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After JAMB Registration 2024 Here’s What To Do Next

JAMB Profile Efacility Page
JAMB Profile Efacility Page

After JAMB Registration What Next: After 2024 JAMB registration what is the next thing to do?, How do I know my JAMB exam date and venue? After writing JAMB when will the result be out?

Do you find yourself in need of answers to the above questions or know someone who needs these answers then this obviously is your last bus stop.

JAMB Profile Efacility Page
JAMB Profile Efacility Page

In this episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series” all the cascade of events that follows after successful JAMB registration will be exposed to you.

The road to gaining admission involves several steps and Examinations, one of these steps is Registering for JAMB.


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But after successful registration for JAMB we discovered that most students find themselves at a cross eoad, not sure of the next necessary step to take.

The road to admission is narrow, comprising of different steps, I have partitioned these steps into four and they are…

  1. Get your O’ level (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) results ready
  2. Sit for JAMB
  3. Post JAMB period, and lastly
  4. Admission Processing Stage

These four (4) stages are chronological in order, that is, if one do not occur the other would most likely not take place. By now you should be familiar with the acquisition of your O’ Level Result stage already, so no much talk on this here.

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For O’level you sit for either WAEC, NECO or NABTEB and get at least five (5) credits in your core subjects.

These core subjects are not the same for all courses, once you have your credits in your O’ level (you can also use awaiting result) you can now enroll for the next JAMB, which then brings us to the second stage of your Admission processing, sitting for JAMB.

JAMB stage involves lots of process which can be quite confusing, you will have to first Register, sit for the Exam, check for your result, Create JAMB Profile, Link your Email address etc.

After JAMB registration, what is the next thing to be done? this question brings us to today’s guide.

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After Registering For JAMB What Next?

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I have prepared sumptuously, six (6) things you must do next after registering for JAMB, they are;

  1. Link Email Address To JAMB
  2. Keep all your Valuable documents safe
  3. Prepare For JAMB mock exam
  4. Get ready for JAMB Reprinting
  5. Sit for the Exam
  6. Check your JAMB UTME Result
  7. Register for Post UTME with the school you chose in JAMB

These seven (7) steps are as important as your JAMB registration itself, I will explain each individually so you will see the importance of each step, STAY TUNED!

Link email to jamb via text
Link email to JAMB via text

JAMB registration procedure and information collected from student are now different from the way it was before.

Now, it is not compulsory for student to submit their email address when they go for JAMB registration, the only important thing they take along side to the registration center is; Their phone number and Money for Registration.

With this new method, you will not be able to check your admission status, accept or reject admission or even access your JAMB CAPS without first linking the email address you used for your registration with JAMB.

So, how can I solve this problem, and is the linking hard to do

Good question, to solve this problem, all you have to do is link your email address with JAMB, and luckily the process is quite easy.

2. Keep all your Valuable documents safe

After registering JAMB, you will be given some documents and materials like your JAMB registration slip, JAMB syllabus, JAMB Novel and others…

…these documents are very important and must be kept piously, loosing any of these documents can cost you money or even loosing necessary information that you may be needing sooner or later.

Make use of the JAMB novel given to you, you should be expecting nothing less than five questions from this novel in Use of English, JAMB syllabus will also guide you with your study because it contains all topics you must cover prior to the Exam, making good use of this tool boost your chances of scoring high in JAMB.

3. Prepare For Your JAMB Mock Exam

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board – JAMB, in her wisdom created an avenue which gifts student the opportunity to test their level of preparedness.

This indeed is a gold mine which most student do not see the need to tap into.

JAMB mock exam is a yearly examination conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) before the main Exam, this exam does not replace the main Exam but allow you have a feel of how the Exam would be, this EXAM is not compulsory and as such most student do not see the need to participate in it.

I always advice student, especially those who have not sat for JAMB before, to try as much as possible to sit for the JAMB mock Exam, it boost your confidence on how to use the computer for the Exam (CBT) and also the user interface for the mock is similar to that for the main Exam, making the main Exam seem like what you have done before.

Do note that, the questions you see in Mock will not be the same with what you will be asked in the main Exam, the questions for mock are merely practice questions, so doing badly in JAMB MOCK do not translate to poor performance in the main Exam and vice versa.

The advantage of sitting for mock is endless, for those who may be interested in participating in the mock Exam all you have to do is indicate interest during your JAMB Registration and get set for the Mock there after.

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Six (6) Quick Facts About JAMB Mock Exam

Some questions are not clear about JAMB Mock and that is the reason for these facts…

  1. JAMB MOCK is not COMPULSORY for student, therefore no penalty for those who miss the Exam even after indicating interest during JAMB registration.
  2. Your JAMB Mock Score is not added to your main JAMB Score
  3. Students who perform poorly in MOCK will not necessarily perform poorly in the MAIN UTME/DE Exam
  4. JAMB MOCK question is not exactly same with what you will be asked in the main Exam, the Mock questions are from Past Questions and sometimes few questions could be repeated.
  5. There is no Make up exam for the MOCK test
  6. Students are not expected to pay a dime for this Exam at the center as they already paid for this during registration.

4. Get ready for JAMB Reprinting

Jamb Reprint Online Portal
JAMB Reprint Online Portal

After Registering for JAMB, the next most important thing is REPRINTING.

Reprinting also answers the question of the Date, Time and Venue of your Exam.

These details (Exam date, time and Venue) is present in your reprinted slip and you will be expected to take this slip to your Exam venue as a means of identification.

For those who do not know how to do this, you can follow the step outlined below on how to reprint for JAMB.

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5. Sit For The Exam

This is the essence of the registration after all.

After reprinting and your Exam Schedule is now known to you the next thing is to get set for the Exam, make sure you prepare with the appropriate materials (JAMB Syllabus, JAMB Novel, good textbooks e.t.c).

You should be present in this exam at least 30minutes to the fixed time, present with your Reprinted slip (Print-out).

NOTE: Bags, mobile phones, calculators, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the Exam center.

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6. Check Your JAMB UTME/DE Result

After the Exam the next thing is to check your result, you can do this by…

Jamb Result Checker
JAMB Result Checker
  1. Visiting JAMB Result Checker
  2. Input Your JAMB Registration Number or GSM
  3. Click on the ‘Check JAMB Result‘ button

Voala! there goes your JAMB result.

7. Register for Post UTME with the school you choose in JAMB

Students who score above the cut of mark for their School of choice can now apply to their school of choice where they would be expected to partake in the POST UTME Exam.

I have explained in details how different schools (Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education) conduct Post UTME exam for student, you can check it out HERE.

Yes, these are the things you must do after registering for JAMB.

In Summary

After Registering for JAMB the next thing to do is to Reprint your JAMB print-out, Sit for the Exam, check your result and Enroll for the Post UTME of your School of choice.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  2. It’s after my jamb results that I will register for post UTME of my choice school? So how will I know when the form for post UTME is out because I have written jamb twice and I don’t know what to do to get the admission to my choice school

  3. I scored above cut off mark (207) in JAMB 2023, what step should I take to gain admission into University?


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