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6 Assignment Writing Software For 2024/2025

Tools That Help to Write Assignments: Most students consider assignment writing a challenging part of their academic lives. But if you know how to create a proper outline by compiling all the resources, you can easily manage to write an effective essay. 

If you are a beginner, you may hesitate even to write the most straightforward section of the assignment. That’s where the innovation of technology helps to assist students in assignment writing. 


Online editing and writing tools assist students in expanding their vocabulary knowledge and enhancing their writing style to deliver unique content. 

In this article, we have discussed 7 helpful tools to write assignments in 2024. Each tool has its significant characteristics and benefits, which will assist you in writing high-quality academic papers, assignments, essays, and research papers.

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How Do Online Tools Help in Assignment Writing?

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Most students lack confidence in assignment writing because they believe the academic staff would label them “cheaters”. However, assignments can be evaluated and rephrased to ensure academic integrity by using online tools.

These tools allow students to learn and practice writing skills, producing quality material for their assignments or research papers. But it’s not wise to entirely rely on these tools for assignment writing, as your genuine contribution should also be a part of it.

6 Helpful Tools to Write Assignments in 2024

Each of these online tools has significant features and characteristics that can help students write assignments and ensure quality before submission.

Let’s start by discussing them to learn their application in academic writing.

1. Paraphrasing tool – Prepostseo

Paraphrasing is one of the essential techniques every academic writer should be familiar with. The Prepostseo paraphrasing tool can provide assistance and a learning experience for students with its extensive range of features and freeware support.

PrepostSEO paraphrasing tool
PrepostSEO paraphrasing tool

This tool includes three (3) rewriting styles that allow students to understand the exchange of words and specific terms with their relevant meanings. Although creative mode requires premium subscription. It provides cloud and local storage integration so that you can upload a file directly on the platform.

There is no character or word limit, so you can freely use this tool as many times as you want. This tool won’t ask for your login or credit card credentials to support full features. With its user-friendly interface, this tool is an ideal choice for writing unique assignments.


OneNote Editor
OneNote Editor

Microsoft OneNote can be a suitable choice if you’re looking for an editor that works well with your operating system. This service is available as a desktop, smartphone, and online application.

Creating assignments can be complicated when you maintain terms, figures, and informative sections. As it says in its name, OneNote is suitable for taking notes and preparing material that can be used in your assignments.

Its usability support can be used on any operating system or device as all you need is a Microsoft Account to access its features. Since it’s a cloud-based program, file-sharing becomes easier with just a simple sync.

3. Online Notepad By 

Editpad Online NotePad
Editpad Online NotePad

A user-friendly text editor is an essential requirement for every student. But it is even better when a text editor supports online availability with various built-in tools. is an online text editor that supports rich text editors to provide users with a user-friendly experience.

It supports the option to upload a new document for editing and allows downloading the final notes in editable format. All these options are free to access, and no sign-up or payment is required.

The best feature of this tool is the autosave support that saves you from the trouble of data loss in case of an emergency shutdown. All the edited assignments will be kept in the “Saved Notes” section.


Assignment writing can become a stressful job if you don’t have the right set of tools. That’s where steps in to provide online support with its suggestions. Editor

Since providing plagiarism-free assignments is necessary, it becomes challenging for students to maintain uniqueness after studying material from various online sources. is an online platform for the assessment of your academic work. You can paste written assignments on the platform, and it will highlight the areas for improvement.

Moreover, it will provide you with real-time suggestions by highlighting text to increase the uniqueness and readability of your text-based assignments.


This educational tool can save students time and effort by providing seamless conversions with one click. It’s a fact about most universities and colleges that you have to submit assignments in PDF format since it’s a secure form of sharing.

Sodapdf editor

But where PDF provides security from tampering files, it also limits the editing features with your traditional text editors. In this case, delivers the best solution for easily converting and editing almost every text file format.

This tool also lets you compress PDF files, upload, edit, and download them in any format you want. It is also available as a desktop application, making things faster and easier to operate.



This online tool is an excellent platform for creating a bridge between students and teachers. Regarding assignment submission, the communication gap is a concerning issue as students must meet deadlines. 

It’s wise to take assistance from online platforms. But Edmodo gives you the convenience of social media communication in a dedicated academic platform. 

Students can submit and edit their assignments by taking help from their teachers or supervisors in real-time. This platform provides supportive collaboration with students and teachers.

Since Edmodo is an online platform, it’s easy to access from any mobile or computer device. Students can easily submit assignments without installing any dedicated application.

In Conclusion

This article discussed different tools that can assist you in your assignment writing; the features and working of each tool, and also explained how they are of benefit for College and University students in writing unique (unplagiarized) assignments.

Each tool has its meaningful use, which can assist in making assignments more unique and readable. And it seems even better when these tools are free to access. We hope these tools will help you to perform academic tasks without much effort.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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