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Can I Choose A University As My First And Second Choice?

Usually, students in Nigeria take the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in order to be considered for admission to universities (UTME).

Candidates have the chance to designate their top universities as either their first or second choices throughout the JAMB/UTME registration process.

JAMB Efacility website
JAMB Efacility website

Candidates wonder if they can select a university as both their first and second choice. The answer is that it depends on the university’s admissions policy.

While some colleges permit applicants to select them as both their first and second choices, others only permit them to select them as either their first or second choices.

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Before making a decision, it is important for applicants to carefully research the admission criteria and regulations of the universities they are considering.

They will be better equipped to choose their favorite institutions if they are aware of the possibilities available to them as well as the admission standards and eligibility requirements of each institution.

A candidate’s chances of being admitted to a university can increase by choosing it as both their first and second choice.

It is important to remember that Nigerian colleges have extremely tough admissions processes, and applicants must fulfill stringent qualifying standards.

Applicants should also be aware that the JAMB rules only permits them to list two universities as their top two choices. It is important that students thoroughly weigh their selections and choose colleges that they are sincere about attending.

During the UTME registration procedure, candidates are allowed to select a university as their first and second choices.

To find out if an institution accepts this alternative, it’s vital to check its admissions norms and regulations.

Whether a university is a candidate’s first or second choice, they should concentrate on meeting the unique admission requirements and eligibility standards of each institution. You want to start by meeting the school’s cut off mark in the JAMB examination.

Do Private Universities Use JAMB?

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Private Universities in a lot of cases, work on their own accord, they have their own rulings.

In a lot of cases, Private universities in Nigeria do not use JAMB and as such, do not require that you write JAMB or meet JAMB/UTME examination requirements or cutoff marks.

But of course, to gain admission into private universities, you do need O level or A level certificate with the right subject combination that meets with the program you are looking to study.

In Conclusion

There are private universities in Nigeria that accept second choices, so applicants who are interested in enrolling there should carefully research the admissions criteria and guidelines of each university to see if they do.

During the UTME registration procedure, candidates may also select a university as their first and second choices; nevertheless, it is crucial that they thoroughly analyze their selections and choose universities that they are genuinely interested in attending.

We recommend checking through your preferred university selection and admission process to confirm if they allow being chosen as first or second choice.

As we’ve rightly mentioned in the article above, not every university accept being chosen as their second choice hence the reason why research is necessary.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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