Upgrade JAMB Result: I had a very low JAMB score and I want to upgrade my result to a higher one, is it possible?, How to upgrade JAMB result all by myself without any assistance or money?, Is JAMB result upgrade real?, JAMB score booster, how to upgrade JAMB score 2023 by yourself?, login to upgrade JAMB result.

Hey SAVANT! welcome to another episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series“, In this episode I will explain everything you need to know about JAMB result upgrade, whether or not it is possible, real or scam… STAY TUNED!

Upgrade Jamb Result
Photoshoped image of an Upgraded JAMB Result

I guess you will agree with me, this is one question that trends immediately after the release of JAMB Result, it is normal for people to source for solutions whenever they are faced with difficulty, and having a JAMB score that is low (100 to 170) is not any different.

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So, you see students constantly searching for answers and possible solution to this, my guess is you must have seen on Facebook, Whatsapp or other social media platforms, people who claim to either work in or for JAMB or have someone that can help them with upgrade.

You see them sending messages like…

Mr. A: I just check my jamb result it was 160 so I was hopeless I got mr frank number online I called MR Frank and explain he help me to upgrade my score to 250 now I am happy if u want to upgrade ur score too call mr frank on *********** he is going to help u the way he helped me God bless mr frank

Mr. B: Get your Jamb score upgraded As soon as possible. Upgrading ends on Wednesday. Always believe there is noting impossible under the sun. Call our hotline at the number :-***********

Mr. C: Have you been writing jamb and not having a good score or do you wish to upgrade your jamb scores to a better score why not contact Mr William *********** for help i never believe or thought it was real until he upgraded my sisters result from 132 to 270 now am happy contact him now *********** for the upgrading of your score before the site is been shout down thanks

…not just these messages, you also see them trying to back up these claims by showing you images of student’s they helped with their Jamb result upgrade, some of these images are shown below.

Jamb Result before upgrade
JAMB Result before upgrade
Jamb Result after upgrade
JAMB Result after upgrade

I know you may be seeing these images and be tempted to ask if they are real, well, that is the essence of today’s write-up, keep reading diligently for details… ENJOY!

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Is JAMB Result Upgrade Possible?

Image Source: Vecteezy

YES, JAMB Result upgrade is possible, but the upgrade am talking about is not exactly what you are thinking of, this upgrade I’m talking about can only be done by you and no once else.

The truth is, No one other than you (not even JAMB) can upgrade your UTME result, any other person you see on social media claiming to be a representative from JAMB, or even own websites with names like, e.t.c are only interested in one thing…

…and do you know what that is?, your pocket.

I was going through one of their strategy for scamming student, and I came across a statement like…

For those who wrote this JAMB UTME 2018 CBT Examinations for 2018 academic session. i want to tell you that; JAMB result upgrading is possible but not easy.

Just ask yourself this question, “Jamb can remark any candidates script and give the candidate a new score right”? What then made you think your result can not be be edited and upgraded withing an hour?

Listen To Me!!!
Jamb result can be edited and re-submitted within 24hours, yes i do that for jambites and i guarantee you 100% assurance, i can edit your jamb result for you to any aggregate/score of your choice.

source: A certain JAMB scam website

I expected nothing less though, but this is what they do, you know the Popular Adobe Photoshop software right?, they simply scan the result you sent to them and re-edit it to fit the score you want it to be

So, the result you will be sent back is a photoshoped image not an upgraded score, students who have been involved in such came back regretting with all their Money gone.

Do not fall a victim of this after reading this piece. YOUR JAMB RESULT CANNOT BE UPGRADED AFTER THE EXAM.

But then, the answer I gave when I asked the question “Is JAMB score upgrade Possible?” was yes, did I lie??

Good question, YES, I did say your JAMB result can be upgraded, but I never meant the result already uploaded by JAMB to their result checking website. Below I have explained how you can upgrade your JAMB result yourself.

How To Upgrade JAMB Result Yourself

Jamb result upgrade scam alert
JAMB result upgrade scam alert

YES, you can only upgrade your JAMB result yourself, and do you know the fun part about this?, it is that you don’t even need to pay a dime, all you need is to re-strategize, put in the work and come out victorious.

The results already released by JAMB cannot be upgraded, but if you have interest in sitting for JAMB again, then you can work diligently to scoring better, that way, you will not need the help of online scammers.

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But if you do not want to sit for another JAMB, then I have other interesting piece lined up for you, see them below…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my JAMB score 2023?

NO, you cannot upgrade your JAMB result after writing JAMB, any advert or write-up you see online contrary to this is a Scam and only interested in your money… BEWARE!

Is JAMB upgrade true?

Just as I have explained here, JAMB Upgrade is not true and cannot be done, the only JAMB Upgrade possible is that which can be done by you alone (dedication and effective preparation to excel) and not a third party.

In conclusion

JAMB Upgrade is not real and is a scam, please run from anyone who claim they can help you with this, their interest is only in your Pocket, not to assist you.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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