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JAMB Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy 2024 [UPDATED]

Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy
Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy

JAMB Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy: What is DELSU JAMB cut off mark to study pharmacy in 2024/2025, What is JAMB cut off for Pharmacy?, What is the cut off mark for doctor of pharmacy?, What JAMB Score can Secure admission to study pharmacy in all Universities in Nigeria?.

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my JAMB Doctor Series. Here, I will show you JAMB Cut off mark for students who wants to study Pharmacy, you will also learn how you can calculate your school’s departmental aggregate score, STAY TUNED!

How many years to study pharmacy
Degree AwardedB Pharm or Pharm D
Course DurationSix (6) Years
SuitabilityScience Students
Cut Off MarkVaries

One of the many requirements to studying Pharmacy in any University in Nigeria is meeting up with the required JAMB Cut of Mark, if you have seen my blog post on the list of Most Competitive courses in JAMB, you will see that pharmacy comfortably sits at the third (3rd) position.

This is because, pharmacy is highly sought after by students aspiring to gain admission in Nigeria, when over 30 thousands students applies to study pharmacy and only about 4000 of these students would be admitted by the few twenty (20) Universities that offers pharmacy.


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The only thing that can boost your Chances of getting admitted to study pharmacy is how high your JAMB score is, but then, there is a minimum JAMB score you have to score before you can be eligible to continue with the next phase of your admission processing.

So, technically, there are two things to concern ourselves with when we talk about JAMB Cut off mark for Pharmacy, the first is the cut off mark for Pharmacy that will allow your move to the next stage (Post UTME enrolment) the other thing of interest Is JAMB Cut off Mark for Pharmacy that can guarantee you admission to study Pharmacy.

These two things are not the same, I know you may be tempted to ask; what are the differences between these two?

Well, the first which is JAMB Cut off mark that will allow you sit for Post UTME is the same for all courses based on the School in question, on the other hand, JAMB Cut off mark that can guarantee you admission to study Pharmacy is not the same for all Courses and Universities

You see the difference now?

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At the end of this article you will understand better and be well endowed with the necessary information on JAMB cut off mark and how to secure space in any University you want, all you have to do from your end is

…sit back, take a glass of chilled water and read through diligently as I take you on this Voyage, ENJOY!

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What Is JAMB Cut Off Mark?

Image Source: Vecteezy

CUT OFF MARK” as a term refers to the minimum Score one should get before being eligible to participate in a particular program.

With respect to JAMB Cut off mark, It is the minimum score JAMBites are allowed to score in JAMB before allowed to participate in the Post UTME of their School of Choice.

Any students who gets below this score in JAMB, cannot be admitted into any University in Nigeria, except he explore other ways of getting admission aside JAMB.

JAMB Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy

Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy
JAMB Cut off Mark For Pharmacy

JAMB Cut Off Mark for Pharmacy to participate in Post UTME is 200. Some Universities accept less, but the least any University would accept for Pharmacy to qualify for Post UTME is 140.

Polytechnics would have accepted a lower JAMB Score, but Polytechnics do not offer Pharmacy.

But the likelihood of been admitted to study Pharmacy with a JAMB Score of 200 or 180 (depending on the University) is very thin, on a scale of 1 to 10 would be 2.

The chances are quite low right?, but that do not mean that with a Score of, lets say 215 you cannot be admitted to study Pharmacy, you still can, because your JAMB Score only make up 50% of your Admission requirements.

The other 50% is from your Post UTME, O’ level or both, depending on the University’s aggregate grading system.

So, a low JAMB Score can be compensated with a high performance in Post UTME or O’ level exams (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB).

Since JAMB makes 50% of your admission requirements, certain JAMB scores can increase your chances of gaining admission to 70%…

JAMB Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy That Guarantees Admission

270 is a good JAMB Score to Study Pharmacy in any University in Nigeria.

With 270 and above as your JAMB Score, your chances of been admitted to study Pharmacy in any University of your Choice is quite Juicy (70%)

I will explain the reasons for this when I show you how schools calculate aggregate score for Admission shortly.

How To Calculate Your Aggregate Score For Pharmacy

Universities use different method to compute student’s aggregate score for admission to study Pharmacy.

…while some Universities use Both JAMB and Post UTME (like the University of Benin), some use JAMB and O’ level (University of AAU) while others use JAMB, Post UTME and O’ level Result like University of Lagos, to calculate student admission aggregate.

Irrespective of the pattern your school of choice adopts for calculating aggregate score for students, your JAMB Score will still constitute 50%, your JAMB Score will be divided by 8.

Here is how your average is calculated using your JAMB Score…

  • Your JAMB Score will be divided by 8, and your Post UTME divided by 2, to give your total average (For schools using Post UTME and JAMB)
  • JAMB Score divided by 8, plus Post UTME 30% and O’ level 20% (for Schools using O’ level, Post UTME and JAMB)
  • JAMB Score divided by 8 + O’ level making the remaining 50%

From the calculation pattern above, you will see that, JAMB will always carry bulk of the mark, that is why a high JAMB score is important to study competitive courses like Pharmacy.

If you score 270 in JAMB, dividing 270 by 8 would be 33.75, the departmental cut off mark for pharmacy is usually not less than 65 for most Universities

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You will only need to put in moderate effort to achieve this.

In Conclusion

A JAMB Score of 270 and above is good enough to secure admission in any University in Nigeria to Study Pharmacy.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. I scored 187 in jamb and I’m going for pharmacy in delsu is they a possibility of me getting admission if I scored high in my postutme or which other lower University can I use it for

    • Hey Anthony, Pharmacy is a highly competitive course to study in Universities (Except private universities though)

      with 187, it would be hard to get a Post UTME score that pushes your aggregate to what is needed for Pharmacy


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