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WAEC GCE Timetable 2024/2025 First Series | Science & Art

WAEC GCE Registration portal
WAEC GCE Registration portal

WAEC GCE Timetable: How can I get WAEC GCE timetable 1st series for science students?, WAEC timetable 2024 for art and Social science students?, Is WAEC GCE timetable out now?

Hey SAVANT! in this episode of my “Admission Guide Series” I will provide you with WAEC GCE Timetable for 2024 and answer some of the questions students ask about GCE 1st series timetable, STAY TUNED!

WAEC GCE Registration
WAEC GCE Registration

For every exam you sit for, there is a timetable that would help guide you, so you can tell when you have your next paper and the amount of time you have to prepare for it.

In fact, the importance of your WAEC GCE timetable cannot be overemphasized, I have seen cases where students miss some of their papers in WAEC simply because they were not aware they had paper that day or had the wrong time in mind.


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If they were fully conscious of their Examination schedule, that would most likely not have happened.

So, it is not just about you having the WAEC GCE timetable, it is your ability to plan constructively with the wonderful tool I will be giving you today.

Enough with the chit chat, below you will find everything you need to know about WAEC GCE timetable for 2024… ENJOY!

Is WAEC GCE Timetable Out?

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Yes, timetable for WAEC 2024 GCE Science, Art and Social Science Student is out.

This means you can know the exact date and time for each of your papers for your forth coming WAEC Examination.

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WAEC GCE Exam Schedule?

From the newly released WAEC GCE timetable, the exam is expected to commence on 31st January, 2024 and ends 17th February, 2024.

WAEC GCE Timetable Second Series

⚠️ If you are viewing this table with your mobile phone, do well to activate desktop mode on your browser to be able to view this table properly!

For the complete WAEC Timetable 2024, download the pdf copy provided on this page👇

Download WAEC GCE Timetable

Key Note:

  1. Difference in Time on Question Paper and Timetable: Where the duration indicated on the question paper differs from that on the timetable, the one on the question paper should be followed.
  2. Question Papers to be Given Out in Advance of the Dates They Are to be Taken
    • Visual Art 3
    • Paper 3A – Instructions will be given to supervisors two weeks before the paper is due to be taken.
    • Paper 3B – Question papers will be given to candidates two weeks before the paper is due to be taken.
  3. Extra Time for Candidates with Special Needs: Candidates with Special Needs should be allowed one and half times the time allotted to other candidates.

Wrapping Up

WAEC GCE timetable for first series is now out, and from the timetable the examination 31st January, 2024 and ends 17th February, 2024.

I understand you may have a question or two, do not hesitate to drop them here using the comment box below

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