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How To Get JAMB Password To Login CAPS Profile 2023/2024

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JAMB Password To Login CAPS Profile: How Can I Reset my JAMB Profile Login Password with 55019?, How to Reset JAMB Password using SMS?, How Can I get My JAMB Password and Email address?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to another exciting episode of my “JAMBPEDIA Series here, I will show you how to get the password you will need to access your JAMB CAPS/Profile. Pretty cool right?” STAY TUNED!

Jamb Password
Reset/Retrieve JAMB Password
Correction Type:Password To Login JAMB CAPS
Methods:SMS, JAMB Reset Password Option, Sent Mail
Deadline:No deadline for this

The way JAMB was registered in previous years is quite different from the way the registration is done presently…

…before now, when student go to register for JAMB at any of the accredited JAMB registration centers, they will be required to register with their email address along side, after which they will create an account on JAMB efacility Portal using the same email address they submitted to JAMB during the registration.

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But in the just concluded 2023 JAMB UTME Registration, a lot was changed. You will no longer use JAMB e-facility to create your JAMB profile account, instead you will be expected to link the email you want to use to JAMB Portal

…(which should be the same email you submitted when registering JAMB) by sending the Email address to 55019.

I have explained how you can link your email to JAMB already, if you have not seen, that click me.

This change in how JAMB profile can be created spiked confusion in thousands of JAMBITE (Students enrolling for JAMB), hence the reason for today’s guide…

…below I will explain how you can get your JAMB Password to access your JAMB profile and CAPS, I will also show you how to change your profile password for those who may have forgotten their Password already… ENJOY!?

How To Get JAMB Password To Login Your Profile

Image Source: Vecteezy

To get your JAMB Password, you will need to first link your Email address to JAMB.

Once your Email has been successfully linked, a mail will be sent to your mail box containing your Password from [email protected] as shown in the image below…

Jamb Profile Password Fter Linking Email
JAMB Profile Password after Linking Email

The password is usually in the format “cand******“. make sure you don’t show this to any one else, because with it, they can access your JAMB profile, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Once you have confirmed your password, login to JAMB Efacility Portal and use the Email you linked to JAMB and your new password to login, Pretty simple right?.

For students who can’t access their mail box for some reasons, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has created a way for you to retrieve your JAMB password without checking your mail box.

Below is the right steps to take…

How To Reset Lost or Forgotten JAMB Password Through SMS (55019)

Jamb profile password
JAMB Profile Password

To get your Password back, send the word “PASSWORD” space [the email address] from the same number you used to register for JAMB to 55019 or 66019, like PASSWORD [email protected]

Make sure the SMS you send is exactly in the format as in the image below…

How To Reset Jamb Password
How To Reset JAMB Password

Once the message is successfully sent, you will receive a response shortly containing your Password.

How To Reset JAMB Password Using Profile

Aside those two (2) methods shown above, you can also check for your JAMB Password simply by using JAMB E-facility portal, but for this method to work you must have data and a mobile device that can access the internet.

Forgot Password Reset Option Using Jamb Efacility
Forgot Password Reset Option Using JAMB E-facility

Here is how to go about this…

  • Open your web browser and visit JAMB Efacility Password Reset Portal @
  • Next, enter the email address linked to your JAMB and hit the “Password reset” button
  • You will get a message saying “Your Password is Successfully Reset and sent to your eMail ([email protected])
  • Your New Password will be sent to your email address, simply check your primary mail box to see your new Password.
Reset Password Option At Jamb Efacility
Reset Password Option At JAMB Efacility

You can now use this new password to login and accept or reject your Admission on JAMB Caps.

That is all on resetting JAMB Password, I will now provide answers to some frequently asked questions…


What is JAMB username and password?

Your JAMB username is the email address you linked to JAMB ([email protected]), while the password was what was sent to your mail after the email had been successfully linked to JAMB (The password is usually in the format “cand******“).

Can I login to my JAMB profile with my registration number?

Yes, you can login to your JAMB Profile with only your registration number if you use the JAMB CAPS mobile app which can be downloaded from google play store.

How do I login to JAMB portal?

You can Login to JAMB Portal by filling in your Username and Password on JAMB efacility portal @

In conclusion

Your JAMB Password will be sent to your email once you have successfully linked it to your profile, you can then reset the password either through SMS or through JAMB Portal Online which I have shown to your here.

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This will be all for now😊, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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