How To Check NABTEB Result Online 2023: How can I Check my NABTEB Result for 2023?, Is NABTEB Result Out?, when will NABTEB result be out?, Is C6 a good grade in NABTEB, Can I upgrade my NABTEB result to get better grades?, Is NABTEB result the same with NECO and WAEC result?.

Hey SAVANTS! welcome to my “O’ level toolkit series“, here you will learn how you can effectively check your NABTEB result, I will also show you if there are any alternative ways to check for your NABTEB result. Cool right?… Stay Tuned!

Waec, Neco and Nabteb O'level
Waec, Neco and Nabteb O’level

First, I must congratulate you for a successful completion of your NABTEB 2023 Exam, I guess the journey has been a tough one.

Now that you have successfully completed your Exams, the next step is to check for your result and see how well you performed, the right steps on how to do this is what I will be exposing to you today.

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I must confess, the process for checking your NABTEB result is not as easy as checking your JAMB result, for JAMB, the results will be sent to your phone via SMS or you could simply visit JAMB result checking portal and your result will be shown to you using your Registration number.

But for NABTEB, the story is quite different, you will need to first buy what we call your NABTEB scratch card (Epin), I will explain this as we proceed further.

Mind you, the steps shown here can be used to check NABTEB result for both June/July and Nov/Dec candidate. ENJOY!


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Is NABTEB Result For June/July Out?

Image Source: Vecteezy

No, NABTEB result for School Candidates 2023 is not officially out yet.

So, if the NABTEB you sat for was June/July (that for Secondary school students) then you will not be able to check your result following the steps shown to you here yet.

When Will NABTEB Result Be Released?

NABTEB Online Result Checker
NABTEB Online Result Checker

NABTEB results are marked and released forty five (45) days after the Exam last paper.

Since the last paper for NABTEB is to be written on July 16th, 2022 (based on the 2023 timetable), then adding 45 days to this date would be 30th of August 2023.

I have explained in details, the right time to expect your 2022/2023 NABTEB results to be released here.

With all said and done, let me now show you how you can check NABTEB result online.

NOTE: To be able to Check your 2023 NABTEB Result, you must first buy your scratch Card (E-pin)

Without this E-pin, it would be impossible to check for your result, you can get them at the NABTEB ZONAL OFFICES and all Fountain Trust Bank branches nationwide.

Requirements To Check NABTEB Result

Requirements Check List
Requirements Check List

To be able to check Check Your NABTEB Result, there are some requirements you must meet to be successful, they include…

1.A device that can connect with the internet (Personal computer or Android Phone) or Send SMS
2.NABTEB E-pin/Scratch Card (this e-pin contains the Pin you will be asked to supply when checking your NABTEB result).
3.Your NABTEB Examination Number (You can check your NABTEB ID card or go to the school were you sat for your NABTEB exam to get this back).
4.DATA (for those using the Online method) or Credit of at least N30 (for those using the SMS method)
5.The “Technical Know How” which is what I will be providing you with in this post.
This table contain requirements to check Waec result

with these requirements ready, you can proceed with the guide below on how to check your NABTEB result…

How To Check NABTEB Result

Currently, there are two (2) ways to check your May/June NABTEB Result, these methods include…

  1. Using the Result Online checking Portal
  2. Checking NABTEB Result through ‘SMS’ Method

What ever method you decide to use, will all lead to the same end, provided you have the requirements I highlighted earlier.

How To check Your NABTEB Result Online

Image of NABTEB Result

To check your NABTEB result for 2022/2023 using the Online checking Portal, follow this guide below…

Estimated Time For This 5 minutes

  1. Visit NABTEB Result Checking Portal @

    NABTEB Online Result Checker

    On your mobile Phone/PC, locate your web browser (preferably chrome) and visit

    You will be taken to the result checking page similar to what is shown in the image Above.

  2. Enter Your ‘Examination Number’

    Nabteb Candidate Examination Number

    This was the number given to you by your Exam center or School, which you then filled in all your Exam papers while writing the Exam.

  3. Select ‘Examination Type’

    NABTEB Exam type

    Here, choose between; MAY/JUNE, NOV/DEC, Modular (March), Modular (December) and Modular (June).

  4. Supply Your ‘Examination Year’

    NABTEB Exam year

    Make sure the year you use corresponds with the year you wrote your NABTEB exam (for students who wrote this year, use 2023), so if you sat for the Exam in 2020, and happen to want to check your result now, use 2020.

  5. Enter Your ‘Pin And Card Serial Number

    NABTEB Serial number and Pin

    This pin and serial number is on your NABTEB Scratch card, you can only use this Pin and Serial number for five (5) times, after which, you will have to get another one.

Easy right?

You can only use this NABTEB pin for a maximum of five (5) times.

As you already know, this is not the only method available to check your NABTEB result, you can also check using SMS.

How To Check NABTEB Result Through SMS

How To Check NABTEB Result through SMS
How To Check NABTEB Result through SMS

If for some reasons you prefer to use the SMS method, then you should send a text to “32327” following the format below…

NABTEB*Your Examination Number*PIN*ExamYear

The message formatting, should be similar with what is shown in the image above.

Replace “Your Examination Number” with your correct Examination number, if you don’t remember this, you can check the ID Card you were given, or check back with your school of enrolment.

I will now attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning checking your NABTEB /result

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is NABTEB Scratch Card?

The approved for NABTEB scratch card is Two Hundred and Fidty Naira (N250).

Where Can I Buy NABTEB Scratch Card?

You can buy NABTEB scratch card to check your result at Zonal offices across Nigeria. It may also be bought from any of the branch offices of Fountain Trust Bank Plc across Nigeria.

How Many Times Can I Use NABTEB Scratch Card To Check My Result?

The Scratch card you buy do not give you unlimited access to your NABTEB Result, it has a maximum limit of usage is five (5) times, after using the Card pin for five (5) times, you will need to buy another one if you want to check your NABTEB result again.

How Can I Check My NABTEB Result Without Scratch Card?

Currently, there is no way you can check your NABTEB Result without using a scratch card. you can easily get one from any of NABTEB’s zonal offices.

Can I check NABTEB result without examination number

NO, you must have your NABTEB examination number, Pin and scratch card, before you can check your result.

If you don’t remember your Examination number for NABTEB, simply go back to the school you sat for the exam and ask them to give you your Examination number or check the ID card given to you by NABTEB.

Can I Use One Scratch Card To Check More Than One result?

NO, you cannot use one Scratch card pin to check multiple result, only the result the card pin was first used to check can it recheck for a maximum of five (5) times.

To check another result of interest, you will require a new Card pin Voucher.

In Summary

NABTEB June/July Result is not out yet, You can check your NABTEB result through the Online result checking portal which you can access @ or SMS by texting NABTEB*Your Exam Number*PIN*ExamYear to 32327 once the result is out.

This is the much I can take now, I understand you may have a question or two, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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