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Fate Of WAEC Withheld Results Decided By 76th NEC Meeting

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The fate of WAEC withheld results of students in the just concluded WASSCE examination have been decided by the National Examination Committee (NCE) of WAEC, this decision was made during the 76th meeting of NCE held from 3rd to 4th October 2023.

This committee meets twice a year for School and private candidates to consider matters concerning the conduct of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the deliberation for this year WASSCE exam has been finalized

WAEC Withheld Result Possible Solution
WAEC Withheld Result Possible Solution

At this meeting it was directed that the entire results of candidates proven to have been involved in examination malpractice, which attracts the penalty of cancellation of Entire results (CER) be cancelled.

Similarly, subject results of candidates proven to have been involved in examination malpractice, which attract cancellation of subject results (CSR), be cancelled.

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Below is all you need to know about the just concluded WAEC NCE 76th meeting… ENJOY!


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This is the council’s highest decision making organ on examination-related matters in Nigeria.

They meet twice yearly to consider issues that relates to the conduct of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for school and private candidates.

Decision Was Made In The 76th NCE Meeting On Withheld Results

The Committee directed that the entire results of candidates proven to have been involved in examination malpractice be cancelled, similarly subject results of candidates found to have been involved in exam malpractice be cancelled as well.

Based on this decision, the council will inform the affected candidates and schools. Subsequently, the results of candidates exonerated by the committee will be released without further delay.

The Committee also commended the council for the thorough investigations conducted on the reported exam malpractice cases presented during the meetings.

What This Means For Student’s

This implies that student’s whose results are cancelled based on this decision is because they were found guilty of being involved in examination malpractice, results cancelled could be per-subject basis or entire results.

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When Will The Result Be Out?

No official date have been fixed for the release of withheld results for exonerated students, but you can start checking two weeks from this date, as the results is expected to be out by then.

What Can Be Done If WAEC Results Are Cancelled?

From here, the only option available to students whose results was cancelled is to challenge the decision of the NCE in court. Any students considering going down this lane must consider the following decision made by committee;

  1. Allexhibits should be disposed of one (1) year after the release of results;
  2. The decision to dispose of exhibits one year after the release of results should be publicized using the Council’s website, social media, paid advertisements, schools and direct contact with candidates;
  3. Appeals against NEC decisions should be received from affected schools/candidates within one (1) year from the date of the release of results of the examination;
  4. Appeals against decisions taken years ago should cease after one (1) year from this decision taken at the 71st Meeting of NEC;
  5. All exhibits in storage in the Council should be properly disposed of at the expiration of a period of one (1) year from the date of the decision of this Committee if there are no pending litigations that would require them.

So, all case filed must be done within a year of released results as the exhibit will be disposed of after this period.

Wrapping Up

WAEC will release results of student exonerated from examination malpractice but will cancel result of students found guilty following the directive of the just concluded NCE meeting.

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