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WAEC GCE Registration Form 2024/2025 (Cost & Closing Date)

WASSCE for Private Candidate 2023, SECOND SERIES is still ongoing. Although Normal Registration has ended, Walk-in candidate registration Continues. Interested Candidates can follow the guide below on how to register. Cheers🥂

WAEC GCE Registration: Is WAEC GCE form out, What is WAEC GCE about?, How much is WAEC GCE form this year?, Is WAEC GCE Timetable out for 2024 Exam?, when is GCE second series starting?

Hey SAVANT! in today’s episode of “O’Level Guide Series” I will show you all you need to know about WAEC GCE, how to register, deadline to apply, cost, Examination Date and lots more… Pretty cool right? STAY TUNED✌

WAEC GCE Registration
WAEC GCE Registration
Exam TypeWASSCE For Private Candidate GCE 1st Series
Registration Start DateDecember 18th, 2024
DeadlineJanuary 22nd, 2024
Exam ScheduleJanuary 31st to February 17th, 2024
Registration CostNGN27,000
Walk-in RegistrationNGN45,000

Yearly, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts exams for both Private and Secondary school students, that for secondary School leavers is the very common WAEC May/June Exam…

While for students registering for WAEC without association to any School is referred to as WAEC GCE or WAEC for Private students. Anybody can register for this GCE Exam.

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This GCE Exam is conducted twice a year, Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec, First series and Second series respectively.

Shortly, I will cover all you need to know about this exam, all you have to do now is take a glass of water and read through diligently… ENJOY!

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WAEC GCE is a certificate exam conducted by the West African Examination Council, in this Exam students are awarded grades range of A1 to F9 in the subjects they opted to sit for.

This Exam is conducted biannually, the first is done January/December and is referred to as ‘WAEC GCE for private students (1st) Series’ while the second is conducted typically in November/December,

It is mostly written by students who may have a reason or two to want to correct deficiencies in their results, the grading system here is similar to what is obtainable in May/June Exam, and the certificates for WAEC GCE is of the same value with WASSCE for School Candidates (May/June).

Now that you know what WAEC GCE is about, let’s get you acquainted with other info on this.

Is WAEC GCE Form Out?

WAEC GCE Online Registration Portal
WAEC GCE Online Registration Portal

Yes, WAEC GCE Form for 2024/2025 second series Nov/Dec is Out.

This means, Students who are interested in applying for WAEC GCE Nov/Dec can now proceed with the purchase of the online registration Pins/code which they can then use to continue the registration online.

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When Will WAEC GCE Form Come Out?

Sales of WAEC Jan/Feb form begins December 18th, 2024.

Mind you, this answer depends on the GCE in question, Sales of from for 1st Series Jan/Feb is now out, while that for Nov/Dec is normally out in July.

The sales of this form spans for three months so as to allow students who may have had complications in the recently concluded WASSCE exams to register.

How Much Is WAEC GCE Form 2024

To Register for GCE WAEC, you are expected to pay NGN27,000 for registration pin at specified sales bank or any sales agent approved by the board for sales of pin.

Requirements To Register For GCE WAEC

Requirements Check List
Requirements Check List

If you wish to get WAEC form for Private Students, then you must have the following requirements;

  1. Biometric Data Capture software
  2. BIO DATA; Gender, Disability, Marital Status, Maiden Name (if applicable), Date of Birth (DOB), Nationality and State of Origin. Note that your name must not be more than 40 characters, this includes spaces between the surname, first name and other name.
  3. WEBCAM; Recommended is the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam (Note that the picture taken is what will be printed on your photocard and certificate, so you may want to look nice😊)
  4. Money For Registration (NGN27,000)

Where To Get WAEC GCE Registration Pin

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot get the pin to register for WAEC Private student GCE Exam at any center, but only at designated banks and accredited outlets, they include…

  • -Access Bank Plc
  • -Ecobank Plc
  • -Fidelity Bank Plc
  • -First Bank of Nig
  • -First City Monument Bank Plc
  • -Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • -Heritage Bank Plc
  • -Jaiz Bank
  • -Polaris Bank Ltd
  • -Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
  • -Standard Chartered Bank Plc
  • -Sterling Bank Plc
  • -Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • -United Bank for Africa Plc
  • -Unity Bank Plc
  • -WEMA Bank Plc
  • -Zenith Bank Plc

Once you have acquired this pin, and know the subjects you want to register you can then proceed with the registration.

But I don’t know the subjects offered in WAEC Second Series GCE Exams?‍

If that is the case, here is the list of subjects you can sit for…

Approved Subjects for WAEC GCE Exam

A minimum of Seven (7) and a maximum of Nine (9) subjects are allowed (English Language and Mathematics inclusive).

This table shows the list of subjects offered in WAEC for private students

If you have the requirements highlighted earlier, and know the subjects you want to sit for, you can then proceed with the following steps to kick start your registration.

How To Apply For WAEC GCE

Registration guideline for WAEC GCE

After getting your Registration pin, here is a step by step guide on how to register for WAEC Series GCE Exam;

Estimated Time For This 15 minutes

  1. Open Your Web Browser And Visit

    Open chrome browser

    With Your Computer, open your Web browser and visit to start the registration

  2. Enter Your Username, Password and Other DATA and click ‘Continue’

    WAEC GCE guide

    On the next page, you will be asked to enter your Username, Password and Pin.

    Makes sure the username you enter has not been used before, well the system will help you out with this by checking for Username availability.

    Once you fill the required field correctly, click Continue and provide other information such as Email, surname, first name and other name

  3. Capture Biometrics (Passport and finger prints)

    Enroll your fingerprints and capture other personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software.

    You can download the fingerprint Scanner if you have a fingerprint scanner or visit any Registration Centre with such facilities to scan your fingerprints.

    Ensure that at biometric capture, the exact same username, password, email, surname, first name and other name are inputted.

    If same info is not inputted, the system will complain that username have been used.

  4. Picture Capture Using Web Cam

    You are required to take a picture with a webcam with a minimum Camera Specification* 2.0MP 720p USB 2.0 Color: High Resolution RGB Support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified 2.0 megapixel sensor Up to 30 frames per second.

    Recommended is the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam.

  5. Enter Your Contact Information

    Supply your contact information which includes telephone, email, residential address, residential city, residential state, postal address, city and state.

    *Telephone number is compulsory since it would be used to contact you should the need arise.

  6. Select Preferred Examination Town

    You are required to select the state and town you wish to write the examination. The exact centre will be automatically assigned to you by the system.

    Please note that you cannot change your examination town after submission

  7. Select Subjects To Sit For

    English Language and Mathematics have been automatically selected for you because they are compulsory. You are required to select the other subjects you wish to register for in this examination.

  8. Tick The Checkbox in the Declaration Page

    You are required to read the declaration section carefully and check or tick the checkboxes before submitting your form. You cannot proceed unless you have done this.

  9. Submit Registration

    Once you have completed the registration form, you are required to click the ACCEPT button after which a preview of your details will be displayed.

    You are required to review your application at this stage and click the EDIT button if you desire to make any modification. You should click the SAVE button if you want to save your application and still be able to come back and modify it.

  10. Print Admission Photo Card

    On successful completion and submission of your registration form, the system will allocate a centre to you and generate your examination number. You should then print the admission notice/photo card.

    Note that this document will be required before you are allowed into the examination hall.

And that is all, Easy right??

Deadline To Register For WAEC GCE

The closing date for WAEC GCE first Series Registration is January 22nd, 2024. After this date, the portal will be closed for application

Walk In Candidates

Students who wish to register after the close of entries may be accommodated, but only as “Walk-in-Candidates” and pay a fee of NGN45,000, provided the registration is done not less than 24 hours to the scheduled time of the paper (s) they intend to write.

Key Information For All Students

  1. Candidates should view the Information VCD before they register for the examination.
  2. Candidates should note that registration fee is not refundable.
  3. Candidates should print the examination Timetable at the completion of their registration.
  4. Entries must be uploaded with good quality passport size photographs, not “wait and get” photographs. The background of such photographs MUST NOT BE BLUE OR RED. The size should be 275 by 314 pixels. Entries with unacceptable passport photographs will be rejected.
  5. Candidates must go to examination halls in mufti and without arms. No professional uniform of any kind will be allowed in the examination halls.
  6. The entire results of candidates who sit the examination in more than one centre will be cancelled.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the examination hall.
  8. Any candidate that comes into the examination hall with mobile phone(s) and /or electronic gadget(s) will have his or her entire results cancelled.
  9. Candidates must ensure that their entries are correctly completed before uploading as the Council will not be held responsible for errors in candidates’ particulars. Request for correction will NOT BE entertained on any information which a candidate voluntarily gives at the point of registration as soon as the examination commences.
  10. Candidates must come into the examination hall with their original Photo Cards.
  11. Candidates who engage in examination malpractice will not only have their results cancelled, but may be prosecuted.
  12. Candidates must ensure they provide valid email address and telephone number (s) during registration.
  13. All candidates must be prepared to observe all COVID-19 Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Register For WAEC GCE Myself?

Yes, you can register for WAEC GCE yourself, but only if you have all you will need for the registration; Webcam, Computer, Fingerprint scanner, Browsing data and other requirements mentioned in this post.

Is WAEC GCE harder Than WASSCE

No, how difficult you find the exam is dependent on your level of preparation.

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?

Just like WASSCE, WAEC for private student is recognized and accepted abroad.

In Conclusion

WAEC GCE form is out, and you can start applying online after buying your PIN/CODE by visiting

This is the lot I can take on this write-up, if you have any question or help, feel free to drop them using the comment box below.

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