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JAMB Syllabus For Arabic 2024/2025: Topics & Focus Areas

Arabic JAMB Syllabus
JAMB Syllabus for Arabic

JAMB Arabic Syllabus: Is JAMB Syllabus for Arabic out for this year? Arabic JAMB Syllabus, when will JAMB syllabus for Arabic come out? what topics do JAMB set questions from Arabic the most? what is the most repeated topic?

Welcome SAVANT! to another exciting episode of “JAMB Doctor Series” here we will provide you with official topics recognized by JAMB, which you are expected to conversant with before entering the hall to sit for your JAMB Arabic exam. STAY TUNED!

Arabic Syllabus for JAMB
JAMB syllabus for Arabic

Have you ever wondered where you can find the topics for Arabic that JAMB normally ask or the most repeated topics or questions in Arabic? then you are a step away from the answer

The short answer to this is “JAMB Syllabus”, in fact, JAMB Syllabus is the only expo you will be getting as you prepare for your UTME Exams, this syllabus contains area of concentrations and topics your questions will be asked from.


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Any smart students would cherish this piece (Syllabus) and make effective use of it, the fact that you are searching for this now, simply means you are in the right direction.

JAMB Syllabus For Arabic

Arabic JAMB Syllabus
JAMB Syllabus for Arabic

JAMB syllabus for Arabic is designed to evaluate your ability to:

  1. Answer comprehension questions correctly in standard Arabic
  2. Translate simple texts from English to Arabic and vice versa;
  3. Apply the rules of Arabic grammar functionally;
  4. Appreciate Arabic literary texts within the contexts of their environment and eras;
  5. Use Arabic as a living world language in communication where necessary.

Download your copy of the syllabus here👇

Download JAMB Arabic Syllabus PDF

DrugSavant Editorial Team


Consisting of a passage of seventy (70) words with five multiple-choice questions set on the passage. The contents will be within the experience of the candidates e.g. current affairs, sports, education, politics, economy, health, culture, and ethics.


This section consists of ten (10) questions.

  • Five of them are on translation from English into Arabic while the other five are on translation from Arabic into English.
  • Translation into English includes keywords and phrases in a sentence.
  • Translated questions are to be based on standard Arabic and English usage.


Major grammatical features in Arabic to be examined include:

  1. أسماء اإلشارة والموصولة. Demonstrative and relative pronouns.
  2. المذكر والمؤنث. Gender (Masculine and Feminine).
  3. عالمات االسم. Characteristics of a noun.
  4. المثنى. . Dual.
  5. الجموع: . Plurals: أ – جمع المذكر السالم. a. sound masculine plural ب – جمع المؤنث السالم b. sound feminine plural ج – جمع التكسير c. broken plural
  6. المضاف والمضاف إليه. . Construct phrases.
  7. الضمائر المنفصلة و المتصلة . Separable and inseparable pronouns.
  8. التوابع: . Appendants: أ – النعت. .adjective. a ب – العطف. .conjunction. b c. the permutative. .البدل – ج د – التوكيد. emphasis. d
  9. حروف الجر . Prepositions.
  10. الفعل الالزم والفعل المتعدي. . Transitive & Intransitive verbs.
  11. الفعل الماضى . The perfect verb.
  12. الفعل المضارع: . The imperfect verb: a. the indicative. المرفوع – أ b. the subjunctive. المنصوب – ب c. the jussive. .المجزوم – ج
  13. الفعل األمر. . The imperative verb.
  14. النواسخ: . The modifiers: أ – كان و أخواتها a. Kana and its associates ب – إن و أخواتها b. Inna and its associates ج – ظن و أخواتها c. Zanna and its associates
  15. الفعل الثالثي المجرد و المزيد فيه. . Trilateral and derived verbs.
  16. المشتقات: . Derivatives: أ – اسم التفضيل. a. the comparative/superlative. ب – اسم اآللة. b. nouns of the instrument. ج – اسما الزمان و المكان c. nouns of time and place. د – اسم النسبة. d. relative adjectives.
  17. الجملة الشرطية . Conditional sentences. )فقط 3000 – 1( العدد. 18
  18. Numerals (1 – 3000).
  19. الفاعل و نائب الفاعل. . Active and passive voice.
  20. منصوبات األسماء: . Nouns in the accusative أ – المفعول به. a. direct object. ب – المفعول فيه )ظرف(. b. adverbs of place and time. ج – الحال. c. adverb of circumstance. د – المستثنى بإال. d. the exempted with illa. هـ – التمييز. e. specification. و – المنادى. f. the vocative



This section consists of five (5) questions on subjects relating to the lives and environment of the candidates, e.g.

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Sports and
  • Current affairs.


This section consists of ten (10) questions on notable literary figures and their works cutting across the various periods which include the following: أ – العصر الجاهلي )حوالى 500 – 610م

  • (. a) The Pre-Islamic Period (500 – 610 C.E.). – قس بن ساعدة و خطبته “من عاش مات” – تماضر الخنساء ورثاء ها ” صخر الندى”. ب – العصور اإلسالمية )610 – 1798م
  • (. b) The Islamic Period (610 – 1798 C.E.). – الفرزدق ومدحه لزين العابدين: “هذا الذي تعرف البطحاء وطأته”. – حسان بن ثابت وقصيدته في فتح مكة: “عدمنا خيلنا إن لم تروها” – جرير وشعره “أشجان الهوى”: “لقد كتمت الهوى حتى تهيمني”
  • (c) ج – العصر الحديث )1798م إلى اليوم(.c) The Modern Period (1978 to date). – المنفلوطي وكتابه العبرات :”قصة الحجاب”. – إيليا أبو ماضي وشعره :”لم تشتكي وتقول إنك معدم”
  • d) Arabic Literature In West Africa . – زكريا إدريس حسين ومسرحيته: “الطبقة العليا”. – جميل عبد هللا الكنوي: “ادفع بالتي هي أحسن”ج – العصر الحديث )1798م إلى اليوم(.

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of Questions JAMB Set In Arabic

The total number of questions JAMB asked in Arabic is 40, with each question carrying 2.5 marks.

This means if after answering Arabic questions, you were able to answer 30 questions correctly in JAMB you have been able to secure 75 marks for yourself.

Is JAMB Arabic Syllabus For 2024 Out?

Yes, JAMB syllabus for Arabic 2024 is out

Download JAMB Arabic Syllabus PDF

DrugSavant Editorial Team

In Conclusion

It is advisable you go through these topics listed here, as they would help you have a more directed preparation and reading for JAMB Arabic questions.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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