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Using Same Email, Phone Number & Profile Code Twice In JAMB

JAMB online registration portal
JAMB online registration portal

Same Email, Phone Number & Profile Code Twice In JAMB: how can I know the email I used for JAMB Registration?, is it possible to register for two different JAMB with same profile code and email address

Hey SAVANTS! In this episode of “JAMB Doctor Series” we will go through the answers to one of the most asked questions of the century with regards to JAMB registration; can I use the same email address, Phone number and Profile Code Twice to register for another JAMB… STAY TUNED!

JAMB online registration portal
JAMB online registration portal

Not all students registering for 2024 JAMB is actually doing it for the the first time, Students that fall in this category normally find themselves in a quagmire.

Since they once registered for JAMB, it means during their first registration they used an Email address, a phone number and also requested for JAMB Profile Code using that Phone number.

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Unfortunately, things did not turn out as they would have wanted it to, and so decided to register for another JAMB.

On getting your JAMB registration requirements ready, the big question popped up, what Email address should I used for my second registration?” can I use the email address and Phone number I once used to register for JAMB?

Worry no more, everything you need to know will be addressed here, all you have to do is take a glass of water and read diligently. Nah, no need to thank me, what are friends for 😊

JAMB released a new guide for 2024/2025 JAMB UTME Registration, below is all you need to know.

Can I use One Email Address To Register For JAMB Twice

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No, You should not use one Email address to register for JAMB two times.

Provided this email address has been used by you or anyone else to create and JAMB Profile, it renders that email address not valid or unavailable for creating another JAMB Profile.

So using the same Email you have used before would make it impossible for you to create your JAMB Profile that would correspond with your most recent JAMB registration.

Hmm!, what if I decide to still register for JAMB using the same Email address?😏

Well, there are consequences. If you register for JAMB using that same email address you used in your previous JAMB Exam, when the time comes to link your Email address to JAMB, you will encounter difficulty.

Not just that, each time you login to your JAMB profile account that was created by your once used email address, the account will not be updated to the current JAMB year

Instead, you will keep seeing the year you first used the email to register for JAMB, so let us say, John registered for JAMB in 2023 using [email protected] and went ahead to register for 2024 JAMB with the same email address; [email protected]

when John logs in to his JAMB account, instead of the account to be updated to 2024 JAMB, it will keep showing 2023 JAMB, and this can be very problematic because when the time for admission comes…

…each time you try to access your JAMB CAPS, you will get a feed back error saying “you are not eligible to use this service on JAMB CAPS” Bad right?

My Recommendation:

If you registered for JAMB before now and you want to avoid stories that touch the heart, then create a new email address using the steps provided here.

Use this new email address you have created for all your JAMB related activity, you can use your email address for other purpose, bank, school admission, but not JAMB.

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Can I Use Same Phone Number Two Times for JAMB

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Yes, unlike your email address you can use same phone number twice for JAMB Registration, but it is a little more complicated than it sound, there are some conditions you must meet, before you can re-use same phone number, they include;

  1. The Phone number can only be used by the same student that first used it by JAMB
  2. The same profile code used while registering for the first JAMB must be reused while registering
  3. The profile code of last year will be used to purchase a new ePin.

What this means is that, if you meet-up with the requirements listed above, then you can go ahead to reuse the same phone number for JAMB. To guide you with this, I have provided you with some resources you should go through…

Can I Use Same Profile Code To Register For JAMB Twice

recover lost jamb profile code
Recover lost jamb profile code

Yes, just as you can use same phone number you once used to register for JAMB, you can also use the same JAMB Profile code to register for JAMB again.

But for this to work, it must be used concomitantly with the phone number you used to create the Profile code, so they both work together.

If you misplaced your old Phone sim then no using of your old Profile code.

If for some reasons you don’t remember your old JAMB profile code, then you can follow the steps HERE to retrieve/recover your lost JAMB Profile code.

Can I Use Last Year JAMB Profile For This Year?

Jamb Profile Efacility Page
JAMB Profile Efacility Page

No, Since you cannot use same Email address for this year JAMB, you cannot use the same profile you used last year for this Year’s JAMB even when it is with the phone number and Profile code.

The moment you retrieve JAMB profile code you will link it to a new email address, you will be sent a new password which you can now use to login to your new JAMB profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register JAMB twice?

Yes, you can register for JAMB two times but not in that same year, that is, you can register in 2023 and decide to re-register in 2024, there is no crime in that, but if you mean registering for two JAMB that same year, then NO.

Can JAMB email address be changed?

No, Once you use an email address to register for JAMB, you cannot change it. Although there are some alternatives you could try, like creating a new email address that looks exactly like the one you mistakenly used to register for JAMB.

That way, you have been able to bypass the system.

How to know the email I used for JAMB registration

To know the email address you used to register Jamb, just check the Jamb registration slip given to you when you registered for Jamb.

On it contains your Jamb Basic data, with the email you used for the registration as well.

In Conclusion

You cannot use the same Email address you once used to register for JAMB to register for another JAMB, but you can use the same Phone number and Profile Code twice for JAMB registration.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Hello,
    Please what could be the problem?
    I tried retrieving my profile code yesterday with the phone number I used for JAMB in 2023 and it said this 👇
    My friend who is writing JAMB for the first time requested and it said the same thing. Please help, it’s urgent.

  2. Hello
    I used my mum’s phone number to get my profile code and I also used her number to register last Year, so I want to use the same profile code I used last year and i want to use my own phone number to register this year and I won’t register with my mum’s number. will this have any effect with my jamb registration?

  3. After writing jamb last year I purchased jamb e pin this year from the bank with the number I used last year and got the receipt in my old email is this a bad sign(I have not registered

  4. I wrote jamb 2021 and 2022 I was unable to gain admission 2022 because I used the same email and phone number as the one I used 2021
    So I have my IJMB result and I want to register for Direct entry(DE) this year(2024)
    The question is can I use a different phone number and email for the DE registration without being affected

  5. Please sir, I will be writing JAMB for the third time this year. So, my question is that, can I use the same phone number and profile code have been using since the first try again?

  6. Good day sir
    Please sir,
    I mistakenly used an email I used to register jamb before and now I can’t create a new account with jamb
    Is there any solution?

  7. Please i used the same email address for jamb twice. The phone I used to get my Profile code I don’t have it anymore can I change the phone number and email address so I can access my caps

    • Sir there is a mistake on my nin last year and I create profile code now and the mistake reflect on my jamb so now i corrected it I want new profile is it possible

  8. Please I need help I never knew same email address can’t be used twice my jamb portal is not showing this year profile and all the password sent yo me this year is not working for the email address please what can I do?

  9. hi, i registered for jamb in 2020, then another in 2022, using the same email. My school has given me admission, but i cant acess CAPS, because my profile from 2020 is the only thing popping up. I went to jamb office today in abeouta, but there was no one to attend to me, I was told to come back next week thursday, it might be too late by then. SO, i want to ask if i can visit a jamb accredited centre to relink a new email to my 2022 profile?

  10. The email I used last year for my jamb registration was the email I used this year,I logged in my jamb portal and it’s showing me my last year jamb details what am I going to do

    • Sir..
      I registered for jamb 2022.
      Now I want to register for jamb this year too, I’ve lost the Sim I used to get my profile code, but I know my profile code, it’s saved on my phone.
      My question is..can I go ahead and register using my old profile code? And can I add a new number when filling my form?
      Thank you.

  11. I cant access my jamb Caps if i want to input the registration number it let me type well i used the same phone number and email for last year for these year what can i do

    • Hey Darasimi, I did not get your exact issue.

      Can you clarify this👇

      I cant access my jamb Caps if I want to input the registration number it let me type well

      and also, when exactly do you have issues accessing your Jamb caps, when you try to log in?

  12. I use my last email to do changing of course and institution but when I login it still showing last year own

    • Sorry Sanda, I did not get your question correctly, did you mean the course you changed to is reflecting that for the previous year, or you registered for this year’s jamb using last year email address?

  13. Sir I use thesame phone number I use to register for utme last year to register DE this year but linking my new email to this year DE registration to jamb portal the portal still reflect utme on the portal which I register last year instead of DE … what can I do

      • Sir can I also go to CBT center for rectification instead of jamb office because is too far to my area …….sir is it true that when jamb update there app my jamb portal will no longer reflect last year Data again that I have to wait for jamb to update

  14. Sir I did jamb last year and the Gmail of last year has been linked with this year own,so when I try to login it brings last year own jamb Portal,please is there any alternative 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  15. Sir I used my email twice and I didn’t score for the first one and then I used it for the second one so known I I log in to the caps only first one I can see and I didn’t score for the first one so how can I do sir i need your help

  16. If using thesame number for last year would link up with the email used in the last year then it wouldn’t be advisable to use thesame number. Speaking based on what is going on anyway

  17. I used the same number I used last year for this year’s registration and it was the email address I used last year that was on the slip.pls what do I do


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