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How Long It Takes To Receive JAMB Profile Code

How Long It Takes To Receive JAMB Profile Code: how fast does it take to get JAMB Profile Code? How long does it take to generate JAMB profile code? How to get my JAMB Profile code back?

Welcome SAVANT! to today’s episode of “JAMB Doctor Series”, here we will answer how much time takes to receive JAMB Profile Code. STAY TUNED!👌

Receive Jamb Profile Code
JAMB Profile Code On Student’s Profile

Earlier, we explained what JAMB Profile Code is all about and how you can request for it from JAMB.

But the question now is, If we are to use SMS method to request for your JAMB profile code, that is, sending NIN YOUR NIN to 55019 or 66019 as shown in the image below, how long will it take to receive the profile code from JAMB

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To answer this question, we will have to use real life situation, because there is no straight forward answer to this, as different factors contribute to the time of JAMB Profile code delivers.

How Long Does It Takes To Receive JAMB Profile Code

Image Source: Vecteezy

Under normal circumstances, you should receive your JAMB Profile Code almost immediately, that is within 5 minutes of sending the request to 55019 or 66019.

This is under normal circumstances where the NIN you sent to JAMB is correct, your network provider have no issue with network and you have at least 50 naira as credit on the SIM you are using.

But if the network is bad, or you sent incorrect NIN to 55019 or 66019 you will receive an error message instead or experience delay receiving your JAMB Profile code.

What Can Cause Delay In Receiving JAMB Profile Code?

So many things can contribute to you not receiving your JAMB Profile code as at when due or not receiving it at all, some of these causes includes;

  1. Not Having Sufficient Credit On your Sim
  2. Using special Package such as Post-paid, promo bundles e.t.c
  3. You Activated DND (Do Not Disturb) On Your SIM
  4. Using a SIM Already Used By Another Student
  5. Sending The Wrong NIN to 55019
  6. Sending the Right NIN to the wrong Number

If you are having a hard time generating your JAMB profile code, then it is most likely as a result of any of the six (6) reasons mentioned above, I have explained the Solutions.

What To do If JAMB Don’t Send Your Profile Code Even After Doing Everything correctly?

There are cases where the problem will not be coming from you, this is rare though, but if you are convinced that you have done everything correctly…

…You sent the right NIN to the the right Code (55019 or 66019) in the correct format, and you have over N50 on the SIM with which you sent the SMS, then you can try the following.

  1. Do Not request the SMS immediately (Patience is a virtue)
  2. Wait till Mid-night (12am to 3am) to retry again

1. Do Not request the SMS immediately

Students can be very funny at times, you sent your NIN (in the correct format) to 55019 but yet no response, instead of giving it a break for a while, you keep sending the text repeatedly, that is not the best ways to go about it.

What you should do instead is wait for a while, give a break of 2 to 3 hours then try again

Why should I wait for that long when I need the Pin now? 😏

The reason you did not receive JAMB profile code will be most likely because the server is congested, and the only way to receive JAMB profile code is to wait for the system to be decongested, a break of 2 to 3 hours should do the Job.

2. Wait till Mid-night (12pm to 3pm) to retry again

If after waiting for 2 to 3 hours to retry, you still do not Receive JAMB profile code, then the best time to retry will be at Night when most persons would be asleep

At this time (12am to 3am), the network is less congested and as such making you get a response at the right time. Trust me, this works like magic.

With this, I hope I have been able to Answer the Question how long It Will Take To Receive JAMB Profile Code For 2024 JAMB Registration.

I will now attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions on this topic, ENJOY!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many digit is JAMB profile code?

JAMB Profile Code is a 10 digits code.

Does profile code expire?

No, JAMB profile code do not expire, in fact you can use the same JAMB profile code to register for another JAMB if need be.

Can I use another SIM to check my profile code?

No, you cannot use another SIM to check your JAMB Profile code.

How do I get my profile code without NIN?

Currently, you cannot get your JAMB profile code without NIN, it is from your NIN your bio-data would be collected.

In Conclusion

You should get your JAMB Profile code immediately you send NIN to 55019 or 66019, but if for some reasons you do not get it immediate try the tips provided here, or better still, resend at Mid-night when the network is decongested.

This will be all for now, feel free to drop your questions and comment using the comment box below!

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  1. Hello when I request for my profile code and it bring it that my NIN has already been registered by another gsm number which I don’t know the number ,please help me out

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