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When Is WAEC Starting 2024/2025? Timetable & Closing Date

How many subjects are written in WAEC
subjects written in WAEC

When Is WAEC 2024 Starting: has WAEC started Registration for 2024, when will WAEC start in Nigeria?, which day will WAEC start, which month will WASSCE start?, how much is WAEC registration?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to this episode of “Admission Guide Series” here we will provide answers to the above questions and guide you through 2024 WAEC registration process and all you need to know. STAY TUNED!

When Is waec Starting
WASSCE (West Africa Examination Council)
Registration Begins⏲️December 2023
Registration Deadline⌛20th February, 2024
Registration Cost💵NGN18,000
WAEC Exam Start Date📅May, 2024
Date for Last Paper💭June, 2024
Summary table on 2024 WAEC registration and starting date

Having your O’ level result makes you no longer a secondary school student, this is the border line that marks the end of your SSCE voyage.

But student are only tagged successful after being able to accrue a minimum of credits in five (5) core courses related to their field of interest.


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This makes your O’ level exam one of the most important exam you will ever sit for.

To make things easy for you, I have come up with this exciting piece which will provide you with all the necessary information, guiding you on the next necessary steps to take, WAEC starting date and all other related questions.

Before we begin, lets first understand what WAEC is all about.

What Is WAEC?

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WAEC is an acronym for West Africa Examination Council, it was Established in 1952 with the sole purpose of conducting Examination for Anglophonic countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Gambia) of West Africa.

The Exam conducted by WAEC is of three (3) types;

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Students in their Finals in secondary secondary school sits for WASSCE for School candidates (this Exam normally holds from the month of MARCH to MAY

…while student that are not in any Secondary school will have to sit for WASSCE for Private Candidates (either first series or the main GCE).

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Is WASSCE Registration Form For 2024 Out?

Yes, WAEC Registration form is officially out.

When Will WAEC Registration 2024/2025 Start?

The West Africa Examination Council, WAEC sales of form started December 2023.

Students who wish to participate in 2024 WASSCE must kick start their registration with the school they wish to sit for the Exam with.

How To Register For WAEC

How To Register For Waec
How To Register For WAEC

Like I mentioned before, WASSCE for Secondary school student is off three (3) category, Registration for these three (3) categories are different;

Whilst that for Private student (1st Series and Main GCE) can be registered online, that for school candidates can only be done through secondary schools.

You can visit WAEC official website @

How much is WAEC registration fee

The total registration fee for 2024/2025 WAEC Registration is Eighteen thousand Naira (NGN18,000).

This registration for senior secondary school student can only be done through a school and not directly on WAEC registration portal

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Now that we know when the sales of form and registration for WAEC will start, the next logical question is, when is the exam date and WAEC timetable for 2024.

When Will WAEC Registration End?

The council announced 20th February, 2024 as the deadline for registration of candidates for WASSCE.

When Is WAEC 2024/2025 Exam Starting?

Prior to this date WAEC releases a timetable that contains Schedule for all the papers to be written.

WAEC timetable gives a better answer to this question.

Is WAEC Difficult to PASS?

No, WAEC Exam is as Easy as your level of preparation, it is a direct proportionality.

This means that if you prepare well for the Exam, then it would be an easy-peasy for you, but Student who do not make the effort to prepare for the Exam as supposed will find the Exam a hard nut to crack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will WAEC and NECO result be released?

WAEC and NECO normally release their result 2-3 months after the exam, so if the exam is to start, let’s say May, then the results should be expected to be released in August.

Between WAEC And NECO Which Is More Difficult?

WAEC is not more difficult than NECO, neither is NECO more difficult than WAEC.

Both Exams are equally demanding, so if you want to pass WAEC or NECO you have to do the work, although with this tip you should have NO trouble with your preparation.

Can You Prepare For WAEC In A Month?

Yes, you can still prepare for WAEC a month to, the earlier the better though.

This is only for student that the reality of the Exam struck late, well if you are in this web of student, it is not too late to start preparing, all you have to do is put in your all.

In Summary

WAEC Exam Registration starts December 2024, after registration the Exam begins in May with Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) Planning Session.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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