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When Will WAEC Withheld Results 2023/2024 Be Out? Answered

West African Examination Council (WAEC)
West African Examination Council (WAEC)

WAEC Withheld Results: Is WAEC results withheld now out? when will WAEC release results that are showing outstanding?, how to check WAEC Withheld results?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “Admission Guide Series“, here I will answer the question ‘when WAEC Withheld results for 2023/2024 May/June will be out”, I will also give tips on what you should do while the results are been reviewed… STAY TUNED!

West African Examination Council (WAEC)
West African Examination Council (WAEC)

Out of 1,361,608 students that sat for the 2023 WAEC May/June Exam, 262,803 candidates (about 21% of the total number of candidates that sat the examination), are being withheld.

Students affected by this have been wanting to know if there is a possibility of the results been released, and if yes, when is the release date.


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Without wasting mush time, lets head straight to the topic proper… ENJOY!!!

Is Withheld WAEC Results Out?

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Yes, the West Africa Examination Council has begun release of withheld results of students suspected to have been involved in Examination Malpractice, but was exonerated by the NEC council.

So, if your results were held or shows outstanding, you can start checking whether or not your result are released.

This decision was made by the National Examination Committee (NCE) of WAEC during the 76th meeting held from 3rd to 4th October 2023.

Will WAEC Release Withheld Result?

Will WAEC Results be released
Will WAEC Results be released

Yes, withheld WAEC results will eventually be released, but unfortunately not for all students.

There are conditions for which a Student’s result will be released and those conditions are not met, the results will not be released.

The condition for which a Student’s withheld WAEC result will be released is on the ground that, the student’s was exonerated…

…that is, after proper investigations, the students was not found guilty by the Board to have participated in Examination malpractice.

Okay then, since there is a chance that my result will be released, what date can I expect the withheld WAEC results to be released?

What To Do As WAEC Results Are Withheld

WAEC Withheld Result Possible Solution
WAEC Withheld Result Complaint Portal

Students with one or two results withheld, should register their complaints/defense on WAEC portal using the link;

WAEC Withheld Results Release Date

WAEC announced through twitter that the 76th meeting of the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) to consider and decide on the malpractice/irregularity cases begins 3rd October, 2023.

But like I mentioned earlier, only results of students found not guilty will be released, while the results of those found guilty (that is, not exonerated) will be cancelled.

How To Check Withheld WAEC Result?

Select Examination for While checking Waec Result

WAEC withheld results are checked in the same way you checked your other results…

  • Visit
  • Enter your Examination Number
  • Specify your Examination Type (May/June)
  • Select Examination Year (2023)
  • Enter your Pin And Serial Number in the required field
  • Click on Check Result.

You can also try other Cost effective ways of Checking your WAEC Result.

And that is it for this topic, below I will answer some frequently asked questions on this topic…

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take WAEC To Release Withheld Result?

It takes Four (4) Months for WAEC to review and release withheld results of students taught to have participated in Exam Malpractice.

Does Result Withheld Means The Student Failed?

NO, WAEC Withholding result do not translate to automatic fail, although this could be the case if the student is found guilty of Malpractice, but till then, there is a 50% Chance that the student could still be exonerated.

Why WAEC Withheld Results Of Students?

WAEC results are held only when the students is suspected to have participated in Examination Malpractice.

What is the meaning of “ABS” in WAEC result?

ABS in WAEC result means ABSENT, which means the student did not sit for the exam of the specified subject.

In Conclusion

WAEC has begun release of students result exonerated in the 76th NEC meeting, while the results of students found guilty will be cancelled, follow the steps shown here to file a complaint to the council directly.

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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