remita” and instead of going through with the payment, click on the Print button as shown in the image above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deadline To Print JAMB Admission Letter

No deadline to print admission letter from JAMB, but it would be wise to print it now so you have it ready whenever you need it.

Can JAMB admission letter be printed twice?

YES, you can print your Admission letter multiple times, but for a maximum of five (5) times, after the firth attempt you will have to make another payment of NGN1000 to get an extra 5 times trial.

After printing JAMB admission letter what next

After you have successfully printed you admission letter, next is to keep the student copy of your letter safe with you and use the Institution copy of your letter for the purpose you printed it (for NYSC, school clearance, Final Year Clearance e.t.c)

Can I Print My Admission Letter Using Phone or Laptop?

Yes, with your Phone or PC you can pay for your admission letter, once payment is complete download the pdf version and proceed to any cyber cafe to print the hard copy.

Can I print my JAMB admission letter anytime?

Yes, you can, provided you have accepted the provisional admission offered to you on your JAMB CAPS or have completed your JAMB regularization.

Students for this year (2023) will have to wait till admission is processed on JAMB CAPS before the admission letter will be ready.

In Conclusion

With JAMB email address and Password, and a device that can access the internet, login to your JAMB profile @ to print your admission letter.

Have a question or two, do not hesitate to drop them here using the comment box below!😊

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  1. Good day sir, I’m concerned about the admission process if after I accept the admission and do the printing what if I’m not financially ready yet at the time of resumption being September, can I still pay the clearance and go for the necessary stuffs next year

    • To print your jamb admission letter, you will have to log in to your Jamb profile, and to do this, you will need your email address and password.

      Are you having issues with your Jamb login details?


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