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WAEC Grading System For All Subjects: Marking Scheme 2024

WAEC student Portal
WAEC student Portal

WAEC Grading System For All subjects: What Is WAEC grading system in Nigeria? is E8 a good grade in WAEC?, how can I calculate my grades in WAEC? WAEC grade percentage?, marking scheme for physics in WAEC

Hey SAVANT! in Today’s episode of my “Admission guide Series” I will intimate you with the necessary knowledge on WAEC marking scheme for 2024 and how your grades will be computed, WAEC grading system and lots more, no need to thank me, what are friends for? STAY TUNED!

Waec marking scheme
WAEC student Portal

Of course, after sitting for an exam, how you performed in that Exam becomes your primary concern, and for an Exam like WAEC, results are usually released months after you sit for the Exam.

This can make you anxious, and sometimes tiring, therefore, driving the need for you to know how on a long run, what you wrote will be marked and score.


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Your O’ level Result is one of the major requirements you will be needing as a student to gain admission into your desired School and course of choice.

But, for your result to be relevant (can guarantee you admission to the University or course you wish to study), you have to score certain grades because not all grade are considered pass.

With this in mind, you may be interested also in knowing what grade is considered pass or fail in WAEC, Well, I have got you covered.

In other to do justice to this write-up, I will first explain what WAEC is and why it is important to Ace your papers in Waec…

What Is WAEC?

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The name WAEC, is an acronym for West Africa Examination council, this Exam is mostly conducted for secondary school students (WASSCE) or students that are yet to obtain their O’ level result.

There are alternatives to this Exam (NECO and NABTEB), but for some reasons, most student prefer sitting for WAEC over the others.

This WAEC Exam is of three categories, which I have identified and explained HERE, so I won’t be talking much about it in this post.

Why it Is important to Pass WAEC

How many subjects are written in WAEC
Subjects written in WAEC

Your O’level result is one of the criteria for admission, into any tertiary institution (University, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education) in Nigeria, of which WAEC is an example of.

For this reasons, if you hope to be admitted to any course in Nigeria you must first meet up with the University’s Course requirement, which in this case would be having credits in your five (5) core courses.

But to Pass means having a minimum of C6 right?, why then is it so important I Ace my papers or at least get a B (B2 or B3)?

I always knew you would ask that, you see, Most Universities in Nigeria also calculate student’s total aggregate for admission using their WAEC result instead of conducting Post UTME.

And as such, only students who performed very well in their WAEC exam, would have a better chance of being admitted.

Not only that, better preparation and performance in JAMB would sometimes translate to a better performance in JAMB.

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Universities that compute aggregate score for students using their O’level result, grades individual grade for each subject as thus;

WAEC GradeValue Point
Universities O’ level aggregate grading system

D7, E8 and F9 are not considered as pass by any Institution in Nigeria, and for that reason, points are not allocated to them as seen above. And the method above is not the only way points are allocated to your WAEC result, different School use different grading system.

So, this way, if a student should have four (4) A’s and One (1) B3 in his or her five (5) core courses, then the O’ level result grade can be calculated as thus;

Where A is 10 points and B3 is 8 points

A in 4 core courses would be 4 * 10 = 40

B in 1 core course would be 1 * 8 = 8

40 + 8 = 48

Therefore, the total WAEC aggregate for that student would be = 48

Now, if this same student should score let’s say, 270 in JAMB, bearing in mind that, your JAMB score is normally divided by 8, to constitute 50% of your admission aggregate.

The total aggregate for admission will then be:

270 / 8 = 33.75

33.75 (JAMB aggregate) + 48 (from WAEC grade) will be = 81.75

O’ level constitute about 20% for Some Universities, like the University of Lagos. For such schools, the students will have to sit for Post UTME (which will be 30%) and WAEC (50%).

For Schools that use O’ level (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) as 20% to calculate students aggregate, Students with A in WAEC will have 4 points, while B, C, D would be 3, 2, 1 respectively.

From this calculation above, you will agree with me that, the better your WAEC result, the higher your chances of being admitted by the school you applied to.

NOTE: This is only applicable to schools that uses student’s O’ level result to calculate their Aggregate score, Universities like UNIBEN do not really consider your WAEC grade.

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WAEC Grading System

WAEC allocates grade to student (A, B, C or even F9) to student based on their cumulative score on that subject, below is WAEC grading system for 2023/2024 Students and interpretation

A1 Excellent 75% – 100%
B2Very good70% – 74%
B3Good65%- 69%
C4 Credit 60% – 64%
C5 Credit 55% – 59%
C6 Credit 50% – 54%
D7 Pass45% – 49%
E8Pass40% – 45%
F9Fail0% – 44%
Table Showing WAEC Grading System

From the above table;

A is considered Excellent, and you must score above 75% to be awarded with this grade.

B2 is considered Very good, students with B2 scored above 70% but below 75% and so on and so forth.

WAEC Marking Scheme For All subjects

WAEC marking scheme for all subjects, determines the grade a student would be given, this WAEC marking scheme is similar with that for other O’ level exams like NECO and NABTEB.

The knowledge of WAEC Marking scheme will allow you to be able to predict your grade in WAEC, interesting right?

So, what is WAEC marking scheme, and how do they allocate grade to student.

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How is WAEC marked and scored? (WAEC Marking scheme)

One pattern is used for calculating WAEC grades for all subjects (Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Commerce, Government, e.t.c. But you must first know the total marks allocated for the subjects (Because the total mark for subjects are not the same) before you can really do this calculation.

The General formulae for calculating your total WAEC grades in percentage is…

Total Marks Accumulated by the Student (Theory + Objective), divided by the Total Marks Allocated To that Subject, all multiplied by hundred.

Summarily: Students Total Score/Total Score for That subjects * 100

What ever answer you get, would translate to your grade in WAEC, let’s take a look at this example below;


If you were able to score 30 marks out of 50 in WAEC mathematics, and get 75 marks in WAEC mathematics theory out of 100. Your percentage score will be calculated as thus…

30marks for objective + 75marks for theory, all divided by 150 (Since 150 is the total score for that subject, i.e 50 for objective and 100 for theory) times (*) 100

This will then be 105/150 * 100 = 70%

Remember, from our table, 70% – 74% is B2, this means you would have B2 in WAEC, easy to calculate right?

You can try this with your other subjects to see what your grade in those subjects would look like.

For Subjects With Practical’s

Waec Practical Questions
WAEC Practical Questions

Calculation for subjects with practical like Biology, Physics, chemistry and others, the pattern for calculation is slightly different.

For Practical Subject the formulae would be;

Total Marks Accumulated by the Student (Theory + Objective + Practicals), divided by the Total Marks Allocated To that Subject, all multiplied by hundred.

Summarily: Students Total Score/Total Score for That subjects * 100

This is all on, WAEC marking scheme, below I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on WAEC Marking scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass mark for WASSCE?

The Pass mark for WAEC is C6, anything less than this (D7, E8 and F9) is considered as fail.

The student will also be expected to rewrite the entire exam again if the D7, E8 or F9 is in a compulsory subject like mathematics or English Language.

How many points is A1 in WAEC?

A1 in WAEC carries the highest point when using O’ level to calculate your aggregate score.

The points for each grade in WAEC has been discussed HERE already.

Is C6 a good grade in WAEC?

C6 is the minimum pass mark a student can get in WAEC.

If the school you apply to uses O’ level to calculate for aggregate score, then C6 is a bad grade, if not, you need not worry.

Is B3 a good grade In WAEC?

B3 is a good grade in WAEC.

But if your school uses O’ level to calculate for aggregate score, then you should try to perform better to boost your chances.

Is D7 fail in WAEC result?

D7 is not a good grade in WAEC, student with D7 on a required course in WAEC will have to sit for WAEC again.

Has marking WASSCE started 2022?

NO, Marking for WASSCE have not started yet, reason being that the exam has not been concluded yet, marking for WAEC should begin at most two weeks after the last paper is written.

What are distinctions in WAEC?

A1 is considered distinction in WAEC student and only student who scored above 75% will be rewarded with this grade.

Do universities accept E8?

It Depends on the course in which you had E8. Generally, Universities do not accept E8 in compulsory subjects like English, Mathematics or any Core subject specific in your field in WAEC.

Can WAEC grading system change?

NO, WAEC grading system has not changed for years and there are no indication it will be changing anytime soon.

In Conclusion

Getting good grade in WAEC have its perks, you can use the method I showed you here to calculate your WAEC grade at your Convenience.

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I understand you may have a question or two😊, do not hesitate to drop them here using the comment box below

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  1. am from Nigeria I have a question I have A1 in mathematics crs and government English B2 then civic B3 commerce B2 and literature D7 in waec and I have O level in Neco I passed all subject in Neco can I still study law combining both waec and neco

  2. Hi please, is WAEC and NECO grading system the same? What if someone had (6) C6 and (3) D7 in WAEC, please what is the total gpa. Thanks

    • Yes, WAEC and NECO uses the same grading system.

      For your second question, it depends on the subjects he or she had Credits and D7 on, if the D7 is not on a core subject, it will not matter much

  3. hello there, I joining the comment section from Liberia 🇱🇷,
    I sat for all nine subject in WAEC, in eight of the subjects inclouding English my grades are E8, I score F9 in math total is 9 subjects…

    Kindly tell me my position, did i failed or passed? Or should start preparing myself for resetter?


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