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JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker: Brochure & Syllabus 24/2025

JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker: What is the meaning of JAMB IBASS?, Is it true that I can check eligibility of the course and Institution I want to study In?, How can I get my copy of JAMB Syllabus for 2024

Hey SAVANT! do you find yourself asking some of the questions above, or questions related to them, then you are definitely reading the right blog post.


Here, I will answer all questions relating to JAMB IBASS eligibility checking system, how to use it, how to access JAMB Syllabus and Brochure, and also, how to download the app on google play store…

before finally deciding on the course and institution you want to study in, it is paramount you know your eligibility stance

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This is important because, after making all necessary preparations, like studying hard for JAMB Exam, attending tutorials, waking up early so you can cover as much as you can, study past questions and eventually scoring very high in JAMB

You may end up not still being admitted for the course you have always longed for because, you are not eligible for it.

For this reason, I have always advised students to make sure that before registering for JAMB you must be sure without reasonable doubt, that the you are eligible for the course and institution you may want to study in.

Is it possible to check you eligibility status for the Course and Institution you want to study in?

Yes, JAMB has made the process of checking your eligibility status as easy as possible using IBASS.

This and many more will be addressed here… ENJOY!

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IBASS, an acronym for Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System is an online version of JAMB Brochure and Syllabus students are given when they register for JAMB.

But in a bid to save cost, and also make it accessible to students even before registering for JAMB, the hard copy of this JAMB syllabus and brochure has been prepared in an online format, thereby making it accessible to all students, even before they register for JAMB.

Difference between JAMB Brochure and Syllabus

The difference is that, JAMB Brochure contains all the requirements a student must meet before he/she will be eligible to study a course in a particular University

while JAMB Syllabus on the other hand, contains all the topics on a particular subjects, lets say Chemistry, that a student must have covered before sitting for JAMB.

These two are very important in your JAMB preparation exercise.

So, If JAMB IBASS is on brochure and syllabus how can I then use it to check the course and school I’m eligible for?💭

Good question, as an added feature of the JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System, student can conveniently check their Eligibility stance, using the steps below;

How To Use JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker

Jamb IBASS Eligibility Checker
JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker

As I mentioned earlier, coupled with JAMB brochure and syllabus on JAMB caps, you can check for the courses and institutions you are eligible for by…

  1. Visit JAMB IBASS eligibility checking Portal @
  2. You will be taken to JAMB IBASS eligibility checking Portal shown on the image above
  3. On this page, you will be expected to fill the necessary information (Mode of entry, Institution type, Institution category, e.t.c) correctly
  4. You will also be asked to “SELECT YOUR UTME SUBJECTS COMBINATION”
  5. Once you are done with that, Click on the “Check Eligibility Program” button.

Tada! that is all, immediately you will be taken to “JAMB Ibass eligibility confirmation page” as shown in the image below, where you would see if you are eligible for the course/institution or not.

Jamb Ibass eligibility confirmation page
JAMB IBASS eligibility confirmation page

On this page, you will also be able to see other alternatives you are eligible for and want to explore…

I highly recommend you go through this eligibility check before finally deciding on the course and University you want to study in.

Now that we have been able to check our eligibility status on JAMB IBASS, let’s explore other things you can do with JAMB IBASS👇

How To Access JAMB Brochure On IBASS

Jamb Ibass Brochure Page
JAMB IBASS Brochure Page

Accessing JAMB brochure is quite easy, all you have to do is follow the procedure below…

  1. Visit JAMB IBASS official Website @
  2. You will be taken to the page shown below, there locate the BROCHURE icon and click on it
  3. You will be asked to choose Brochure by institution, select the right option

It is that simple.

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How To Access JAMB Syllabus On IBASS

Jamb Ibass syllabus
JAMB IBASS syllabus
  1. Visit JAMB IBASS official Website @
  2. You will be taken to the page shown below, there locate the ‘SYLLABUS‘ icon and click on it
  3. Select the subject you want to check the syllabus for.

Tada, that is all

How To Download JAMB IBASS app on play store

Jamb IBASS app on play store
JAMB IBASS app on play store

Instead of going online to access this syllabus and brochure, you can download it on play store, with these simple steps…

  1. Go to Google Playstore
  2. Search JAMB IBASS
  3. Click on “Install” the JAMB IBASS app
  4. Open the JAMB IBASS application
  5. Select Installation Path (Default) and Click Install
  6. Allow JAMB IBASS access photos, media and files on your device
  7. The application will open
  8. Select any of the functions you may then want to exlore.

With these, you can access JAMB IBASS with your mobile phone through the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is JAMB IBASS website?

You can access JAMB IBASS website at

How Can I download JAMB Syllabus Online?

you can download JAMB Syllabus with IBASS, all you have to do is follow the detailed guide I have shown to your here.

In Conclusion

JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System contain the Brochure for all courses and Schools, you can also access JAMB Syllabus on IBASS.

This is the lot I can take for now. Feel free to drop your questions using the comment box below!

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