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WAEC & JAMB Subject Combination For Pharmacy [UPDATED]

Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy
Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy

WAEC and JAMB Subject Combination For Pharmacy: What are the JAMB Subject combination to study Pharmacy in Nigeria?, Must I pass Maths in WAEC to study pharmacy?, what subjects are needed to study pharmacy in Nigeria?

Hey SAVANTS! In today’s episode of “JAMB doctor Series” you will get the correct WAEC and JAMB Subject combination for Pharmacy, you will also see Direct entry requirement to study Pharmacy through JAMB, JUPEB and IJMB, pretty cool right? STAY TUNED!

Jamb Cut off Mark For Pharmacy
JAMB subject Combination For Pharmacy

For everyone who plans to study Pharmacy in Nigeria, it is important and necessary you know the subjects that are required to becoming a pharmacist in Nigeria.

These subjects are core courses you must know, be good at and score well in JAMB so as to secure admission in any good pharmacy school in Nigeria. As obtainable in other countries, the admission system here is quite different.


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If you must study pharmacy in Nigeria you must first get a minimum of five (5) credits in your O’level core courses and enroll four (4) subjects in JAMB which you should score at least 250.

Subjects Required To Study Pharmacy

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The subjects Required to study pharmacy in Nigeria are…

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Some of these subjects may not be required in some cases, I will highlight each of this subject and in what instances they may be applicable or needed.

Mathematics: Maths as a subject is one every student must offer right from primary school up till secondary school, this subject is required as a core subject for your O’ level exams.

For JAMB you will not enrol Mathematics, i.e maths is not required in JAMB to study Pharmacy it is only needed in your O’ level.

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Other Subjects: English Language, Physics, Biology and Chemistry are required for both JAMB and your O’ level if you must study pharmacy.

JAMB and WAEC Subjects to study Pharmacy

To Study Pharmacy, the follow subjects will be enrolled for JAMB and WAEC…

JAMB Subject Combination For Pharmacy

Jamb subject combination for Pharmacy
JAMB subject combination for Pharmacy

The four (4) subjects you must enroll in JAMB (with use of English compulsory irrespective of the course you intend to study) for Pharmacy, are…

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Use of English

To be assured of admission, you will need to score very high in JAMB, let’s say 250 and above.

WAEC Subject Combination For Pharmacy

Unlike JAMB, you will be required to sit for a minimum of Eight subjects (8) and a maximum of nine (9), out of this Nine or Eight subjects, five are core subjects specific for the course you wish to study which in this case is pharmacy.

By core I mean subjects that lean directly to your field. Failure to pass these core courses can deny a student admission.

In WAEC, core subjects to study Pharmacy are…

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • English Language

The remaining three (3) or four (4) subjects will be determined by you.

Mind you: This subject combination for waec is applicable for all O’ level exams such as NECO, NABTEB e.t.c

Requirements To Study Pharmacy Through Direct Entry

Student who which to study Pharmacy through direct entry should have either of the following requirements…

Ensure to go through JAMB Brochure for remarks/waiver for Pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maths compulsory for pharmacy in JAMB?

NO, Mathematics is not a compulsory subject to sit for in JAMB if you want to study Pharmacy, but you must make sure you already have at least C6 in Waec or any other O’level Exams

What are the compulsory subjects for pharmacy?

The Compulsory Subject for Pharmacy In JAMB are Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, While for WAEC; English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Is Physics Compulsory To Study Pharmacy

YES, Physics is COMPULSORY To be eligible to study Pharmacy. You must pass Physics in WAEC with at least C6 and also sit for it in JAMB.

In Summary

To study pharmacy you need to sit for four (4) subjects in JAMB which are Physics, JAMB Use of English, Chemistry and Biology and have at least credits (C6) in your Five (5) core courses which includes: English, Maths, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

⚠️ If you are viewing this table ? with your mobile phone, do well to activate desktop mode on your browser to be able to view this table properly!

Three (3) ‘A’ Level passes in Chemistry, Biology/Zoology and Physics or Mathematics plus UTME requirements.Five (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Summary table of JAMB Subject Combination to study Pharmacy

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