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How To Recover JAMB Profile Code & Email 2023 [Retrieve]

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Hey SAVANT!, welcome to another exciting episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series“, Here I will reveal to you reliable tips you can use to easily recover your lost profile code without stress. Nah, No need to thank me, what are friends for… STAY TUNED!

Jamb Caps Login Page
JAMB Caps Login Page

Did you forget your JAMB profile code , or know someone who did? and you are searching for methods/ways you can use to quickly recover or retrieve the Profile code but could not find any?, well, if that’s the case then today is your lucky day.

Before explaining how you can recover your lost JAMB profile code, I think it is expedient we first understand what it is and why we need it.

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What Is JAMB Profile Code?

Image Source: Vecteezy

JAMB profile code is a unique number given by JAMB to student upon their registration, Students that is just registering for JAMB UTME or DE (Direct entry) will be given this code for the first time, but students that have registered already but forgot it due to one reason or the other will have to retrieve it.

If you must do anything in your JAMB account like Correct a mistake on your JAMB Profile Name, Date of birth (DOB) or even upload your O’level result to your JAMB Portal at an accredited JAMB CBT centre you will be asked to provide your JAMB profile code, this code is as important as your JAMB Username and password, hence it is sacrosanct you keep it safe.

If you are still not sure what this number is, let me make it simple for you…

…remember when you were registering your JAMB, you were asked to send your NIN (National Identification Number) to this unique number “55019” after which you received a feedback message containing a set of numbers; 10 digit long (3400*****), this number is your JAMB PROFILE CODE.

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Haven Understood what your Jamb profile code is let me now show you how you can recover this code when lost.

How To Recover JAMB Profile Code 2023

Recover Lost JAMB Profile Code

To Retrieve your lost JAMB profile code is as easy as reading this article, I have devised three (3) effective and less stressful methods you can use to recover your JAMB profile code when missing, these methods includes but not limited to…

  1. Checking your Mail/Spam box
  2. Retreive Code Via SMS Shortcode
  3. Checking your JAMB Profile for the Code (Recommended method) 

Don’t worry I will explain each method shortly…

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1. How To Recover JAMB Profile Code Through Email

Jamb email address confirmation mail
Recover JAMB Profile Code via Mail

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) made it possible for 2020/2021 JAMBite to be sent their JAMB profile code to their Mail as they register for JAMB, this is also applicable for 2023 Students

With this development you can easily go back to the mail you were sent during your JAMB registration to reconfirm your JAMB profile code when lost. This method will cost you nothing

You can access the code on your mail box following the steps below…

  1. Login the email account you used to register for JAMB on your mail mobile app or using your device browser
  2. Click on the search Icon and type “eMail Address Confirmation
  3. Click on the mail that appears on the search you will find your Profile code there.

Easy right?.

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2. How To Retrieve JAMB Profile Code Via SMS Shortcode

If for any reason you can’t access your Gmail account then I would recommend you try this method, but for this method to work you must have the sim you used to register for JAMB available and at least N50 naira on the sim card.

To recover your lost JAMB profile code simply send; RESEND to 55019. as shown in the image below…

Recover Jamb Profile code via SMS
Recover Jamb Profile code via SMS

Tada!, your Lost JAMB profile code should be sent to you in no time.

3. How To Recover JAMB Profile Code Through JAMB Profile

Recover Jamb profile code from Students Profile
JAMB profile code from Students Profile

If by chance you could not access the email address and sim card you used to register your JAMB then the only option you have left is by checking the code on your JAMB Student Portal.

For this method to work you will need an active data plan and a browsing phone or PC.

Below is a detailed guide on how you can recover you JAMB profile code using your Student’s JAMB Profile…

  1. You will need your JAMB Email address and Password
  2. Visit JAMB e-facility student login portal @
  3. Fill the available box with your correct Profile Email and Password
  4. You will be taken to your Profile dashboard where you will see the welcome note “HELLO! Welcome back ‘your name here‘… Registration Profile code: 1234******

That is it, Easy right?

How To Retrieve Your Lost Mail

How to create Email for Jamb
Create Email for JAMB

Contrary to the procedure you would follow to recover lost JAMB Profile pin, recovering your Email is a lot more easier provided you have your JAMB registration slip.

To recover the mail you used to register for JAMB simply reach for your registration slip, you will find it written as part of you student data on slip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get My JAMB Profile code 2022

NIN for Jamb registration

To be able to get your Jamb Profile code, Dial *55019*1*NIN#

Here, your NIN is your National identification number, which was given to you when you first registered for NIMC for your National identity card.

How can I get my NIN for JAMB 2022 Registration

If you have already registered for NIN, then dial *346# from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’

if you are using the same phone number you enrolled with for your NIN. follow the steps displayed on your screen and provide the required inputs.

How to retrieve JAMB profile code without Phone number

You can only retrieve your JAMB profile code without using the Phone number you used to register for JAMB by login to your JAMB Profile account online, the procedure to do this have been shown to you in this Post.

In Conclusion

You can retrieve you JAMB profile code by simply sending; RESEND to 55019 using your text messaging App, or by login to your JAMB CAPS and following the the steps I showed you in this post.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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