How Many Questions Will Jamb Set In 2022/2023: What is the Number of question Jamb sets in UTME Exam?, how many questions are in Jamb Per subject?, how does jamb set their questions? How Jamb Jamb Questions Set for 2022 UTME Exam?.

In today’s episode of my “Jamb Doctor Series” I will provide you with the total number of questions Jamb will set for students in this year’s Jamb, and possible ways to tackle Jamb’s questions. I know it is a lot to take in, Just breath, trust me you will be fine. 😉

How many questions Jamb Will Set
How many questions Jamb Will Set

It is pointless going to the battle field without first arming yourself with the appropriate information about your enemy (enemy in this sense would be Jamb), if you are really serious with the battle and have the intention to win, then questions like…

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…How many troops or Soldiers will I be coming against, and how can bring myself to over power them, becomes a pertinent question.

Now, relating this to Jamb, if you are indeed serious about passing Jamb, then you should be interested in knowing the number of questions (Troops or Soldiers) you will be up against, and possible ways to answer them correctly (Overpower them)

That is what this episode “How Many Questions Will Jamb Set This Year 2022/2023” will help to answer, all you have to do from your end is take a glass of chilled water and read through diligently… Don’t worry, you can thank me later.


A. Jamb Recommended Physics Textbooks

B. Jamb Recommended Chemistry Textbooks

C. Jamb Recommended Biology Textbooks

D. Jamb Recommended Economics Textbooks

E. Jamb Recommended Government Textbooks

F. Jamb Recommended Use Of English Textbooks

G. Jamb Recommended Mathematics Textbooks

H. Jamb Recommended Literature In English Textbooks

I. Jamb Recommended Commerce Textbooks

J. Jamb Recommended Christian Religious Study (CRS) Textbooks

K. Jamb Recommended Textbooks For All Subjects

L. How Jamb Is Marked And Scored (All You Need To Know)

Before I begin, there is something need to tell you; Jamb reduced the total number of questions that they set for student and consequently the time given to answer them.

This reduction was first implemented in 2018/2019 UTME and since then, this new number of questions have been maintained

Now that you know, lets now begin on our Journey… ENJOY!

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How Many Questions Will Jamb Set This Year

Questions asked on admission

The total number of questions you will be expected to answer in 2022/2023 Jamb UTME Exam is 180. This is unlike the 250 Questions students were expected to answer in the previous Jamb (2018 Downwards).

Below is a table that shows the number of questions for each subjects offered in Jamb…

Use of English60 Questions
Mathematics40 Questions
Chemistry40 Questions
Agricultural Science40 Questions
Biology40 Questions
Commerce40 Questions
Physics40 Questions
Government40 Questions
Christian Religious Study40 Questions
Economics40 Questions
Computer Science40 Questions
Principles of Accounts40 Questions
Physical and Health Education40 Questions
Geography40 Questions
Number Of question Jamb Will Set In 2022 UTME exam for each subject

From the table above, you would see that Jamb Use of English takes bulk of the question (60 questions), but do not take bulk of the marks, while other subjects like Chemistry, Physics, government, Economics e.t.c would on get 40 questions.

Now you see how the 180 questions comes about;

So if John intends to study Pharmacy, and the Jamb subject combination to study Pharmacy is Jamb Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Jamb Use of English – 60 questions

Biology – 40 questions

Chemistry – 40 questions

Physics – 40 questions

Total number of questions asked would then be 60 + 40 + 40 + 40 = 180

Since Jamb Use of English have 60 questions, does it mean that Jamb Use of English will carry more marks?😏 this brings is to the next question👇

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What Mark Is given for Each Questions In Jamb

It would have been logical for Jamb use of English to carry most of the marks since it gets more questions, but that is not the case here.

In Jamb, irrespective of the number of questions a subject have, it will all amount to a total of 100 marks, therefore making the 400 the highest score possible to get in Jamb.

For Use of English, different questions carries different marks, so you must be smart when answering Jamb Use of English, take for example…

…questions on comprehension passages would carry more marks than questions from antonyms and synonyms, so paying close attention to your comprehension passage won’t be a bad idea.

While for other subjects like, Mathematics, Physics, Commerce et al, each question carries 2.5 marks, making 40 questions 100 marks.

How many hours does JAMB examination last?

Jamb Examination will now last for Two (2) hours, as against the three (3) hours when the total number of questions were 250. This means, from the moment you click on the start Exam button, you have just 2 hours to finish up.

Am pretty sure you can handle this, meanwhile, endeavor to go through my top notch tips on how to pass Jamb with a very high score HERE.

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How do JAMB set their English questions?

How Jamb Asks Questions in Jamb Use of English
How Jamb Asks Questions in Jamb Use of English

From my explanation above, you would observe that Jamb use of English is quite different from other subjects in Jamb, and this would beg the question “how Jamb sets Jamb Use of English questions”

Below is a breakdown of how Jamb Sets Jamb Use of English Question for 2022/2023… Enjoy!


a1 comprehension passage5 questions
b1 cloze passage10 questions
c1 reading text10 questions

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

a.Sentence Interpretation5 questions
b.Antonyms5 questions
c.Synonyms5 questions
d.Basic Grammar10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms

a.Vowels2 questions
b.Consonants2 questions
c.Rhymes2 questions
d.Word Stress2 questions
e.Emphatic Stress2 questions

Total Number of Questions = 60

Guess what, I have a guide that would help you overcome your fears of emphatic stress questions, you can check it out 👉 How To Answer Post UTME Aptitude Test Questions.

This will be all on “How Many Questions Will Jamb Set This Year 2022/2023”, I will now answer some frequently asked question…


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are there in each subject in JAMB?

Jamb Sets a total of 60 questions for Jamb Use of English, and sets 40 questions for the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, Commerce, Economics e.t.c.

Does JAMB set different questions?

Yes, Jamb do set different questions, so you would have that the questions set in last year’s Jamb will not be the same with this year Jamb, in fact, the questions student on Monday answer is different from those writing the next day.

Do Jamb Repeat Past Questions?

YES, Jamb Repeats past questions a lot, that is why you must make past questions your study companion. These questions may not be exactly the same, a times the options may be changed, but it is the same question.

What is the overall score for JAMB?

The Overall score for 2022/2023 Jamb is 400, and you can only attain this score if you are able to answer all question in Jamb use of English and the other three (3) subjects for you registered in jamb.

In Conclusion

The total number of questions Jamb will set for 2022/2023 Jamb UTME is 180.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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