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How To Prepare And Pass WAEC & NECO Exam 2021

How To Pass WAEC & NECO Exam 2021: How can I effectively prepare for the upcoming Waec and NECO O’level exam?, Is Waec and  neco difficult to pass?, when will WAEC and NECO result be released?.

Waec, Neco and Nabteb O'level
Waec, Neco and Nabteb O’level

Answers to these and many other related questions not in the aforementioned you and I will be chewing in this article today. I would recommend you take your time to read through diligently for details… Enjoy!!!

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Are you an aspiring student with interest to study Pharmacy, Medicine Nursing or any other Health related courses, sitting for WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or other O’ level Exams and you are not sure of the right way to prepare?. Well, I’ve got you covered, cause in Today’s Episode of my ‘Medical Student’s Guide Series‘ – How to pass waec, I will expose key secrets on this.

I know you must have overheard some student say, NECO is more difficult than WAEC or vice versa. But the truth is that, none is more difficult than the other.

The reality is, your preparation would determine if you will wow the Exam or you would be wowed by it, if you get what am saying.

Remember, nothing is actually difficult if you put your mind to it. So now, lets get to the good stuff.

How To Pass WAEC & NECO Exam

Below you will find 10 golden rules that must be followed diligently to assure you success in the Upcoming WAEC/NECO Exam. These tips are tested and trusted, certainly they would boost up your chances of Acing your papers.

Did I just hear a thank you?, common, we have not even started yet, moreover what are friends for?, lol

1. Study like your life depends on It (S factor)

There are two key factors you must know…

  1. God Factor (G factor)
  2. Study Factor (S factor)

I prefer to shorten them as the G-S factors, without this two factors sitting for NECO exam would be a complete fiasco.

I will talk about the G factor later, for now the study factor takes the stage.

The truth is, most student fail their WAEC and NECO exam simply because they were too lazy to read. Now, let me ask you, how many hours do you spend studying daily?

If you don’t spend “at least” three (3) hours reading daily, then you are not yet ready to sit for your O’ level exams. Observing closely, I said at least 3 hours, meaning you should, if possible spend more than that time reading.

If you have been good with this before now, then its time to do better, there is always a room for better performance.

One of the many benefit of reading effectively for an Exam especially examinations like WAEC and NECO is that it boost your self confidence and independency.

If your not reading is due to lack of motivation, then find those things that motivates you, it could be friends, the thought of failing e.t.c and channel it towards building a good study habit.

2. Use Youtube Tutorials for Topics You may Not Understand

Certainly, there would be topics you find hard to grasp, do not hesitate to ask friends or tutors who may have a better understanding of that topic…

Remember, no one is an Island, you can lookup tutorials on YouTube, there are loads of tutorial channels like Diligent tutorsthat are ready to guide you on topics you may find difficult.

Soon, I will be creating a forum hosted on this blog where you can ask questions and get response from colleagues in other schools… All you have to do is follow me on my Social media channels so you can get the update whenever it is ready.

3. Cut Distractions

Before I talk more on distraction, we need to first understand what distraction actually is.

According Oxford Advanced learners dictionary, distractions are a things that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.

From this definition, you would agree with me that the following can be a distraction to you on your voyage of preparing for the upcoming WAEC & NECO exams.

  • Your Phone
  • TV (Favourite TV shows and series) 
  • Friends e.t.c

Your ability to do away with these things will boost your chances of excelling in your Neco and Waec 2021 Exam.

4. Study Smart

Studying Smart is different from studying hard, you can study hard but still end up not studying smart (you just know the difference)

Some students are fond of reading materials and textbooks that are not inline with the Examination they are preparing for (In this case, O’ level exams and Jamb), you must stop this if you are among this category of persons.

Always make sure your reading is directed and constructive, else you may just be wasting your time. If possible use recommend textbooks for your study, and ask those who have written before you (your predecessors) for tips.

5. Use Past Questions And Syllabus

This can also be categories under studying smart, the importance of using Past questions and Syllabus for your preparation cannot be overemphasized. Most of these examination bodies do not have time to request for new questions to be set, what they simply do is to fall back to their question bank and source questions fro the there.

Now, what do you think their question bank is, that is the past question you are currently holding…

All you have to do is, after reading, revise as many previous years you can and familiarise your self with the part with which they set their questions.

Syllabus also are key navigations for student, they help guide your reading, telling you integral topics to focus. Questions would only be set from topics in your syllabus.

6. Form Study groups

Study groups are also very important, if possible find friends of like minds and form study groups where you can teach and ask yourself questions.

7. Stay Calm

Don’t be anxious, work on your confidence, get your writing materials ready prior to each paper.

8. Work on your Study Time table

Creating a timetable for yourself will be of great help, but you have to be faithful and set important goals alongside.


Cramming can cost you a lot in a long run, that’s why I won’t advice you cram any time any day.

But there is only one sure way of avoiding cramming, it is simply by constant reading, just the way you can’t forget your name simply because you have heard it countlessly, same way you won’t forget or need to cram what you have read or see every time.

10. G Factor

Pray fervently, and continuously because one with God is majority…

Hope these tips helps

Is WAEC and  NECO Difficult to PASS?

NO, Student who judiciously follow the aforementioned tips won’t have a hard time acing their Waec and Neco papers.

When will WAEC and NECO result be released?

Waec and Neco normally release their result 2-3 months after the exam, so if the exam is to start, let’s say May, then the results should be expected in August.

In summary

If you must pass NECO and Waec then you must be ready to do the following…

  1. Study like your life depends on it
  2. Use Tutorials for topics you don’t understand
  3. Cut distractions
  4. Study Smart
  5. Use Past questions and Syllabus
  6. Form Study groups
  7. Stay Calm
  8. Create a Working timetable
  9. Don’t Cram
  10. God Factor

If you follow these to the later, then you will have no trouble Acing your papers…

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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