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Summary Of JAMB Novel ‘The Life Changer’ 2024/2025

JAMB 2024 Novel - The life Changer
JAMB Novel 'The Life Changer' By DrugSavant

Summary Of JAMB Novel: where can I get summary of the life changer JAMB novel 2024? is JAMB novel compulsory for all students in this year JAMB?

Hey SAVANT! In this post you get a chapter by chapter summary of JAMB novel ‘The Life Changer‘. Every year JAMB prescribes a novel to test how well students can comprehend in JAMB Use of English

JAMB 2024 Novel - The life Changer
Summary of JAMB Novel ‘The Life Changer’ By DrugSavant

…this year will not be any different, your ability to answer questions from this novel correctly gives you a good head-start to scoring high in JAMB.

Mind you, NO SUMMARY CAN SUBSTITUTE READING THE NOVEL ITSELF, this is only to serve as a guide, so if you don’t already have a copy of this novel, you can download your pdf copy.

DrugSavant Team

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Quick Summary Of JAMB Novel ‘The Life Changer’

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“The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli is a prescribed novel for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

It follows the story of Salma, a young girl from a humble background who faces various challenges in her pursuit of education and self-fulfillment.

Despite facing adversity and discrimination due to her gender, Salma remains determined to succeed and make a positive impact in her community.

The novel explores themes of education, empowerment, gender equality, and resilience, highlighting the importance of perseverance and the transformative power of education in changing lives.

Throughout the story, Salma encounters obstacles such as financial difficulties, societal expectations, and cultural norms that limit her opportunities. However, she persists in her journey, supported by her mother and inspired by her own aspirations.

As Salma progresses through her education, she becomes a symbol of hope and inspiration for other girls in her community, challenging traditional gender roles and advocating for equal rights.

The novel delves into Salma’s personal growth, her relationships with family and friends, and her determination to overcome obstacles in her path.

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One

A family of six eagerly anticipates the arrival of Mr. Esquire. While they wait, Bint reminisces about her recent encounter in the classroom with her curious social studies teacher, Mallam Salihu.

Mallam Salihu, known for his habit of pretending to be knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and often posing off-topic questions, was left surprised by Bint’s adept handling of a similar situation. Her classmates’ enthusiastic reactions only added to the teacher’s astonishment.

Ummi, filled with pride for her daughter’s clever problem-solving skills, joins the conversation just before Omar excitedly announces his acceptance to study law at Ahmadu Bello University.

As the family gathers to celebrate Omar’s achievement, he boasts about his success, feeling proud of overcoming the challenges of the exam and the admissions process.

Recognizing her son’s youthful enthusiasm, Ummi attempts to impart wisdom about the transformative impact of university admission. She shares with her children how her own admission to university changed her life.

Chapter Two

Twenty years ago, Ummi embarked on her university journey, she entered into marriage with her husband even before commencing her school registration.

Reflecting on her past experiences, Ummi recounts the blend of freedom and carelessness prevalent among university students, where distinguishing between professors and students was often challenging, with females dressing almost naked.

Additionally, Ummi highlights the existence of dress codes in certain faculties.

Ummi further shares her encounters with Salma, an individual she describes as cultured and poised. Salma, despite her efficient registration process, expresses frustration over the delays in registrations.

During her wait, she engages in a heated exchange with a young man in the queue, criticizing lecturers and drawing parallels between them and police officers as figures susceptible to bribery.

To her surprise and the astonishment of others, the young man turns out to be the announcer responsible for the registration process.

Meanwhile, Ummi proceeds with her department search and eventually reaches the Head of Department (HOD) office. There, she engages in light-hearted banter with the HOD, although Ummi finds the interaction uncomfortable and inappropriate. Despite her reservations, Ummi endures the exchange until receiving her matriculation number, after which she leaves the office feeling irritated and angered.

Upon returning home, Ummi shares her unsettling experience with her husband, only to discover his friendship and connection with Dr. Sam John, the very person she found discomforting at the HOD office.

Chapter Three

Ummi recounts the tale of “the still one,” a boy named Talle, who was born after many years of infertility, but tragically lost his mother during childbirth. Growing up, Talle was known for his quiet demeanor, which only deepened after the deaths of his father and stepmother, earning him the moniker “quiet one.”

Despite being perceived as a kind-hearted individual incapable of wrongdoing by the villagers, Talle finds himself in dire financial straits. He confides in Zaki, who proposes the idea of kidnapping a child for ransom. Reluctantly, Talle agrees, and the two execute the plan, with Talle housing the kidnapped child.

During a routine trip to the market for groceries, Talle’s purchase noticeably increases in volume, arousing suspicion from the market vendor.

Sensing something amiss, the vendor alerts the district manager. Talle is subsequently interrogated, but before the truth can be uncovered, the police intervene and apprehend Talle on charges of kidnapping and extortion.

Ultimately, Talle and Zaki are convicted and sentenced to serve time in prison for their crimes.

Chapter Four

This chapter presents another portrayal of Salma’s confidence and boldness. Salma visits Dr. Debo, the level coordinator, to have some forms signed.

Unfortunately, Dr. Debo confronts Salma about a past disciplinary issue, but Salma dismisses him arrogantly and insults him before leaving his office. Dr. Debo is left feeling regretful and praying for understanding regarding the consequences of his actions.

Following her confrontational encounter with Dr. Debo, Salma completes her registration and moves into a room shared with three other girls. Initially hesitant about her roommates, Salma gradually warms up to them, and they develop a close bond they consider sisterhood.

One evening, Salma is offered a ride in a Mercedes Benz by two men, Habib and his driver Labaran. Despite recognizing the potential danger, Salma accepts the offer and devises a plan to reject Habib’s advances if he were to propose a relationship.

Salma views rejecting a man who drives a luxurious car as a means of elevating her standards and earning admiration and respect from her peers and the university community as a whole.

Chapter Five

In this chapter, it is revealed that Salma secretly provides Habib with Tomiwa’s cell phone number without his knowledge, leading him to call Tomiwa to arrange a date.

Tomiwa, intrigued by Habib, agrees to the blind date, but later discovers the deception regarding the phone number switch. Surprisingly, Habib remains unfazed by the revelation and generously buys gifts for Salma and her roommates, even providing financial assistance.

Salma is initially hesitant about Tomiwa’s acceptance of Habib, accusing her of being inconsistent in her opinions. Ada and Ngozi intervene to mediate the situation, but tensions escalate before calming down upon hearing a knock at the door, prompting them to keep the matter private from their neighbors.

Meanwhile, Salma and her roommates continue to excel in their respective departments and diligently prepare for their general study assignments.

Chapter Six

Salma struggles with understanding moral philosophy, yet she diligently prepares by practicing past questions and answering them promptly. However, during the exam, none of the topics she had been revising all night appear, leaving her unable to answer any questions.

In a moment of desperation, Salma resorts to unethical exam practices. Kola assists her by providing answers to some questions on a note, which she attempts to copy into her answer booklet. Unfortunately, her attempt at cheating is discovered by a female supervisor.

As a consequence, Salma is required to complete an Examination Malpractice Form (EMAL) and is escorted to the Head of Department (HOD) office. Subsequently, both Salma and Kola are dismissed from the examination.

Chapter Seven

Salma approaches Habib seeking his assistance in leveraging his political influence to sway the committee’s decision.

Although Habib suggests using his connections to inform Dr. Debo, Salma declines due to negative past encounters with him, opting instead to resort to bribery.

Habib proposes providing Salma with a sum of money to bribe the head of the Exam and Ethics Committee (EMEC), with the condition that she reciprocates the favor in the future.

Reluctantly, Salma agrees to the arrangement, feeling conflicted due to her involvement with Labaran and considering it unjust to pursue an affair with her friend’s husband.

Despite her reservations, Salma eventually agrees to Habib’s terms. However, she unwittingly hands the money to Dr. Kabir, who falsely claims to be the head of EMEC. Upon discovering the deception, Salma is left feeling disheartened and demoralized.

Chapter Eight

This chapter unveils the true identity of Mohammed Kabir, a laboratory technologist employed at the university who has been referred to as “Doctor” since high school, earning him the nickname Dr. Kabir.

Labaran discovers that Salma has been deceived by gamblers and informs Habib, suggesting they involve Zaki to resolve the situation. Despite initial skepticism from Honorable Habib due to Zaki’s past failure in a kidnapping mission, he eventually agrees to contact Zaki to track down Kabir.

Kabir is spotted at a gambling plaza where he emerges victorious but leaves abruptly to avoid losing his winnings.

However, he soon finds himself pursued by thugs intent on reclaiming his victories. Zaki intervenes just in time, overpowering the thugs and rescuing Kabir, though he sustains injuries in the process.

Meanwhile, Ummi shares with her children how Salma underwent a transformation in character following her father’s demise. Salma adopts a more serious and respectable demeanor, prompting Ummi to accept her as a friend.

Chapter Nine

Ummi also discloses Salim’s distressing encounter involving smartphones. Salim confided in Lawal about a girl he encountered on social media.

After exchanging photos, engaging in conversations, and expressing affection, Salim decides to meet Natasha as per her request. Unaware of Natasha’s deceit, he embarks on a nighttime journey to meet her.

Upon his arrival, Natasha joins him in the front seat of his truck, captivating Salim with her beauty. However, he is unexpectedly ambushed by gunmen attempting to rob him of his possessions. Fortunately, he manages to escape unharmed, only to connect with another woman he met online.

This time, Salim asks Lawal to accompany him to prevent a similar occurrence. However, Lawal declines and opts to meet the purportedly attractive girl instead.

Disappointed, Salim departs and encounters a woman who does not meet his expectations.

Despite the disappointment, the children express admiration for the stories Ummi shares with them as they await their father’s return.

The End

Frequently Asked Questions

How any questions will JAMB ask from The Life Changer Novel?

No fixed number of questions from this novel, while some students may be asked up to 10 questions, others may be asked 5 questions, but the number of questions asked is usually not more than 10.

Is JAMB novel compulsory?

Yes, JAMB novel is compulsory for all students irrespective of the course you want to study.

In Conclusion

The Life Changer JAMB novel is an important part of JAMB use of English, so getting acquainted with this novel will help boost your JAMB score.

This will be all for now, I understand that you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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