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How To Check JAMB Center, Date & Exam Time 2023/2024

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How To Check JAMB Center & Exam Date: How do I check my JAMB center date?, How do I check my JAMB print?, Is JAMB reprint out?, How will I be able to know my 2023/2024 JAMB UTME exam venue and time?, Have reprinting of JAMB slip for this year started? if not, when is it going to Start?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to another exciting episode of “JAMB Doctor Series” in this episode I will show you how you can know your 2023 examination date and center, here you will also learn the exact date for JAMB reprinting. Cool right? STAY TUNED!

JAMB reprint Slip
JAMB Center Checker

After successful completion of your JAMB Registration, my guess is, you were surprised your Exam date, Center/venue and time was not given to you, and then you were like, how will I know the exact date for my exam and the JAMB center I will sit for the exam as well?

To know your JAMB Examination center and Exam schedule you will have to reprint your JAMB slip, on the reprinted JAMB slip, you will find your exam date, center and time.

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What Is JAMB Center?

Image Source: Vecteezy

JAMB Centers are location approved by the Board for the conduct of her CBT Exam, these centers are assigned to students days before the exam.

Since these centers are not publicly published, it becomes tricky to tell where your center will be, and that is what this guide will help answer.

How To Check JAMB Center & Exam Date

The steps on how to check your JAMB center and date of examination is shown below…

Disclaimer: The portal to Check JAMB center and Examination date for 2023 is not live yet, so following the steps below will not yield any result. I will update this post once the JAMB reprinting for 2023 starts.

P.S: Allow Pop-up from JAMB reprinting site from your browser.

Jamb Reprinted slip

By following this step by step guide, you will be able to check your JAMB center and exam date for 2023/2024 UTME exam

Estimated time 3 minutes

  1. Visit JAMB Portal For Reprinting

    Jamb Reprint Portal

    Go to JAMB reprint checker page @ using a suitable browser like google chrome or Safari

  2. Enter Your Reg Number or Email address or GSM Number

    Jamb Reprint Online Portal

    On the JAMB reprint page, enter your JAMB registration number, Email address or Phone number

  3. Click on Print Examination Slip

    Print Jamb Exam date and venue

    After filling the required box with either your JAMB registration number, Email address or phone number you can then click on the “Print Examination slip

And voila, your JAMB examination date, center and time will be shown to you on the next page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will JAMB Reprinting Start?

Reprinting for this year JAMB is expected to begin a week before the main UTME Exam (21nd of April, 2023)

This means you can follow the steps I have shown to you here as from April 21nd 2023 to check your Exam center and Date.

When Is the Deadline To Reprint JAMB slip?

There is no fixed deadline for JAMB reprinting.

But since JAMB 2023 exam date is 25th of April, all reprinting should be done before this date so you don’t miss out on your Exam date.

How Much To Reprint JAMB Slip?

Doing this yourself will cost you nothing, but if you go to a CBT center to do this, then you should pay about N300 naira for the services rendered.

Where Can I reprint JAMB Slip?

You can do the reprinting anywhere, form the comfort of your home to any cyber-cafe or JAMB registration center you want.

I tried Reprinting With My Phone but It did not Work, why?

The major cause of JAMB reprinting not working with your mobile phone or Laptop is if the Pop-up option for your browser is deactivated.

To resolve this, go to through your browser options and reactivate the Pop-up.

In Conclusion

You can know or check your JAMB Center and Examination date by reprinting your JAMB slip now that the portal is live @

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. I can’t find my reschedule exam centre as since 26 April 2023 JAMB forwarded a message for me that they have rescheduled my centre should check later in the day since 26 April 2023 up til now my details are still showing the same center time and date

  2. I was unable to write my Jamb yesterday due to the over populated my number is 200 while they stopped at 150 each batch, how will I know the day,date, time and venue thanks

  3. I am among the students that couldn’t write on Tuesday due to technical issues, I have been trying to reprint my jamb slip to know the new rescheduling date and time but it kept on showing me the old date. Please what are my to do about it? Thanks.

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