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Emphatic Stress Questions In JAMB, Meaning & Examples

Emphatic Stress: How can I answer emphatic stress questions in JAMB, WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, what is the meaning of emphatic stress?, how to identify the stress word in emphatics stress questions?, some examples of emphatics stress questions?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “Tutortainment Series” In this lecture Series you will be learning everything there is to know on emphatic stress, how to identify the stress word with ease and get your answer in less than 60 seconds… Pretty cool right? STAY TUNED!

How to answer questions on emphatic Stress
Emphatic Stress

I know you are exited to see this, well, what friends are for, lol. Take your time to read through diligently for details…

Before we begin this tutorial in-dept, we must first understand what emphatic stress is all about, definition, Etymological study, and concepts behind its usage. Enjoy!?

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What Is Emphatic Stress?

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Emphatic Stress is used by the speaker to show the importance or significance of a unit of information in an utterance.

The emphasis focuses more on the most important element the speaker wishes to draw attention to and this is achieved through the degree of intensity (Pitch change) given to the particular word. 

Looking at emphatic stress etymologically, you will observe that the term is gotten from two independent words; EMPHATIC and STRESS, let us look at these two words shortly… 

EMPHATIC: Spoken with emphasis 

STRESS: Special emphasis attached to something or the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch). 

Hence, you can evidently say, an emphatic expression is one that is said with emphasis and stress to indicate importance.

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Emphatic Stress In Exam

Hardly will you sit for any O’ level Exam or JAMB Use of English exam without seeing emphatic stress questions, this is because it is important for you as a student to understand the concept of Emphasis.

When answering stress question, you must be able to first achieve two things to arrive at the correct answer;

  1. Identify the stress Word in the question given
  2. Identify the options that do not carry that identified stress word

How To Identify the Stress Word in the Question

When you are able to correctly identify the stressed word in an emphatic stress question, you are half way getting the correct answer to that question, there are three(3) tricks you can use to recognize the stressed word;

The stressed word may be CAPITALIZED, bolded, or Italicized.

Below, is a quick explanation of any of the three format with which the stressed word may present it self

1. The Stress word may CAPITALIZED (The most Common)

The word that is emphasized or the word that carries the emphatic stress is usually capitalized. lets take for example the statement below… 

Bukola's UNCLE is a Strict teacher 

Now, from the above statement, UNCLE carries the stress

how do I know this?

well, it is quite simple, UNCLE is the capitalized word in the sentence above, so when given an emphatic stress question, any word CAPITALIZED like Uncle in the above example, is the stressed word. Easy right?

2. The Stress Word Could be Bolded

The word carrying the emphasis can also be bold, In situations where you can’t find any word capitalize in the sentence but bold then that should identify the stress word for you, take a look at the example below… 

My mother bought a bicycle yesterday 

From the above example, bicycle carries the stress. why because, bicycle is bold word in the sentence above.

3. The Stress Word can be Italicized

The word emphasized can also be Italicized and bold, though this is rare but there are cases where you may find questions in this form, see example… 

Musa is staying in Enugu

The stress word here is staying, simply because it is the word Italicized and bold.

Once you are able to identify the stressed word in a given sentence, we will now move to the next phase, which is “Identifying the options that do not carry the stress word”

How To Identify the Correct Answer

Now, to the real deal, When answering emphatic stress questions, the option that does not have the “stressed word” becomes the correct answer. Now let us take a look at some of the examples below…

1. Adamu is leaving a CAR behind
a. Who is leaving a car behind?
b. where is Adamu leaving a car?
c. what is Adamu leaving behind?
d. Is Adamu driving the car in front?

Answer: options a, b and d had the stressed word ‘CAR‘ so can’t be the correct answer, the correct answer here is ‘option c’ which do not have the stressed word.

2. Lambusa TOOK OFF the wig.
a. Did Lambusa take off a wig? 

b. Did Lambusa take off a ring? 

c. Who took off the wig? 

d. what did Lambusa do?

ANSWER: Options a, b and c had the stressed word ‘TOOK OFF‘ so cannot be the correct answer, the correct answer here is ‘option d’ which do not have the stressed word.

If the emphasis was on ‘RING‘ then  “option b” would have been the correct answer

Attempt these practice Questions below…

1. John’s watch is made of GOLD.


(a) Is John’s watch made of silver? 
(b) Whose watch is made of gold? 
(c) What is made of gold? 
(d) Is John’s necklace made of gold? 
2. The bed is in the room. 

(a) what is in the room?
(b) where is the bed?
(c) is the bed in the parlour?
(d) What is in the parlour? 
3. The cat DEVOURED the rat? 

(a) Did the rat devour the cat?
(b) what devoured the cat?
(c) Did the cat pet the rat?
(d) Is this the rat that the cat devoured? 
4. She WORKS at the hospital       

(a) Who works at the hospital? 
(b) Where does she work? 
(c) Does she work at the hospital? 
(d) What does she do at the hospital? 


5. Aderonke STATED she had a right to her privacy

(a) Did Omowunmi state she had a right to her privacy?
(b) Did Aderonke lament she had a right to her privacy?
(c) Did Aderonke State she had a right to her openness?
(d) Did Aderonke state she had a right to his privacy?
6. My Boss has an amiable DISPOSITION

(a) Does your boss have an Amiable Disposition?
(b) Does my boss have an unfriendly disposition?
(c) Does my colleague have an amiable disposition?
(d) Does my boss have an amiable complexion?
7. The Village head lived to be a HUNDRED years

(a) Did the Family head live to be a hundred years?
(b) Did the village priest live to be a hundred years?
(c) Did the village head live to be ninety year?
(d) Did the Family head live to be a hundred months?
8. Jamiu told the old man to leave the room
(a) Did paul tell the old man to leave the room?
(b) Did Jamiu tell the old man to leave the room?
(c) Did Jamiu tell the young man to leave the room?
(d) Did Jamiu tell the old man to leave the compound?
9. All Students ATTENDED the rally?

(a) Did all Students attend the rally?
(b) Did some Students attend the rally?
(c) Did few of the Students attended the rally?
(d) Did all Student boycott the rally?
10. The accused man is guilty

(a) Is the accused man guilty?
(b) Is the accused man innocent?
(c) Is the criminal guilty?
(d) Who is Guilty?

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Emeka ENCOURAGED Bayo to take the job
    A.Did Emeka encourage Bayo to take a job?
    B.Did Emeka trick Bayo into rejecting the job ?
    C.Did Emeka persuade Bayo to take the job?
    D.Who encouraged Bayo to take the job?

    Please I need help and explanation on this

  2. 1. A
    2. Incorrect
    3. C
    4. D
    5. B
    6. D
    7. C
    8. A
    9. D
    10. B

    Tnks for d exercise
    Please I’m requesting for stress on syllables 🙏🙏

  3. Here are the answers and explanation to questions 1 to 4, more questions have been added so you can test your ability to answer emphatics stress…

    Cuddles to those who got it correctly😎

    1. A

    A is the correct answer because the stressed word is GOLD, therefore, any option not with GOLD becomes the correct answer.

    2. You cannot tell the correct answer to question 2 because you cannot detect the stressed word, it was not bolded, Capitalized, nor Italicized.

    you will not get a question like that in Jamb.

    3. C

    The stressed word is Devoured, and option C do not have the word devoured

    4. D

    The stressed word is WORK, and option D do not contain the stressed word, making it the correct option.

    You can attempt the newly uploaded questions for practice.

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