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Pharmacy In UNIBEN, Cut Off Mark & Requirements 2023

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Pharmacy In UNIBEN, Cut Off Mark and Admission Requirement: How many years does it take to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN, does UNIBEN offer PharmD or B pharm program?, does UNIBEN offer Pharmacy as a course?, what are the direct entry requirements for Pharmacy in UNIBEN?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to my “School of Pharmacy Series“, In today’s episode I will show you everything you need to know about the faculty of Pharmacy in UNIBEN, from Cut off mark to UTME/Direct entry requirements, course duration and lots more… STAY TUNED!

University of Benin (UNIBEN)
University of Benin (UNIBEN)
Course DurationSix (6) Years
Degree AwardedDoctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
CompetitivenessVery competitive

Before applying to study Pharmacy in the University of Benin (UNIBEN), it is only logical you familiarize yourself with what the program is about, JAMB and O’ level requirements, Cut off mark, duration of study and lots more.

Access to accurate information can pose difficult, hence the reason for this guide, at the end of this writeup, you will be fortified with all the necessary information you need on studying Pharmacy in UNIBEN… ENJOY!

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Key Takeaways:

  • UNIBEN Offers Pharmacy
  • Duration of Study for Pharmacy in UNIBEN is 6 years for the Doctor of Pharmacy program
  • Cut off mark for admission to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN depends on the general performance of student that year, but it has always been above 70

Below is a detailed response to all you need to know and guide to securing admission in UNIBEN Faculty of Pharmacy.

Do UNIBEN Offer Pharmacy?

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YES, the University of Benin (UNIBEN) is one of the few Universities fully accredited to Study Pharmacy in Nigeria.

Students who wish to become Pharmacists and finds UNIBEN as a suitable school for study can either through JAMB or other direct entry like JUPEB do so.

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Requirements To Study Pharmacy In UNIBEN

Requirements Check List
Requirements Check List

To study Pharmacy in UNIBEN you must meet with the following JAMB and O’ level subject (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) requirements.

JAMB SubjectUse of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
O’ level (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) RequirementFive (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Direct Entry Requirements(i) ‘A’ Level passes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Zoology in addition to the UTME requirements.

(ii) BSC, BOS, etc in relevant programme.

P.S, Mathematics is not needed in JAMB for those who want to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN

UNIBEN Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy


To study Pharmacy in UNIBEN you must score at least 200 in JAMB to qualify for Post UTME.

But scoring 200 in JAMB won’t guarantee your admission into the Faculty of Pharmacy in UNIBEN.

Pharmacy being a very competitive course in Nigeria requires you score very well in JAMB, a JAMB score of 270 and above should be just fine, and also doing very well in UNIBEN Post UTME Exam is a prerequisite.

Post UTME Score For Pharmacy In UNIBEN

A score of 75 in UNIBEN Post UTME is good enough to secure your spot in the Faculty of Pharmacy UNIBEN.

You may be asking, why do I need to score that high in JAMB and still do well in Post UTME?

Well, the truth is, admission to student is dependent on varying factors, such as Merit, ELDS, general students performance etc.

Students admitted on the merit list must score well above the aggregate score for Pharmacy.

Based on past years, the aggregate score for Pharmacy in UNIBEN is 65, now let’s both analyze the JAMB and Post UTME score you will need to get to score above the aggregate 65.

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UNIBEN Aggregate Score For Pharmacy

UNIBEN Aggregate score for admission into Pharmacy is 65.

To calculate UNIBEN admission aggregate score, you divide your JAMB Score by 8 and your Post UTME score by 2 and sum them up.

We can then say that your aggregate score is the summation of your JAMB score divided by 8 and your Post UTME score divided by 2.

A student who wishes to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN and scored 270 in JAMB and 75 in Post UTME, using this formular, the aggregate score can then be calculate as;

270/8 + 75/2 = 33.75 + 37.5

Making the student’s aggregate score 71.25

So you see that the higher your JAMB and Post UTME score the higher your average aggregate score which consequently increases your chances of being admitted.

Other Direct Entry Requirement

JUPEB Program For Pharmacy In UNIBEN

Aside JAMB, you can also be admitted to study Pharmacy through JUPEB, JUPEB is an acronym for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board.

To kick start this process you will first need to buy the form NGN15,000 and sit for the entrance exam.

There is really no passing or failing in the entrance exam, it’s actually just a formality as most student if not all will be allowed to participate in the JUPEB program thereafter.

The program spans for 1 year (2 semesters) and successful candidates would then be given admission to study Pharmacy beginning from 200 level.

During the course of the program you will need to pay a fee of NGN150,000, this can be paid in installment.

JAMB Direct Entry

For student who have studied other courses before now and want to study Pharmacy, you can apply through JAMB direct entry and be admitted to 200 level.

The student must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (second class Hons) from a recognized university in chemistry or the biological sciences.

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How Many Years To Study Pharmacy In UNIBEN?

It takes 6 years to study Pharmacy in the University of Benin.

If you add 1 year of compulsory internship and 1 year for NYSC, it makes the entire study duration 8 years.

UNIBEN School Fees For Pharmacy

The current school fees for Pharmacy students in UNIBEN is NGN73,400 for new students and NGN45,400 for returning students.

UNIBEN Pharmacy Syllabus

Unlike most School of Pharmacy, UNIBEN offers the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, hence have a longer study duration when compered to schools that offers the Bachelor of Pharmacy program.

Pharmacy Departments in UNIBEN

The courses offered is somewhat different from those schools offering the B Pharm program. Below is the list of department in the Faculty of Pharmacy in UNIBEN.

  • Department of Pharmacognosy
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Department of Pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical technology
  • Pharmacology and toxicology
  • Clinical Pharmacy and pharmacy practice

UNIBEN Pharmacy course Outline

Below are the list of courses offered in UNIBEN pharmacy…

100 Level UNIBEN Pharmacy Courses:

Course Code Course Title   (credits)     

1st Semester

  • PHY100- Practical Physics (- credit)
  • PHY111-Mechanics, Thermal Physics & Properties of Matter (3 credits)
  • PHY113-Vibrations, Waves & Optics (3 credits)
  • CHM101-General Chemistry I (3 credits)
  • CHM103- Organic chemistry I (3 credits)
  • BOT101- Diversity of Organisms(3 credits)
  • ZOO101- Introductory Ecology, Genetics and Evolution (4 credits)
  • GST111- Use of English I (2 credits)
  • GST112- Philosophy and Logic  (2 credits)

2nd Semester

  • PHY100- Practical Physics (2 credits)
  • PHY124-Electromagnetism & Modern Physics(4 credits)
  • CHM102- General Chemistry II (3credits)
  • CHM104- Organic Chemistry II (3 credits)
  • BOT102- Plant forms & functions(3 credits)
  • ZOO102 – Diversity of Animals: History, Physiology & Embryology (4 credits)
  • GST121- Use of English II (2 credits)
  • GST122- Nigeria People and Culture (2 credits)
  • GST123- History and Philosophy of Science (2 credits)

Total of 48 credits

200 Level Uniben Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

  • PHM215  Ancillary Mathematics I (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 212- Introductory and Blood Physiology (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 213- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 201- Physiology Practical (- credit)
  • BCH 219-Biochemistry1 (4credits, 60 hr)
  • ANT 212- Basic Anatomy (1 credit, 30hr)
  • PMB212- Principles of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCH212- Pharmaceutical Chemistry I(2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCG 211- Practical Pharmacognosy (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCG 212- Introduction to pharmacognosy (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT 212- Introduction to Pharmaceutics
  • PCT 201 – Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing) I (- credit)

2nd Semester

  • PHM 225 – Ancillary Mathematics II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 224-Renal, Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Physiology (2 -credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 225-Neurophysiology and Special Senses(2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PHS 201- Physiology Practical (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • BCH 229- Biochemistry II (2 credits, 30hr)
  • ANT 222 – General Embryology, Teratology and Genetic Anatomy (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PMB 221- Practical Pharmaceutical Microbiology I (1 credit, 45hr)
  • PCH 221-Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical I (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCH 223- Pharmaceutical Chemistry II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT 201- Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing) I (1credit, 45hr)

Total of 39 credits

300 Level Uniben Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

  • PCO 312- General Principles of Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCO 313- Autonomic/Neuro-pharmacology (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCO 301- Practical Pharmacology I (- credit)
  • PCN 310- Basic Computing and Information Technology (3 credits, 75 hr)
  • PMB312- Disinfection and Sterilization (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCH 311- Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical II (1 credit, 45 hr.)
  • PCH 312- Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PCG 312 – Medicinal Plants and Alternative Medicine I (2    credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT 312 – Pharmaceutical Technology I       (3 credits 45 hr)
  • PCT 301- Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing) II (- credit)

2nd Semester 

  • PCO 324- Systemic Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCO 301 – Practical Pharmacology I (1credit, 45hr)
  • PMB321–PracticalPharmaceuticalMicrobiology II
  • PCH 322- Pharmaceutical Analysis I (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCH323- Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCG 322 – Medicinal Plants and Alternative Medicine II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCG 321 – Practical Pharmacognosy II (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCT 323 – Physical Pharmaceutics (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PCT 301 – Practical Pharmaceutics(Dispensing) II (1 credit, 45hr)

Total of 37 credits

400 Level Uniben Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

  • PPR 412- Pharmacy Management/Entrepreneurship I (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCN 412- Clinical Pharmacokinetics (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCH 412 – Medicinal Chemistry I (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PIT 401- Industrial Training (4 credits, 640hr)
  • PCT 412 – Pharmaceutical Technology II (3 credits, 45hr)

2nd Semester

  • PPR 422
  • PPR 423
  • PCN 422
  • PCO 421- Practical Pharmacology II (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCO 422- Central Nervous System Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCO 423- Chemotherapy (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PMB 421- Practical Pharmaceutical Microbiology III (1 credit, 45hr)
  • PMB 423- Sterile Products Formulation and Immunology (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCH 421- Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical III (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCG 422 – Phytochemistry I (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PCG421 – Practical Pharmacognosy III (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCT 421 -Powder and Tablet Technology Practical (1 credit, 45 hr.)

Total of 37 credits

500 Level Uniben Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

  • PCO 512 – Endocrine/Autocoid Pharmacology (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCO513 -Haemopoietic/Biochemical Pharmacology (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCN512 -Pharmacotherapeutics I (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCN 513- Patient assessment and Drug administration (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PPR 512- Pharmacy Practice I (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PMB512 – Microbial Chemotherapy and Bacterial Genetics (3 credits, 45hr)
  • PCH 511- Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PCH 512 – Medicinal Chemistry II (3 credits, 45 hr)
  • PCG512 – Phytochemistry II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT512 – Formulation and production of phytomedicines (2 credits, 30 hr)

2nd Semester

  • PTX 522- Toxicology (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCN 521 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship I (3 credits, 135hr)
  • PCN 522 -Pharmacotherapeutics II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCN 524- Advanced Communication Skills (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PPR 522 – Pharmacy Practice II (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PPR 521 – Professional Dispensing (1 credit, 45 hr)
  • PMB 523 – Preservation and Fermentation Biotechnology (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT 522 – Biopharmaceutics (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCT 523 – Dosage Form Evaluation and Drug Stability (2 credits, 30hr)

Total of  40 credits

600 Level Uniben Pharmacy Courses

1st Semester

  • PCN 610 – Biostatistics and Biocomputing (2 credits, 60hr)
  • PCN 611 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship II (7 credits, 315hr)
  • PCN 612 – Pharmaceutical Care (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCN 613 -Pharmacotherapeutics III (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCO 612 – Substance Abuse & Dependence (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCT 612 – Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PMB 612 – Infectious Diseases and Pathogenesis (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PHV 612- Veterinary Pharmacy I: Common animal diseases (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PPJ 601 – Project (- credit)

2nd Semester

  • PPJ 601 – Project (4 credits, 180hr)
  • PHV 622-  Veterinary Pharmacy II: Therapeutics (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCN 620 – Drug Information Service (2 credits, 60hr)
  • PCN 621 – Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship III (7 credits, 315hr)
  • PCN 622 – Introduction to Public Health (2 credits, 30hr)
  • PCH 622 – Pharmaceutical Analysis II (2 credits, 30 hr)
  • PCN 625 – Seminar (1 credit, 15hr)

Total  of 41 credits

UNIBEN Admission To PharmD

Upon admission to the faculty of Pharmacy in UNIBEN, the student will have to spend six (6) Years of intensive study and practical.

After admission, the first thing to do would be to pay acceptance fee and school fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Pharmacy in UNIBEN Hard?

NO, with the right attitude and dedication to learning, you will find this course (Pharmacy) a walk over, but take note, Pharmacy is a highly demanding course.

How Much Is UNIBEN Acceptance Fee For Pharmacy

Students admitted to Study Pharmacy in UNIBEN will pay NGN60,000 as acceptance fee

Does UNIBEN Accept Two Sittings For Pharmacy

Yes, the University of Benin accept two sittings for Pharmacy

UNIBEN JAMB Subject For Pharmacy

JAMB subject requirement to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN is; Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

WAEC Subject For Pharmacy In UNIBEN

WAEC subject requirement to study Pharmacy in UNIBEN is; 5 SSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In Conclusion

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) Unlike most Universities that offers pharmacy, award her student the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Degree.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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    1. 205 is too low for Pharmacy in UNIBEN, even with a very high post UTME score, you still will find it difficult to meet the aggregate cut off mark for Pharmacy in UNIBEN, your best bet would be to apply to a less competitive course.

  1. I study pharmaceutical technology in edo state polytechnic and I hold an OND result( upper credit) can I study pharmacy in uniben and begin from 200lv since is a related course?

  2. please sir I score 223 to study pharmacy in uniben is there any chance for me to get admission there ?

    1. Hey Sylvester, with 223 JAMB score, it is had to meet up with the aggregate score required for Pharmacy as illustrated in this post, you best bet would be to apply for a less competitive course

  3. Hii, pls does uniben accept double sitting o’level result for pharmacy and would it affect my chances of gaining admission

  4. I got a 284 and I am from plateau state, which is not a catchment area. Is it advisable to apply Pharmacy in UNIBEN?

    1. Hello Ajay, first let me congratulate you on your performance in the just concluded Jamb exam.

      With a Jamb score of 284, you can secure admission to study pharmacy in Uniben on the merit list…

      All you need to do is not relent and perform as good as you did in Jamb in the Post UTME.

      Moreso,the University of Benin, is one of the few schools in Nigeria that do not dwell much in whether a student is from ELDS or not.

      Good luck as you move forward.

  5. Thank you for this helpful information. Please what are the steps for the conversion of B. Pharm to Pharm. D

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