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When Will NABTEB Result Be Out (May/June) For 2023/2024

NABTEB Online Result Checker
NABTEB Online Result Checker

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Hey SAVANT! in this episode of my “O’level Toolkit Series“, you will learn the proposed released date for 2023/2024 NABTEB result and possibly how to check for the result when finally out… STAY TUNED!

NABTEB Online Result Checker
NABTEB Online Result Checker

I will try to keep this brief and as enjoyable as possible. Now, what is the essence of sitting for an Exam, when you cannot confirm or see how well you performed in it?” Not much fun right?.

NABTEB exam fortunately is not one of those Exams you sit for and never see your result, the release of the result may not be as fast as JAMB would but one thing is certain, and that is, your NABTEB results will definitely be released.


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This now begs the question “When“, yes fine, the results will be released, but when exactly is the release date?

…these and many more you will be learning in this write-up, all you have to do now is take a glass of chilled water and read through diligently… ENJOY!

Is NABTEB Result Out?

Image Source: Vecteezy

Yes, NABTEB result for 2023/2024 School Candidates is out.

what this means is, if you sat for NABTEB May/June you can now proceed to check check your result on JAMB portal.

NABTEB Result Release Date For May/June?

NABTEB result was released 10th October, 2023.

Typically, these results are marked and released forty five (45) days after the Exam last paper.

NABTEB, unlike JAMB which takes few days to be released, takes a longer time for the results to be released, like I mentioned earlier, it takes about 45 days for NABTEB results to be released

The reason for this is, NABTEB is still a Paper Pen Test (PPT) and not CBT (Computer Based Test), if NABTEB was a CBT exam, it would definitely have taken a shorter time to mark, grade and collate the result.

Upon conclusion of the Exam, all the centers that participated in the Exam will have to submit their scripts, brief the board, before marking of scripts can officially begin, these whole process takes time, which explains the reason it takes 45 days to complete.

NABTEB Result sample

For those who may be interested in seeing how NABTEB result would look, you can check out the image of this screenshot of a 2021 NABTEB result below…

Image of NABTEB Result
Image of NABTEB Result

When Will NABTEB Release Withheld Result?

They are cases where NABTEB suspects a students participated in examination mal-practice, what happens to this student is that, his/her result will be Withheld.

But, results being withheld, do not mean they will not be released, if you are exonerated, your result will be released.

But the time frame for this is not specified, it could take a month or two, and there is no guarantee. But praying won’t be a bad Idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass mark for NABTEB?

The Pass mark for NABTEB is C6 and above, any grade less than this is not accepted for admission by any university in Nigeria, especially when the grade less than C6 is in a core subject.

Will NABTEB Release Withheld Result?

Yes, NABTEB release withheld results of students that are exonerated, and by exonerated I mean “students finally proven not to have partook in Exam malpractice”

In Conclusion

NABTEB result is out, this result was released 10th October, 2023. therefore, students who participated in the exam check how well they performed.

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This will be all for now, I understand that you may have a question or two, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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    • Yes Rebecca, NABTEB result for Nov/Dec is out. you may experience checking this online for now as sometimes NABTEB tends to delay in result upload online, if you check now and encounter error, do well to check few days later.

  1. Hi, I really need this result at the moment.
    I have gone through release date for nabteb in the past and I saw their results at times comes out in October which is far more than 45 days after the last paper.
    My question is how certain are you about nabteb releasing results after 45 days from last paper? Has they done it before?


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