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Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy In Nigeria

Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy: Do Auchi Polytechnic offer Pharmacy?, How long does it take to Study Pharmacy In Nigeria?… Do you find yourself asking any of the questions above?, If yes, then you have finally come to the end of your search.

Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy
Polytechnics Offering Pharmacy

In Today’s Episode of my ‘Pharmacy Student Guide Series‘ I will take out time to provide answers to the above questions, precisely on ‘List of Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy Program 2021′ Stay tuned.

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Pharmacy as a Course in Nigeria is fully under the regulation of both PCN (Pharmacy Council of Nigeria) and NUC (Nigeria University Commission), these two bodies are charged with the regulation of the study requirement of pharmacy students.

Pharmacy degree can either be Pharm D ( A doctorate degree of pharmacy) or B Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy), each having a study duration of Six (6) and five (5) years respectively.

As at now, only about 25 Universities in Nigeria offers the Pharmacy program and about 5 of this number offers the PharmD program, for complete list of Universities That offers pharmD in Nigeria clickHERE

Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy

As of now, Pharmacy as a course cannot be studied in any Polytechnics in Nigeria, although, there is a pharmacy related course you can study in any of the Polytechnics Called ‘Pharmacy Technician‘. As a graduate of this course you get to work side by side with Pharmacist.

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Some polytechnics run a pharmaceutical technology programme. This led to the award of OND and higher national diploma (HND) in pharmaceutical technology. The programme is runned for five years. They are regulated by a different body entirely.

Who Is A Pharmacist Technician?

A Pharmacist technician is licensed health care provider who works collaboratively with the Pharmacist to perform pharmacy related functions.

Pharmacist technicians are still licensed under the regulatory body PCN, but this time do not require 5 or 6 years to round up their study program but in a 2 years time frame you woukd be done and dusted with the pharmacy technician program.

Difference between Pharmacy And Pharmacy Technician

For those who may not yet understand the difference between the two programs (Pharmacy vs Pharmacy Technician), take a glass of water and read smoothly as I state clearly the differences between both programs… Enjoy!

1. Professional title:

While one who studies pharmacy in the University is called a Pharmacist, anyone who studies Pharmacy technician in any Polytechnic in Nigeria would be called ‘Pharmacist Assistant‘ or ‘Technician‘ .

2. Degree aquired:

Student studying pharmacy in the University would be awarded either the B Pharm Certificate or Both B pharm and PharmD certificate pending on the University. As against the National Diploma awarded by Polytechnics to student who studied pharmacy technician.

Haven Understood the difference between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacist technician, I will list out Polytechnics that accepts students that applies for Pharmacist Technician in Nigeria.

Polytechnics That Offers Pharmacy Technician

Currently, only five (5) polytechnics offers pharmacy Technician, these Poly includes…

  1. Kano State Polytechnic
  2. Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri
  3. Ogun State Polytechnic (Formerly Moshood Abiola Polytechnic)
  4. Edo State Polytechnic
  5. College of Health Technology Ilesa Osun State

As more schools are added, this list will be updated.

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In summary

No Polytechnic in Nigeria offers pharmacy as a course, if you must study Pharmacy in Nigeria, you will need to apply to any of the Universities that accept student to study the Pharmacy Program.

This means you cannot study Pharmacy in Any Nigeria Polytechnics but you can study other pharmacy related course which is not pharmacy itself.

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I hope this helped, This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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Can a pharmacy technician be called a Pharmacist?

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Thank you very much.. this was extremely helpful.
Do polytechnics run PhD programs ?