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Differences Between Drugs And Medicine (All You Need To Know)

Difference Between Drug And Medicine: Are Drugs Medicines?, What are the difference between Drugs and Medicines?. In Today’s Episode of my Drug & I Series I will be exposing in details the major differences between Medicines and Drugs…

Difference between Drugs & Medicines
Difference between Drugs & Medicines

These are two words that have been misused by a great number of persons (Even the most informed persons) in our world today, most persons go to the Pharmacy and request for Drug, when in reality what they are actually in need of are medicines, but the Pharmacist understanding what they actually need would oblige them.

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I was once in this category of persons, until my first pharmacology class. As we were advised by our Professor, I feel the need to do the same, that you don’t become pedantic with the Usage of these two terms.

I will try to make reading this write-up as fun as possible, keep reading for details. Enjoy!

Difference Between Drugs And Medicine

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As mentioned earlier, contrary to popular belief, Medicines and Drugs are quite different from each other, though not so different, but the difference is not insignificant that we should overlook.

The truth is Drugs don’t cure you, only medicines totally does.

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So if you find yourself taking series of drugs in a bid to be relieved from that pain in your neck or stomach, uhm, sorry to disappoint you.

Haven mentioned this, how then can drugs be differentiated from the Medicines?, well, the difference lies in the application, while drugs takes away your bodily control, medicines does the reverse (they restore you back to normalcy).


They are generally described as substances other than food which alter the functioning of living cells, tissues, systems or entire body system, by this definition you will agree with me that all substances other than food are drugs since both therapeutic and non-therapeutic agents can alter the functioning of the body.

Drugs can be used to create temporary abnormal condition such as induce sleep (sedative), anesthetics, hypnotic e.t.c. Some of these drugs can become addictive over prolonged usage, this is observable in the use of some drugs like cocaine.

This type of Drug usage is seen when a person takes a drug, let’s say a sleeping pill, this drug will make you sleep even when you want to be awake, it takes away your bodily control.


These are described as drugs which have therapeutic applications, they restore your body back to the normal physiology (functioning). Normal in this sense means, your body restored back to the state it should naturally be in.

In Summary

We can say that, all medicines can be drugs, but not all drugs are Medicines.

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This will be all for now. I understand that you may have a question or two, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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