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Solutions To Not Receiving JAMB Profile Code 2024 Via SMS/55019

Problem receiving Jamb Profile code
Problem receiving Jamb Profile code

Solutions To Not Receiving JAMB Profile Code: why am I not receiving my JAMB profile code? why is JAMB not sending my profile code? I cant receive my JAMB profile code, I have not received my JAMB profile code? I keep receiving error each time I try to get my JAMB profile code?

Hey SAVANT! to today’s episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series” here one of the most disturbing issues students are faced with when trying to register for JAMB will be addressed, so if you find yourself searching for solutions to not receiving JAMB profile code after using 55019 or 66019, then you are in the right place.

Problem receiving Jamb Profile code
Problem Receiving JAMB Profile Code

In this blog post, I will outline the possible cause of this error; why JAMB is not sending you your profile code, juxtapose possible solutions… STAY TUNED!

When we first showed you how to create JAMB profile code we emphasized the importance of this code and the role it plays in your 2024 UTME registration, but for some reason not everyone gets a positive response when they request for their JAMB Profile code


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The truth is, without your JAMB profile code, it is impossible for you to register for JAMB

…Oh yes! your JAMB profile code is that Important, and that is why not receiving or retrieving this code is a major problem.

To relieve you of this burden, I have taken out time to identify some of the major causes of this hiccups, and possible ways you can use to overcome this problem…

Nah you don’t need to thank me, moreover what are friends for? 😊

Enough with the chit chat, let me now show you some of the reasons you may encounter error when requesting for your JAMB profile code, all you need to do is go through this list diligently…

…and Identify which of the possible reasons could be cause of your current situation, Identifying the cause is the first step to resolving this issue.

Why Is JAMB Not Sending My Profile Code?

If you find yourself having troubles receiving your JAMB profile code even after sending your NIN to 55019, then it is likely as a result of one of the following;

1. Not Having Sufficient Credit On your Sim

insufficient credits
Insufficient credit, load and try again later

A lot of students think that the requesting for your JAMB profile code is free, if you are one of those students sharing this same opinion, then I guess we just discovered the reason why you have been having issues receiving your JAMB Profile Code 2024/2025.

I guess we played a role in this believe you have, probably because we failed to add the extra NGN50 you will need to request for your profile code when we covered cost for JAMB 2024 Registration.

Now, I make a U-turn, the total money you will need for your JAMB registration is NGN6750😁, the extra 50 Naira is to request for your JAMB profile code.

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Solution To Not Having Sufficient Credit

To resolve this, make sure that before you attempt to send your NIN to 55019 or 66019, you have at least NGN50 in your SIM balance

If you already have above 50 Naira in your SIM and you still encounter problem receiving your Profile code from JAMB then it is obviously not because you don’t have enough credits…

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2. Using special Package such as Post-paid, promo bundles e.t.c

Jamb Profile code Special Package
JAMB comment on Special Package for profile Code

Having bonus or other special packages do not replace having enough credit (at least N50) in your SIM card, this was made clear by JAMB on its official JAMB registration guide for 2024

The statement was; Do not use Post paid or special bundle package. They do not work unless specially loaded with credits.

Solution to Using special Package

Forget about your Bonus and special package for now, you can use them for calls later, recharge your line with preferably N100 card and resend your NIN to 55019 or 66019, this should get the Job done (that is of course, If this is the cause)

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3. You Activated DND (Do Not Disturb) On Your SIM

You and I both know how annoying these Network services can be, because of these irrelevant messages sent by these Network providers (MTN, GLO, 9mobile, Airtel) we no longer take text messaging serious.

Do not disturb On MTN
Activating Do Not Disturb On MTN

Any new text message we receive, there is a 60% chance that it is pure disturbance from these network providers, to get rid of this, they came up with the “activation of DND” option

By activating DND all these irrelevant messages stops, and you stop receiving any form of messages that is tagged as potential Spam…

…the problem with this is, after activating DND, some legit messages may also be tagged SPAM, therefore making you loose out on important information.

This may be the reason you are yet to receive your JAMB profile code for 2023/2024 Registration

Solution To Activation of DND

Do not disturb preventing Jamb Sending You Profile code
Do not disturb preventing JAMB Profile code

If this is the reason for the “Not Receiving JAMB Profile Code” Issue you are facing, then simply contact your Sim Customer care and ask them to deactivate DND for your line temporary, you can also use the short codes below…

How To Deactivate DND for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9mobile

MTN: Opt Out of DND by texting ALLOW to 2442.

GLO: Text CANCEL to 2442 on your GLO number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS

AIRTEL: Text ALLOW to 2442 on your AIRTEL number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS.

9mobile: Text “HELP” or “STOP” to the short code 2242

4. Using a SIM Already Used By Another Student

phone number for jamb registration

If the SIM you use to request for Profile code from JAMB has been used by someone in the Past, other than you, then you will also encounter issues.

It is imperative that the number you use have not been used by a student before, because if it has, It means that number has been associated with that student already,

So any other person aside the first person who used the SIM to request for JAMB Profile code, will not be recognized.

Solution To Using a SIM Already Used By Another Student

The thing is, it is difficult to tell if the SIM you intend to use for your JAMB registration has been used before or not, so I always recommend that, for the sake of your JAMB registration you register a new SIM

Moreover, registering a new SIM is not costly, except you are sure beyond reasonable doubt that one has used that SIM, else just register a new one to avoid stress.

5. Sending The Wrong NIN to 55019

This is one of the most common cause of JAMB failing to send you your Profile code for registration, some students add numbers that is not part of your NIN

You must make sure that the NIN you are sending is exactly the same with what you have on your NIMC registration slip, to avoid this kind of error this is what you must do…

Solution To Sending The Wrong NIN to 55019

NIN for Jamb registration
NIN for Jamb registration

Dial *346# on your phone, from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’. Your NIN will be shown to you on your screen immediately.

Screenshot this with your phone, and pen down the numbers meticulously, do well to go through this number thoroughly to avoid making the same mistakes you have been making.

Next, Go to your messaging App on your Android or Apple device and click on the create new message, fill the message box with the following information; NIN YOUR NIN to 55019 or 66019

Make sure it looks exactly like what is in the image below…

Jamb Profile Code
JAMB Profile Code

Go through the information you have inputted repeatedly and click the “Send SMS button”

There should be a space (Just one Space) between the word “NIN” and your 11digits NIN. and make sure you have sufficient credits on the SIM to avoid making the first mistake on this list.

Another possible cause of this is “Sending the Right NIN to the wrong Number”

6. Sending the Right NIN to the wrong Number

You may be doing the right thing, but in the wrong way, if you send your correct NIN to the wrong short code, you will definitely encounter errors as well

Solution to Sending the Right NIN to the wrong Number

recover lost jamb profile code
Recover lost JAMB profile code

The right short code for requesting for your Profile Code from JAMB is 55019 or 66019, using a code other than these two won’t work.

These six (6) reasons are the most like reason why you are not receiving your JAMB profile code, they are caused by you, the others I will be taking in the frequently asked questions, are not necessarily your fault. STAY TUNED!

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How To Contact NIMC For Error

If your NIN could not be verified, send a mail containing your NIN and full name to [email protected].

How To Get JAMB Profile Code Through USSD

To obtain your JAMB profile code via USSD simply dial *55019*1*NIN (National Identification Number)#

Jamb profile code through USSD
JAMB Profile Code Through USSD

You can replace 55019 with 66019 if it does not work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common error you may encounter when you request for your JAMB Profile code, and possible solutions…

No Record Found On NIN, Contact NIMC

Students will only get this error if their registration with NIMC is recent and as such the system is yet to fully recognize their registration.

That is why I always recommended you do your NIN registration months before JAMB registration begins

So if you get the error “candidates’ information was not found when the system was trying to fetch your details” then all you can do is wait, give it 2 to 3 days then retry

Invalid character Found In The Name Supplied

This error is coming from the details NIMC sent to JAMB, the name sent to JAMB is found to contain invalid characters which is not recognized as Names in JAMB system.

To fix this, wait for a few days and retry, this will give NIMC time to resolve the error.

Date of Birth Invalid

This error is common among student that are not of age to sit for JAMB, please note that, the minimum Age JAMB accepts is 16 years, registering for JAMB when you are less than this age is not possible.

Invalid character Found

This happens when you mistakenly send alphabets or special characters like ;, :, “, e.t.c you NIN are only numbers, adding alphabets or other special character will make you face error.

Your NIN Passport Is Not Invalid

If at the time of registering for NIN, your passport was not captured correctly, then you will encounter this issue. To resolve this, visit NIMC office closest to you for correction

How can I get my profile code without NIN?

For 2023 JAMB, you cannot get your Profile code without using NIN, JAMB has made it compulsory for all students to use their NIN code to get their JAMB profile code for registration

Can I use my last year JAMB profile code?

Yes, you can use the profile code you used last year to register for JAMB again this year, JAMB will not penalize you for this.

Does profile code expire?

No, JAMB Profile code do not expire, you can use the same JAMB Profile code you used 2 years ago without hiccups

How many years can you use JAMB?

JAMB validity period is one year, which means after the academic session for which you wrote JAMB, you cannot use that JAMB result again.

Can I use my mom NIN to register JAMB?

No, you cannot use you MOM or any other relations NIN to register for JAMB, except you want your Mom’s name and passport to show on your slip.

JAMB collects your name, Date of birth, State/Local government of Origin, Address and Passport. So, using any other persons NIN will compromise your bio data

Your NIN has already been registered with gsm number

To resolve this, make sure you link the SIM with which you want to use to NIN by using the short code provided by your network provider

How Long Does It Take To Receive JAMB Profile Code?

After sending NIN YOUR NIN to 55019 or 66019 it takes few hours to receive your code, but if the system if congested it would take a longer time

To get a faster response, try sending the message by 1am or very early in the morning, the system is usually less busy within that period.

In Conclusion

Make sure, the information you fill and send to 55019 or 66019 are accurate, if they are correct, then the problem will most likely be coming from NIMC, give it some time and try again.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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