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JAMB Change Of Course 2023/2024 (Data Correction %)

Jamb change of Course and Institution
Jamb change of Course and Institution

JAMB Change Of Course: Can I Change my JAMB Course?, How many times can JAMB Change of Course be done?, Can I do JAMB Change of Course by myself?, When Will JAMB change of Course Begin?

Hey SAVANTS! In today’s episode of “JAMB Doctor Series” you will learn how to apply for JAMB change of course, when the form will be out and the closing date for application, Cool right? STAY TUNED!.

Jamb change of Course and Institution
JAMB Change Of Course and Institution
Correction Type🙋‍♂️Change Of Course
Portal🌐JAMB CAPS Portal
Time For Change To Effect⏲️2 to 3 days
Deadline⌛No official deadline

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to change the course you initially choose in JAMB as first or second choice to another course, this post will guide you through the right process.

We were contacted by a student who registered for JAMB with the subject combination for a course but later had intentions to study another course and wanted to know if the sales of form for JAMB change of course is out and how he can process it…


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that is the essense of this piece so everyone who may have the intention of changing their JAMB Course either to a less competitive or more competitive one can easily do so following this guide.

All you have to do now is take a glass of water, sit back and read through diligently as I fortify you with the necessary information on this topic… ENJOY!

P.S, yet to link your Email to your JAMB profile, do that now!

What Is JAMB Change Of Course?

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JAMB Change of course as the name implies, is a service offered by the Board to students who have interest in changing the Courses they chose as either first or second choice in JAMB after registration.

Students apply for JAMB change of course for a number of reasons; they no longer have interest in studying what they first applied in JAMB, or made a mistake in their JAMB subject combination with the hope of changing the course to remedy the situation.

Whatever your reasons may be, the process for JAMB change of course is all the same.

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Is JAMB Change of Course form Out?

Yes, JAMB change of Course form for 2023 is out.

This means if you registered for 2023 JAMB and want to change your course to something else, you will be able to do that now because the Portal is currently open to students.

Meanwhile, change of course form for 2022 JAMB students downward is still out, if for any reason you want to change your Course you still can.

When will JAMB change of Course form Be Out?

When Jamb Release change of course form
When JAMB Will Release change of course form

Change of course on JAMB portal begins 2nd May, 2023.

Meaning, from this date you will be able to change your old course to a new one on JAMB Portal.

How Much Is JAMB Change of Course?

Official cost to change course in JAMB is NGN2,500.

Requirements To Apply For JAMB change of Course

Requirements Check List
Requirements Check List

If you wish to apply for JAMB Change of course, then you must have the following;

  1. JAMB profile login details (email address and password)
  2. Two thousand five hundred naira (NGN2,500)
  3. Suitable payment method (preferably your ATM card)
  4. Important information such as; Year of Exam and JAMB Registration Number
  5. Biometric

If you have these requirements ready, you can follow the guide below to kick start your change of course process…

How To Apply for JAMB Change of Course

To Change your course, you can follow the step by step guide shown to you here or visit any JAMB Registration Centers near you to get it done.

Instruction on Jamb change of Course

To get started with changing your Course to a new one in JAMB, follow this step by step guide.

Will take 10 minutes

  1. Login To Your JAMB Profile

    Jamb Efacility Login

    Visit Jamb Student Portal @, fill the required box with your correct Email address and Password and click on the Login button

  2. Click On “Application For Correction of Data”

    jamb correction of data option

    Once logged in, you will be taken to the landing page where you will see all available services. Select “Correction of Data”. This is available on the side bar or on the Home page

  3. Select the Course/Institution Option on the Drop down Menu

    Jamb Change of Course Institution Page

    When you click on “Application for correction of data” you will see a drop down, Select from the menu item what you wish to correct (which in this case is Course/Institution)

  4. Select Exam Year and Enter Registration Number

    how to correct mistake made in jamb

    When you click on Course/Institution, You will be taken to a page where you will be asked to fill in Your Exam year and JAMB registration number, fill in this information appropriately and click on Search Details.

    You will be taken to a “Payment Choice dashboard” where you will choose your preferred payment method (I would recommend you use remita)

  5. Click On “Pay With Remita”

    Payment option on how to correct mistake made in Jamb

    On the next page, Select the “Pay with Remita” button

  6. Preview the Information and Confirm

    payment to correct mistake made in jamb

    Preview this information, and make sure it correspond with the intended change you wish to make.

    Click on “Confirm this Information

  7. Hit the “Pay Now Button”

    pay now page to correct mistake made in jamb

    After clicking on the “confirm this information” button you will be taken to the “pay now” page which is shown below, click on the pay now button.

    You will be taken to the remita page, where you can now complete your payment. The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section”

    An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.

Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Year of Exam and
  • JAMB Registration Number

After entering the information correctly, new options for Preferred course/Institution and second choices will appear. Options available will be based on availability.

Click Submit to complete your application.

JAMB will now process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

JAMB Official website

What To Note While paying To Change JAMB Course

There are some things you must put in mind while working on how to correct mistakes you made in JAMB, they include…

  1. You must pay with your JAMB account created on this platform, paying via another account will make the required service tied to the payment account, this implies that you cannot pay with another’s JAMB profile account
  2. Make sure you confirm your information before proceed with payment
  3. Make sure you take note of your TRANSACTION ID, you may have need to use it later on.

Deadline To Apply for JAMB change of Course

No deadline to apply for JAMB change of Course, provided you have the requirements listed here you can proceed with your JAMB change of Course application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my JAMB change of course was successful?

To confirm if your JAMB Change of Course was successful, simply login to your JAMB Profile using your Username and Password @, Click on Check admission status and then access my JAMB CAPS.

On your JAMB CAPS page, locate “MY CHOICES” tab, there you can confirm if the change of Course is now reflecting or not.

How long does it take JAMB change of course to reflect?

There is no fixed time for this, it can take 24 hours or sometimes a couple of days, but be rest assured that, if you followed the procedure explained here, your course will be changed by JAMB once approved.

Is JAMB change of course still available?

Yes, JAMB change of course form is available and can be done at any accredited CBT center.

Why is my change of course not reflecting on my school portal?

There are a number of reasons why your changed course may not be reflecting on your School portal, but the most likely reason is that, JAMB is yet to send your Updated information to your School.

If you entered your information correctly when carrying out this process, and it now reflect on your JAMB profile, be rest assured that it will later on reflect on your School’s Portal.

How many times can I do change of course?

The maximum number of times you can apply for JAMB Change of course is two (2) times, after applying twice, you can no longer change your course on JAMB portal.

Can I do change of Course after accepting admission?

Yes, you can still change your course after accepting the admission offered to you on JAMB CAPS, but this is only if you were admitted to a course different from what you initially applied for in JAMB.

Can I change second choice to first choice?

Yes, you can change your Second choice course to first Choice and vice versa, but only by applying for JAMB Change of course.

Can I change course after first year?

Yes, you can still change your course after first year in most Universities, either through Relocation or through Application for Transfer but definitely not through JAMB.

Can JAMB Change Of Course Be Done Twice?

Yes, you can apply for Change of course two times, but after the second time you will not be able to.

Can I do Change Of Course After Post UTME?

Yes, you can still apply for Change of course in JAMB even after post UTME if you did not meet the cut off mark for admission in the course you earlier applied to.

Can I do change of Course Myself on my phone

Yes, you can process change of Course in JAMB yourself using your Phone or personal computer.

Wrapping Up

JAMB change of Course is currently on for students 2023 students downward, follow the guide here to kick start the process.

This is the lot I can take on this write-up😊, if you have any question or help, feel free to drop them using the comment box below.

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  1. I changed my course in Lautech since a month ago and has reflected on jamb portal immediately but not on school portal since
    Pls what can I do

    • Payment must not be made via Remita as there are other payment options available, but Remita give a smooth experience, hence the reason it was recommended.

      If you made payment using other payment gateway and was not redirected to the page for making changes, you should revisit the change of course page on your profile, and see if the payment is registered on your account already, if it is you will like see an option for correction, if not you can file a complaint to the Board, provided proof of payment to JAMB Central online Support System.

    • Hey Abkay, Once your payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:
      a. Year of Exam and
      b. JAMB Registration Number

      -After entering the information correctly, new options for Preferred course/Institution and second choices will appear. Options available will be based on availability.

      -Click Submit to complete your application.

      JAMB will now process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

      TO avoid complications you can carry this out at any JAMB accredited center

  2. i changed my course after the school gave me admission but on my admission status on jamb caps its still showing not admitted.
    please what can i do?

  3. Please to change course after post UTME exam registration where will I go to for the change the Jamb office or the university I applied for

  4. I wrote jamb last year 2022 and applied for medicine and surgery. The school I got admission into gave me optometry and I want to change my course to nursing science but I don’t have jamb admission letter,what should I do?

  5. I tried following these steps and from the Jamb portal, the recent UTME year is 2020 UTME but I wrote this year, hence I can’t go past the 2nd step. How do I go about it, please?

  6. what if i dont do any change of course but the change is already reflecting on my jamb caps? do i still need to do change of course again?

    • The only way you get a change Course on JAMB CAPS is if the admission was through JAMB Transfer approval. If this is the case, you will still need to apply for JAMB change of course


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