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After Accepting Transfer Approval On JAMB CAPS Here’s What Next

Admission On JAMB CAPS
Admission On JAMB CAPS

After Accepting Transfer Approval On JAMB CAPS: what should I do after accepting transfer approval on JAMB Portal?, how to accept transfer approval on JAMB CAPS, what is the meaning of transfer approval on JAMB CAPS?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “JAMBPEDIA Series” here I will guide you through the next line of action after confirming and accepting the admission to you through JAMB CAPS transfer approval Portal… STAY TUNED!

Admission On JAMB CAPS
Admission On JAMB CAPS

Out of the over a million students that register for JAMB year, more than half may have to sit for another JAMB as they may not be granted admission by their preferred school of choice, also…

A large chunk of the students admitted, will either not be admitted to the university or course they chose in JAMB.


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When a student is to be offered admission that is not in line with what he or she originally chose in as first choice, it will be through JAMB’s transfer approval portal which is accessible through CAPS.

I won’t dwell much on what transfer approval is all about in this post, seeing that you must have had access to the portal and possibly accepted the admission offered to you.

Instead, I will take you through what to do after accepting Transfer Approval On JAMB CAPS… ENJOY!

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After Accepting Transfer Approval On JAMB CAPS

Accept JAMB transfer Approval
Accept JAMB transfer Approval

After accepting the admission offered to your through JAMB transfer approval portal, these are what you should do next…

1. Wait For Admission To Reflect On JAMB CAPS

After approving the transfer on JAMB’s transfer approval page of your CAPS, it takes about a week for the admission to finally reflect officially on your JAMB admission status where you can then ACCEPT or REJECT the admission.

It will be wrong of you to think that approving the admission is all you need to do, because it is just one stage of the admission status.

Once you approve the admission on the approval page, the information will be sent to your school admission officer which then proceed with the official reassignment of you to your new course.

2. Apply For JAMB Change Of Course

Jamb change of Course and Institution
JAMB Change of Course and Institution

After approving JAMB transfer request and accepting the admission on your CAPS, you have two (2) weeks to apply for JAMB change of course to the new course you have been offered provisional admission into.

If you try checking your JAMB admission status after you have approved of the transfer, you will get a response saying “You must apply for change of course/institution before printing your JAMB admission letter, the admission can be revoked if the change is NOT effected online within 2 weeks

JAMB Transfer Approval Admission
JAMB Transfer Approval Admission

You can end up losing your admission if you don’t change your course after two weeks of accepting JAMB transfer approval admission.

Luckily, I have a guide explaining all the necessary you need to take to process your Change of course/institution on JAMB portal.

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3. Print JAMB admission letter

Printing your Admission letter for Jamb
Printing your Admission letter for JAMB

You JAMB admission letter is one of the required documents for your school clearance after admission, and as such, it is important you print a copy.

Once you have succeeded in changing your JAMB course to the newly offered one, you should proceed with payment for JAMB admission letter as you will be needing it later on.

For those who may not how to go about this, you can see how to print JAMB admission letter yourself here.

4. Wait For Admission To Reflect On Your School Portal

Once you have successfully applied for change of course and print your JAMB admission letter, the next thing to do is to wait for the admission to reflect on the Portal of your school of choice.

As I explained in the difference between JAMB and school admission, both parties work hand in hand to admit students, so once the admission officer of a school uploads the names of student considered for transfer approval to JAMB CAPS, the student will be given time to accept this request.

Once accepted, the admission is then uploaded to the school’s portal where he or she can then print school admission letter.

This upload sometimes takes weeks, so you must exercise patience.

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In Conclusion

After confirming and approving the provisional admission offered to you through transfer approval the next line of action is to; wait for the admission to reflect on JAMB CAPS and accept it, apply for change of course in JAMB and print your JAMB admission letter.

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I understand you may have a question or two😊, do not hesitate to drop them here using the comment box below



  1. Please i did a change of course before accepting the transfer approval on my jamb caps? But it was that same day
    Please tell me does it really matter?
    Will it affect anything?
    It’s 5 days now, my jamb caps is still showing not admitted
    Please help

  2. Pls sir, I’ve accepted my new course on the transfer approval and at the same time, change it on my Jamb CAPS as well. How long till I get admission?

  3. Can you see transfer approval in ur jamb portal even without uploading your A level result cause I have accepted my transfer approval for 40 days but no admission yet

  4. If U are given a transfer to another course Nd U accepted d transfer…what is d probability of getting admission..Nd how many days does it takes to give admission to d person

  5. Good day sir

    Pls if an institution transfers a candidate from his or her preferred course to another course and the candidate accepted it and it automatically reflects on the jamb portal, is the candidate still expected to do change of course to the very course he or she was transferred to?


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