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How To Allow PopUps For JAMB On Your Browser 2024/2025

Chrome Pop-up enabled

How To Allow PopUps For JAMB website: How Do I Enable PopUps on my google chrome browser?, Each time I try to reprint my JAMB slip to check my center and exam time, I am asked to enable Pop-up

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s edition of my “Tutortainment Series” have you tried reprinting JAMB slip to check your examination schedule (date, time and venue) or tried checking your JAMB result online and each time you tried clicking on the Print slip or check result button, you get stuck…

Allow Popups for Jamb
Allow Popups for JAMB To Reprint Exam Schedule

The reason you keep encountering problems is because in the process of your browser trying to protect you from harmful content and unnecessary pages, it detected the page from JAMB as one of those ads pages and stopped it from popping up to save you the trouble.

For this reason, each time you hit the “Check result” or “Print Examination slip” button nothing seems to happen.


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Here, I will show you how you can checkmate this error quite a number of students face each time they try to check their JAMB result or reprint JAMB slip, all you have to do now is read through diligently as I take you on this Journey. ENJOY!✌

What Is Pop-Up in Websites?

Image Source: Vecteezy

According to Mariam webster; a PopUp is a window that appears suddenly on a computer screen often for advertising. Most websites generate income by displaying advert to their readers, these adverts comes in different fashion…

…while some adverts display like banners, some may take the reader to a completely different site, you must have experienced this when you try downloading online from a movie website.

These adverts that take you to a new page which you may or may not be interested in (but definitely did not click) is what is called Popup.

If this Popup is good for preventing irrelevant popup ads, why then should I allow it?

Good question, just as the option of disabling popup from website has it pros, it also has it cons, one of its disadvantage is that, there are times you need Popup page, but since your browser blocked all Popup pages, you may find it difficult doing what you want to.

What Happens If I Don’t Want To allow Popups?

When you don’t allow pop-ups on important websites like JAMB and others, you will not be able to complete certain processes, such as…

  1. Reprint Your JAMB Slip to check examination date and venue
  2. Check your JAMB result online using the online result checking portal
  3. Some website will prevent you from downloading free PDF and files without first allowing pop-up

If it has all these disadvantages, should I just not remove it completely from my browser?

No, that will not be necessary, browsers now have a feature that allows you to disable Pop-ups for specific websites, so instead of disabling it completely, you can enable it for trusted websites like JAMB, and leave it disabled for non-trusted website.

Below I will show you how to go about this… ENJOY!

How To Allow PopUps For JAMB On Browser

Screenshot 20220730 170243

For this tutorial, we shall focus on mobile chrome web browser interface…

Estimated time to complete this process 3 minutes

1. Open Chrome on Your Mobile Phone And Click the Menu Icon

Screenshot 20220730 165849

Once you successfully open your google chrome web browser, locate the menu Icon (this is a three dot Icon at the upper right coner of the browser as shown in the image below) and click on it.

2. Click On ‘Settings’

Screenshot 20220730 165935

Upon clicking of the menu Icon, you will be shown a list of action, scroll down and locate the setting options, and click on it.

3. Locate ‘Site Settings’ and click on it

Screenshot 20220730 170036

Under ‘advanced’ after clicking on settings, you will find ‘Site settings’, click on it

4. Click On ‘Pop-ups and redirects’

Screenshot 20220730 170130

On the next page, you will be shown various site settings, find ‘Pop-ups and redirects’ and click on it

5. Click on the ‘toggle’ to turn on Pop-ups

Screenshot 20220730 170213

Click On the grey Icon shown in the image above to get Pop-ups and redirect enabled on your chrome browser.

Once the toggle turn blue, it means you allow popups for JAMB and other websites.

But if you want to allow popups for JAMB alone, you will not have to go through this long process…

How to allow Popups For JAMB

Jamb Reprint Popup page
Allow Popups For JAMB

To allow popups for JAMB so that you can reprint JAMB slip and check exam date and schedule…

  1. Visit JAMB Reprinting Portal
  2. Enter your Registration Number OR e-Mail OR GSM Number
  3. click on the ‘Print examination slip‘ button
  4. A notification will be shown at the top of your screen saying “POP-UPS BLOCKED – SHOW”
  5. Click on ‘SHOW’

Yes, it is really that easy to allow popups for JAMB using your chrome browser.

In conclusion

To be able to reprint your JAMB slip or Check Result on JAMB portal, Popups for must be enabled.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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