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How Many Subjects Are Written In WAEC, NECO & NABTEB 2023/2024

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How Many Subjects Are Written In WAEC, NECO & NABTEB: What are WAEC list of Subject for Science Students?, How many subjects are written in WAEC, NECO and NABTEB for both Science, Social Science and Art Student?, What are the compulsory subject written in WAEC?.

Are you currently thinking of the Subjects you will need to enroll in WAEC, then bother no more because, all on WAEC Subjects will be discussed here.

Waec, Neco and Nabteb O'level
WAEC , NECO and NABTEB O’l evel

WAEC an acronym for West Africa Examination Council and other O’ level Exams (NABTEB and NECO), is one of the most important Exam you will ever need to write as a STUDENT, these Exams are off three (3) categories, which are…

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Irrespective of the category you fall in, the total number of subjects you will have to enroll is the same.

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But the subjects offered in WAEC, NECO and NABTEB varies depending on the field of interest of the Students, so you will have Art Student offering a totally different course than what is being offered by Science and Social science student.

But one things remains Consistent, and that is the number of subjects you will be allowed to sit for.

So, with respect to the number of subjects, all students whether Science, Art or Social science will register the same number of subjects in WAEC/NECO.

This leads us to the essence of today’s Episode of my Admission Guide SeriesSTAY TUNED…

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How Many Subjects Are Written In WAEC, NECO & NABTEB

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Unlike JAMB, the total number of subjects written In WAEC, NECO or NABTEB (O’ Level) is a maximum of nine (9) and a minimum of Eight (8).

These includes two (2) Compulsory subjects, English Language and Mathematics, the remaining Six (6) or Seven (7) subjects will now be based on your area of interest.

Is WAEC, NECO & NABTEB Difficult to PASS?


I always say this, WAEC Exam is as Easy as your level of preparation, it has a direct proportionality.

This means that if you prepare well for the Exam then it would be an easy-peasy (Piece of cake) for you, but Student who do not make the effort to prepare for the Exam as supposed, will find the Exam a hard nut to crack.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What Are The WAEC Compulsory Subjects?

There are two (2) compulsory Subjects in WAEC and they are English Language and Mathematics.

These two subjects are tagged compulsory because all category of student whether Art, science or Social Science must sit for these two (2) subjects and score a minimum of credits (C6)

Is WAEC Compulsory Subject Different From Core Subject?

YES, the term ‘WAEC compulsory subjects’ is not exactly the same with your “core courses”, although your core courses include these compulsory subjects (English and Maths).

Your Core courses are five (5) courses that you must get a minimum of credits (c6) in, in order to be eligible to study a particular course in any higher institution of learning of your choice.

But WAEC compulsory subjects are the 2 subjects all waec students must sit for. So you get that not all core courses are compulsory.

Compulsory WAEC Subjects for Engineering Student?

Compulsory WAEC subject for engineering Student are five and they include: English, Maths, Physics, chemistry and Biology/Agric or computer

How Many Subjects Are Written In WAEC GCE?

Same number of subjects written in WAEC for Senior secondary school students is also written in WAEC GCE which is a maximum of nine (9) subjects and a minimum of eight (8) subjects.

These includes two (2) Compulsory subjects, English Language and Mathematics, the remaining Six (6) or Seven (7) subjects will now be based on your area of interest.

Can I Write Eight (8) Subjects Instead of Nine (9) In WAEC?

Yes, like I mentioned here, you are expected to enroll a minimum of Eight (8) Subjects and a Maximum of Nine (9) subjects, so you will have no problem enrolling just eight, if that is what you want.

Can I Write Five (5), Six (6) or Seven (7) subjects in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB?

NO, you can not register less than Eight (8) Subjects like five (5), Six (6) or Seven (7) in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, the minimum acceptable is Eight.

In Conclusion

The total number of subjects written by WAEC Students is maximum of nine (9) and a minimum of Eight (8), including two (2) core subjects English and Mathematics.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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