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How To Calculate JAMB Score 2024/2025 for Each Subject

JAMB Original Result
JAMB Original Result

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Hey SAVANT! in this episode of “JAMBPEDIA Series” we will show you how 2024 JAMB Score is Calculated and the marks allocated for each subject, also we will answer questions relating to JAMB marking scheme, the use of negative marking, total JAMB score, et al. STAY TUNED!

Jamb Original Result
JAMB Original Result

Having an understanding of how JAMB compute score for the different subject can help to better prepare for the exam.

Don’t worry, you will get the complete gist shortly, all you have to do is sit back, take a glass of water and read through diligently as I take you on this voyage… ENJOY!


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What Is JAMB Score?

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This is the total score a student gets after sitting for the UTME, this score ranges from 0 to 400 and determine one’s chance of gaining admission into a particular University, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education.

To know how your JAMB score affect your Admission, check the post on; JAMB Cut Off Mark For All Schools And Courses

How To Calculate JAMB Score

JAMB asks a total of 180 questions, with Use of English carrying the bulk of the questions (60), while other subjects other than English language carries 40 questions each.

All subjects including English carries the same total score of HUNDRED (100), but for Use of English the mark for each questions are not equal

…so you see some questions carrying one (1) mark to compensate and balance the excesses given by other questions that carries three (3) marks.

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How JAMB Is Marked For All Subjects Other Than English

To calculate JAMB score for all Subjects (like Mathematics, commerce, Biology, Economics, Physics e.t.c) other than JAMB use of English, simply multiply the number of questions you answered correctly by 2.5

Questions answered correctly * 2.5 = Total JAMB Score for that Subject

Let us take a look at some examples below:

If a student (John), after sitting for JAMB, is confident he answered 32 questions in Mathematics correctly (which of course he truly did), using the Marking scheme for JAMB above, what score do think John was able to garner for the Subject

Your guess is as good as mine; at the end of the day by answering 32 questions correctly John will get 80 marks for Mathematics.

Now, lets see how we arrived at this score:

32 questions answered correctly by John times (*) the mark allocated for one question (2.5) = 80

So, If John is to get all 40 questions correctly, we can simply say; 40 * 2.5 = 100

With the formulae above, you should be able to calculate your Jamb score for other subjects, but this formula do not apply to Use of English.

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How JAMB Is Marked For Use Of English

Because the number of marks allocated for each questions in JAMB is not the same, you cannot use the method I showed you above to calculate the score

Below is a breakdown of how JAMB Sets Use of English Question for 2024/2025đŸ‘‡

How Jamb Asks Questions in Jamb Use of English
How Jamb Asks Questions in Jamb Use of English


a1 comprehension passage5 questions
b1 cloze passage10 questions
c1 reading text10 questions

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

a.Sentence Interpretation5 questions
b.Antonyms5 questions
c.Synonyms5 questions
d.Basic Grammar10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms

a.Vowels2 questions
b.Consonants2 questions
c.Rhymes2 questions
d.Word Stress2 questions
e.Emphatic Stress2 questions

Total Number of Questions = 60

For Use of English, different questions carries different marks, so you must be smart when answering JAMB Use of English, take for example

…questions on comprehension passages would carry more marks than questions from antonyms and synonyms, so paying close attention to your comprehension passage won’t be a bad idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total score for JAMB?

The Total Score for JAMB is 400, with each subject carrying a maximum of 100marks, since you registered four (4) subjects in JAMB, that would make it 100 * 4 = 400

What Is JAMB Score for Each subject

Each subject in JAMB carries 100 marks, while each question in all subject except JAMB use of English carries 2.5 marks, if you answer all 40 questions correctly, you will be able to bag your 100marks.

Is it true that JAMB is adding 40 marks?

No, JAMB is not adding 40 marks to any student JAMB Score, 40 marks were only added in 2016, the year CBT was first used and some systems encounter serious marking complications.

What is the Highest Score A Student Can Get In JAMB?

The highest score possible for a student to get in JAMB is 400, it being possible all depends on your effort and determination to achieve it.

What Is The Lowest JAMB score A Student Can Get?

The Lowest JAMB Score a Student can get is 0.

But a student can only score zero if he or she was unable to answer any of the questions correctly.

For JAMB Use Negative Marking?

No, JAMB do not use negative marking for grading student.

For those who may not know what Negative marking is, It is a marking system where a certain mark is substracted from a student grade each time he answers a question wrongly.

And, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) do not use this method for marking.

Can JAMB scores be upgraded?

No, JAMB Scores cannot be upgrade, that is why you must put in all the effort you can prior to the exam.

In Summary

To calculate your JAMB score for a particular subject, simply multiply the total number of questions you answered correctly by 2.5. But this does not apply for computing score for Use of English.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. I got 167 out of 180 questions in jamb mock but on getting my mock result,i was suprised to see that i got 195 out of 400 mark,where did i go wrong


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