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How To Change JAMB Phone Number 2024 To A New One

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Years to study Pharmacy

Change JAMB Phone Number: what can I do if I lost the sim I used to register JAMB? How to change my JAMB phone number even after registering for JAMB?, Can I use the same phone number twice for JAMB?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “JAMBPEDIA SERIES” here we will concern ourselves with all there is to know on changing of Phone number in JAMB, and the right steps to take in cases of lost sim… STAY TUNED!

JAMB Efacility website
JAMB Efacility website

One of the basic requirements for JAMB registration is an active mobile number, without which you cannot request for your JAMB profile code, check your JAMB result

…you won’t even be able to link your email address to JAMB, in fact, no SIM no registration for JAMB 2024, oh yes!, it is that serious


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Therefore, any mistake, either by means of using a wrong phone number or the phone number of a friend or someone you know who you cannot reach any more, or used a lost sim, the consequences could be dire.

But some students already find themselves in this quagmire of either misplacing their phone number, having their Sim blocked or using someone else’s phone number that they can no longer reach.

I was contacted by a student who used the phone number of his Boss to register for JAMB, but unfortunately he (the Boss) travelled out of the country and since then, the line could not be reached, and I am pretty sure there are many other students currently facing similar challenges…

…that was the motivation for this guide today, here I will attend to the various forms these issues can surface as, all you have to do now is, take a glass of chilled water and read through diligently as take you on this journey. ENJOY!

Can I change The Phone Number/SIM I Used To Register For JAMB?

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Currently, JAMB do not allow students to apply for change of Phone number unlike what is obtainable for other data details like Name, Gender, Course, Institution or DOB.

This is because the number used for JAMB unlike how it was done in previous years is directly linked with the students data through NIN and as such cannot be changed, at least not from the student’s end.

This was expressed by JAMB through her official twitter handle (JAMBHQ) as shown in the image below…

Jamb Responds to change of Phone number
JAMB Responds to change of Phone number

So, does this mean that there is no possible solution to this error, or I should forget about this year’s JAMB?‍

NO, not at all, there are some steps you can take to resolve this issue, I will guide you through what to do based on your peculiar situation

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How To Change JAMB Phone Number

The steps to take depends on the technicality of the circumstances, below is how you can Fix JAMB phone number issues for various cases.

1. Lost/Misplaced The Sim You Used To Register For JAMB

If the number you used to register for JAMB is yours, but for some reasons the number was blocked, lost or Misplaced, the best solution would be to retrieve the SIM from your Network service provider (SIM WELCOME BACK).

Although this process is not as easy as it once were, it is still the safest option for this category of students, all you have to do is make sure you still have your sim pack (If you don’t, you will have to pay extra for affidavit), your National Identity card and remember at least four (4) numbers you usually call.

With these three things, your SIM will be retrieved in no time, and you can start enjoying all the benefits that comes with having an active Phone number for JAMB.

Will I Need To Pay Anything To do SIM Welcome Back??

Yes, if you have your sim pack with you, you will only pay N1000 for the service, else you will pay an additional N1500 for affidavit, making your total expenses somewhere around N2500.

But this would only work for student who did use their own for number for JAMB but along the line misplaced it, what about students that used someone else’s phone number to register for JAMB.

This brings us to the second category of students that would want to change JAMB Phone Number…

2. Used Someone Else’s SIM To Register For JAMB

If the sim you used to register for JAMB is not yours, but belongs to somebody else, the best solution is to go to JAMB office closest to you, to initiate JAMB Change of Phone number.

All you have to do to change JAMB Phone Number is…

  1. Stroll into any JAMB Office close to you
  2. You will be asked to provide an affidavit stating that the Old Phone number you used for JAMB belongs to you
  3. After that, you will be asked to thump print to verify your identity
  4. Once the verification is complete, you can now supply your new phone number for the Change to be done.
  5. Once the change is successful, you can now use that new phone number for all your JAMB proceedings.

With this, I guess you now know what to do to change JAMB phone number for 2024.


Can I use another phone number to register JAMB?

Yes, you can use another phone number that is not yours to register for JAMB, but it is better you register a new sim if you don’t have one to avoid stories.

Can I Use One Phone To Register For Two JAMB?

YES, you can register for JAMB again using the same phone number, but you cannot use one phone number more than twice to register for JAMB.

Can I use another number to get my profile code?

NO, you cannot use a number that was not used to register for JAMB to retrieve your JAMB profile code, but if the number has not been used before for JAMB, and it is your first time registering for JAMB, you can use another number.

In Conclusion

If you lost your the Phone number you used for JAMB you can easily retrieve the sim back, but if the number you used was not yours then you will have to go to JAMB office for assistance.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Hi,please I lost the sim I used to create a profile code and now Airtel said I can’t get the sim again that it has been recycled,and I can’t access my email because I lost the sim…please what can I do sir??

  2. Okay, I read through the information provided. Quite answered part of the issues my daughter is facing… My daughter registered with her phone number (9mobile) which was eventually blocked because of NIN linkage. We had to create time and visited their office recently and they said nothing can be done that she’s not up to 18years. I was furious at them, they said it can’t be linked infact the guy was really immature. What steps do you advice I take to resolving this. Thank you

  3. I did go to jamb office with an affidavit and they said jamb board is not sure on changing of phone number for 2024.
    What is the next thing to do?
    I will need to change it for the purpose of checking my utme result.

  4. My Nin 30927432236 has already been registere with gsm nomber 09025024685 which i lost the phone line and can not be wellcome back becouse the sim registeration was not done by me please can jamb change the phone line for me?

  5. Please Is it possible that I can use another in registering jamb this year and not the number i use in getting my profile code of last year? Because the number i use in registering is misplaced but i still know the profile code.

  6. I lost my profile code and the phone number I used in getting the profile code is not mine… and am unable to reach the person
    But have not register for utme
    So how can I get my profile code so that I can register

  7. How do i get an affidavit for change of phone number and i know my profile code but i dont have the phone number i used, are there other means to get my epin

  8. Hi, i used my mum’s phone number for jamb and now my mom is dead and her sim got lost and i cant retrieve it and i want to register jamb again please what can i do

  9. I lost the Sim card i used to registered for jamb and the details on the Sim card is not mine the Nin on it is not mine I but a already registered Sim card and misplaced it and jamb result is out and i can not have access to my results can I still change my number I used to registered for jamb

  10. Please I use someone sim and the sim now has lost I have been trying to get my profile code with my second that I linked to my NIN what they told me that my first sim has been registered and I can’t get in touch with the person that have the first sim please what can I do

    • You need the sim you used to request for your JAMB profile code to recover your JAMB profile code.

      You can try other options, like through your JAMB profile to confirm your profile code, I have explained this in a great deal HERE.

  11. If the number I used was for my friend but we are no more but I don’t have her affidavit and I want to change it to mine will that be possible


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