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Will Direct Entry (DE) Students Write JAMB and Post UTME 2024/2025

Will direct Entry (DE) write JAmb and Post UTME
Will direct Entry (DE) write JAmb

Direct Entry (DE) Students Write JAMB and Post UTME: will DE Students sit for JAMB this year? Do Direct entry students (DE) write POST UTME to secure admission, Will JAMB Open Direct Entry Portal

Hey SAVANTS! In Todays episode of my ‘JAMB Doctor Series I will answer the question “Do Direct Entry (DE) Students Write JAMB and Post UTME?” STAY TUNED!

Will direct Entry (DE) write JAmb and Post UTME
Will direct Entry (DE) write JAMB

This has been a pressing question for students who has registered or Intend to register for JAMB with the hope of securing admission to 200 level to study their desired course in their preferred Universities.

Just so you know, there are other programs that offers you similar opportunities as JAMB direct entry, you can check them out on how to gain admission without JAMB.

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Back to the subject matter, this question is that, after writing JAMB Exam before, Sat for Post UTME exam, gained admission to study a five (5) or four (4) years course in the University

Will I still be writing another JAMB and Post UTME exam to secure admission with JAMB direct Entry?

To best answer the question, I will explain the Prospect of JAMB Direct Entry Admission, how it is different form the normal UTME exam and whether or not they will sit for JAMB, Post UTME or not.

What Is JAMB Direct Entry?

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JAMB Direct entry is one of the means to gain admission in Nigeria without sitting for JAMB-UTME Exam, there are others like JUPEB, IJMB, NABTEB A’ level.

Direct entry for JAMB is primarily for those that already possess a diploma certificate and want to go for a degree program in the university. So if you wish to apply for JAMB Direct Entry you must…

…already have Bachelors in any degree from the University or finished from Polytechnics with their ND (National Diploma) or HND (Higher National Diploma).

So, a student who first studied Pharmacology in the University, or Pharmacy technician in Polytechnic and want to study Pharmacy, will not have to apply through JAMB UTME to begin from 100

Instead, you apply through JAMB direct entry to any University of your choice, where you stand the chance of gaining admission to 200 level.

Haven understood what JAMB Direct entry entails, lets now see if students for direct entry will be sitting for JAMB Exam.

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Do Direct Entry (DE) Students Write JAMB

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Yes, Direct Entry students will sit for JAMB in the upcoming 2024 JAMB UTME.

Recently, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has said that Direct Entry (DE) candidates seeking to gain admission to Nigerian universities will henceforth be required to sit for the UTME along with other candidates.

JAMB said that the new policy was to ensure that the DE candidates justify the possession of their A Level certificates.

This was disclosed by the Public Relations Officer of JAMB, Mr. Fabian Benjamin.

Do Direct Entry (DE) Students Write Post UTME

Yes, Direct entry students will write Post UTME for the schools the selected in JAMB provided the school writes Post UTME.

As Mr. Fabian rightly said, you will not be sitting for JAMB UTME exam, but this do not in any way prevent the school you applied to in JAMB from screening you.

But note that, not all Universities write Post UTME exam, some of these Universities have been listed here.

So, if you applied to a university that do not write Post UTME in JAMB, then you will neither Sit for JAMB nor Write Post UTME exam.

What Is The Difference Between JAMB Direct Entry (DE) and UTME

From the explanation above, you would see that JAMB UTME is completely different from Direct Entry JAMB, here are some of the Basic differences…

1.JAMB DE stands for Direct EntryJAMB UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination
2.Only students who already had a degree from any University or Polytechnics in Nigeria can apply for this.Students with a diploma, just O’ level certificate are qualified for this Exam.
3.Direct Entry Students can also Apply for JAMB UTME if they wantJAMB UTME students (students with just credits in O’ level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) can only apply for UTME and not DE
4.Admission is straight to 200 level in any University once admittedAdmission is to 100 level once admitted.
Differences between JAMB DE and UTME

With this differences, I hope you now see clearly that Jamb direct entry is quite different from JAMB UTME.

Will All Universities Conduct Post UTME for DE students

NO, not all universities will conduct Post UTME exam for Direct entry students.

Some Universities, like UNIBEN, UI, UNILAG et all, are known to conduct Post UTME for student, and as such will likely do the same for DE students

But, there are other Universities that do not Organize Post UTME exam for her students, you can see list of those Universities HERE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do direct entry require JAMB?

Direct Entry do not require JAMB, it could be through Nabteb A’ level, JUPEB or IJMB.

But students who want to use JAMB Direct entry you will have to buy JAMB form for direct entry student once the form is out for sale.

What is the difference between JAMB and direct entry?

JAMB is different from direct Entry, but JAMB Direct Entry is not different from JAMB.

I have already shown the difference between JAMB Direct Entry and JAMB HERE, but other direct entry exams must not necessarily be through JAMB.

How Much Is JAMB Direct Entry Form?

JAMB direct entry form is sold for exactly the same price as JAMB UTME form, which is NGN5700.

You can get a total breakdown of this price HERE

In conclusion

JAMB Direct entry students will sit for JAMB UTME exam, but whether or not they write Post UTME is dependent on the school they apply to.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!


  1. Thanks for the update. Will D.E student write the same utme question with Olevel student or will the questions come from the just concluded program like ND, HND etc.
    Let’s know our focus of preparation.

  2. This information is insightful but how updated the information is makes it kind of confusing.

    The information of writing UTME was signed in May 2023 and this content was last updated March 2023. Will the same thing be applicable? that it is only the Post UTME exams to be written, depending on the institution? Using BSC to be precise.

    Your feedback will go a long way.

    • From next JAMB (2024/2025) direct entry students will have to sit for JAMB exam, and as always whether or not they will sit for Post UTME will be dependent on the school in question

      • Pls for D.E students, what should be our area of concentration for the exam? Will the questions be the same as Olevel exam or will the exam be in respect to just concluded program like ND, HND,JUBEB etc


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