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White Vitamin C And Coloured Vitamin C; Which Is Better

White Vitamin C And Coloured Vitamin C: Between White and Coloured Vitamin C which is better, what are the other names for vitamin C?, In today’s writeup I will clear out some misconception about a very popular drug (Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C).

White Vitamin C vs Coloured Vitamin
Vitamin C

Most persons must have been in a crossroad where they were not sure of the right medication to use due to one or two popular believes or should I say misconceptions that exist out there.

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The use of vitamin C is not an exception to this, for a while, I have been receiving questions pertaining to the different types of Vitamin C product available in Pharmacies. There are different strength / dose of vitamin C, and also different dosage forms available.

Vitamin C can come as a Syrup or as Tablets, the type prescribed is dependent on the person to be used on, Syrup will be administered to children while the Tablet form will be given to adult. The tablet form can be In 500mg, 100mg e.t.c but the most common which is usually prescribed by doctors that you can easily get from the pharmacy just across the street is the 100mg vitamin C.

This 100mg vitamin C are of two types, we have the white Vitamin C tablet and the Coloured (Normally coloured orange) Flavored Vitamin C.

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A lot of persons believe because of the colorant and sweetener added, the coloured Vitamin C will not be as effective as the White one, whether this is true or not, is what you will be finding out in Today’s Episode of My Drug & I Series

White Vitamin C And Coloured Vitamin C

Below is a quick comparison between the white and coloured vitamin C. Enjoy!!! 

Colour Difference:

One of the major difference between the white and coloured vitamin C is in the looks (appearance), appearance goes a long way in determining patients compliance to their dose regimen, hence the need to ensure the medication appears as appealling as possible to ensure drug adherence by the patient.

Let’s use you as an example, if your favourite colour is green, won’t you be more inclined to take a medication that is coloured green?, I taught as much. In order for this to be achieved certain excipient (other makeup of the drug aside the active ingredients like flavourant, colourant, e.t.c) would be required to achieve this, but whatever is been added would not in anyway affect the effectiveness of the drug.

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The taste of the white vitamin C is a bit sour unlike the coloured vitamin C that is sweet, the truth is, most active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) do not have pleasant tastes, hence, the need to mask the taste. In the event of adding sweeteners, the efficacy of the drug is not in anyway tampered.

If this is not done, taking drugs for most persons would be a night-mare excepting those who don’t mind the taste of the medicine they take.

Which Is Better?

Both the Coloured Vitamin C and the White Vitamin C are 100mg, this means both would render same effect when taken, so if you are in need of vitamin C tablets and for some reason your first preference is not available, taking the one available at that time is as good as the former…

There is no evidence yet, to indicate otherwise that one is more effective than the other.

Natural Vitamin C Source

Aside the use of medicines, you can also enrich yourself with vitamin C from fruits, and other food source… Below is a short list of common fruits containing Vitamin C…

  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Citrus Fruits (Lemon, Orange…) e.t.c

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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