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How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score 2024/2025

Gain Admission With Low Jamb Score
How To Gain Admission With Low Jamb Score

How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score: how can I gain admission into my desired school with a low JAMB Score of 120 to 170? Is it possible to be admitted with low JAMB score of 150?, what university accepts low JAMB score in JAMB?.

In this article, I will guide you through steps you can try to increase you chances of being admitted, even with a low JAMB Score. STAY TUNED!!!

Gain Admission With Low Jamb Score
How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score

One of the most prominent way of securing admission is through JAMB, but to stand a chance you need a good score, we’ve have already discussed JAMB score that assures you admission, so we won’t discuss it here.

But then, not all student are able to sit for JAMB and score as high as they would want to, even after putting in the work. Yeah, I do understand, you know, sometimes life just happens.

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When situation like this strikes, the next best thing would be to know your possible options, so you can be sure of the next best action to take

HEADS UP: This episode is very detailed, you can use the table of content just below this to navigate your way through this Post. ENJOY!!!

What Is A Low JAMB Score?

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A low JAMB Score is one which reduces your chances of being admitted by your desired school, the term, “LOW JAMB SCORE”, is relative.

So you have that, scoring 198 in JAMB will not allow you to participate in UNIBEN Post UTME, but may be a good enough score to study Fashion design in Auchi Polytechnic.

Therefore, any JAMB Score that do not suffice enough for you to secure admission in your desire school is low, Generally, JAMB score range of 120 to 180 is generally regarded as low.

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Can I Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score?

Yes, you can still gain admission to study in the University, even with a low JAMB Score.

But, there are some shortcomings with the necessary steps you may want to take, like; You may not end up studying the course you always wished to, or study in the University you always wanted.

But at the end of the day, the goal is to be admitted right?.

How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score

To gain admission with low JAMB score, these are your options;

  1. Change Course to a less competitive one
  2. JAMB change of Institution
  3. Try other JAMB Alternative
  4. Apply to a Private University
  5. Do better by scoring higher in Post UTME
  6. Polytechnics

I know these points are a little vague, don’t worry I will be explaining each of them shortly.

1. Change Course to a less competitive one

Do you still remember what the issue was?, If I am to guess correctly, it was having a low JAMB Score right?.

Do you know, a JAMB score of 240 can be tagged as low, and a JAMB score of 209 can also be tagged as high. This may sound unrealistic to you, but give me the chance to explain.

There are so many factors that determines whether a JAMB Score is low or high, and one of this many factors is the course you applied to.

Now, let’s analyze these two case study, at the end of the day, we would determine between Mr. A and Mrs. B, who had a better JAMB score (this time not factoring figures per se, but considering the Courses they both applied for.

Mr. A, Applied to the UNIBEN to study Pharmacy, and after sitting for JAMB, he was able to garner a total JAMB score of 243 and Mr. A was quite impressed with his performance.

On the other hand, Mrs. B applied to the same University of Benin, but this time not to study Pharmacy but Botany (Plant Biology and Biotechnology).

Unfortunately for Mrs. B, after checking her result on JAMB result checking portal, she found her JAMB score to be 208, feeling sad but could do nothing to change it.

When the Admission processing period was over, the admission list for the university of Benin was released, and Mrs. B was admitted with the first batch, but Mr. A unfortunately, was not admitted.

This sound unfair right, but this is what happens every time. you may be tempted to ask, why so?

You see, Mr. A applied to Pharmacy, one of the most Sought after Course in Nigeria and because of this, Mr. A would have a lot of work to do when compared to other student that applied for a less competitive.

So, the more competitive the course you applied for is, the higher you need to score in JAMB right?, now, how does this help you as a student with low JAMB Score?

Students like you, lucky to stumble on this beautiful piece, can make good use of this information and apply for JAMB Change of course to a less competitive one provided you scored above your school of choice minimum cut off mark.

All you have to do is, follow my step by step guide on how to do JAMB Change of course, and change the course you applied to, to a less competitive one. But if the course you applied for is not competitive, then no need to apply.

10 Least Competitive Courses In Nigeria

Below is a list of courses that will allow you gain admission with low JAMB Score;

  • History
  • Language
  • Agriculture
  • Zoology (Animal Biology)
  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Botany
  • Theology
  • Fishing
  • Education
  • Veterinary Medicine

You can apply to any of the above listed courses, to improve your chances of being admitted.

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2. JAMB change of Institution

least competitive course and university in jamb
least competitive course and university

Yes, by changing your most preferred choice of school to a less competitive one in JAMB, you increase your chance to gain admission with low JAMB Score.

How is this possible?

Well, Some Universities are very competitive, competitive in this sense means, these Schools have a lot of student applying to study there from all over Nigeria.

And as such, if you wish to gain admission in any of those competitive Universities, you must score high in JAMB to increase your chances.

So what then do you do?

It is simple, If you see that the university you applied to is quite competitive therefore reducing your chances of being admitted, or probably you did not score up to the minimum JAMB cut off mark to study in these schools.

Then apply for JAMB Change of Institution, this application will cost you NGN2,500 but make sure this time the school you choose is not competitive.

To be able to guide your choice, below is a list of Most competitive and Least competitive Universities in Nigeria.

10 Most Competitive Universities In Nigeria

  • University of Lagos, UNILAG
  • University of Ilorin, UNILORIN
  • University of Ibadan, UI
  • University of Benin, UNIBEN
  • University of Nigeria, UNN
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK
  • Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO
  • Federal University of Technology Akure, FUTA
  • University of Jos, UNIJOS

Applying to the above Universities means you are ready to face the competition, and to be able to do this, you must be backed with a good JAMB Score.

10 Most Competitive Universities In Nigeria

  • Federal University Gusau, FUGUS
  • Federal University Wukari, FUWUKARI
  • The Federal University Oye-Ekiti, FUOYO
  • Federal University Ndifu-Alike, FUNAI
  • Federal University Lokoja, FULOKOJA
  • Federal University Dutsin-Ma, FUDMA
  • Federal University Lafia, FULAFIA
  • Federal University Gashua, FUGASHUA
  • Usumanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, UDUSOK
  • Bayero University Kano, BUK

Applying to the above Universities would help increase your chances to gain admission with low JAMB Score.

3. Try Other JAMB Alternative

There are other alternative to JAMB that can grant you admission to study the course you want in any University of your choice. This method does not include your JAMB Score, which means, even student who are yet to write JAMB can try this method.

These JAMB alternative you can try are…

  • IJMB (Interim Joints Matriculation Board)
  • JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board)
  • NABTEB A’Level

We’ve explained how you can use these JAMB alternatives to gain admission without using JAMB.

4. Through Private Universities

Yes, you can also gain admission with a low JAMB score to private Universities, some of these private universities do not have the level of Publicity these Public schools have, and as such, very few student apply to them.

And you remember what happens to schools with low student applicant right?.

Because of the low student application, the competitiveness of these schools is very low, so they are always willing to give student warm embrace each time they get applicants.

But then, they are quite expensive, but if you have the money to further, then by all means, go ahead.

5. Prepare and Score High in Post UTME

Universities that don't write Post UTME
Universities that don’t write Post UTME

This is my favorite part of How you can gain admission with low JAMB Score

Fine, you scored low in JAMB, but luckily for you, you still made it passed the minimum JAMB cut off mark for your school of choice, then why not prove, not to any one but yourself that you can do better.

How can I prove to myself that I can do better?

Good question, you can do this by excelling in your Post UTME exam, just incase you don’t know this, your Post UTME score constitute 50% of your total aggregate.

This simply means, if you should score very high in your Post UTME, then you can boost your chances of gaining admission even in the so called competitive Universities.

Now, let me share a secret with you.

This secret is how Universities calculate your Admission aggregate score. This will further show you why you should do well in Post UTME to help you gain admission with low JAMB score.

How Schools Calculate Aggregate Score

To calculate aggregate, you will divide your JAMB Score by 8 and your Post UTME score by 2, then we can say that your aggregate score is the summation of your JAMB score divided by 8 and your post utme score divided by 2.

Lets say, a student who wishes to study pharmacy in UNIBEN scored 270 in JAMB and then 80 in Post UTME, the aggregate score can then be calculate as thus;

270/8 + 80/2 = 33.75 + 40

Making the student’s aggregate score 73.75

So you see that the higher your JAMB and Post UTME score the higher your average aggregate score.

So performing well in Post UTME, will definitely increase your chances to gain admission with low JAMB Score.

6. Through Polytechnics

Polytechnics admission
Polytechnics Admission

Applying to polytechnics is another sure way to gain admission with low JAMB Score. Most Universities in Nigeria accept JAMB score or 150, 160, 170 and 180.

All you have to do, is go through the list of Polytechnics that offers the course you want to study and apply to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good JAMB Score

A good JAMB Score is one which increases your chances of being admitted by your desired school, the term, “GOOD JAMB SCORE”, is relative. Generally, A JAMB score of 290 and above is considered good enough

Will UNIBEN Accept JAMB score Of 199 for Admission?

No, the minimum JAMB Score for UNIBEN to participate in her Post UTME is 200, anything less than this makes you ineligible.

In Conclusion

Students with low JAMB score that want to be admitted, must be ready to open themselves to Possibilities and be ready to compromise.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. Good evening sir I sat for this year’s jamb and I scored 204 and I chosed nursing in FULAFIA will I be lucky enough to gain admission.

  2. Pls I score 157 for my utme can I gain admission into osun state iree polytechnic as third choice or ilaro which I didn’t choose

    • You must definitely can apply enrol for the post UTME to BUK with a JAMB score above 200, but for a course as competitive as nursing, there is no guarantee for admission.

      You may want to apply to a less competitive course to increase your chances.

  3. I scored 178 in jamb, and I want to study nursing in a federal University, with my score can I enroll for aptitude test?


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