How To Check JAMB Mock Result 2023/2024: How do I check my JAMB Mock Result using my Phone?, Is JAMB Mock result for 2023 Out now?, How can I check my JAMB Mock Result using SMS?, how to check JAMB mock result online?

Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions, or questions related to this, then you just landed on the right piece of information. In Today’s Episode of my “JAMB Doctor Series“, I will take out time to show you all possible ways you can use to check your JAMB Mock Result… STAY TUNED!!!

Jamb Mock Result
JAMB Mock Result

Earlier, I emphasized on the need for students to participate in the free Mock Exam conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), more on JAMB Mock can be seen HERE.

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But there, I did not do justice on the procedures to take to check/confirm your JAMB Mock result once they are out, and that is what you shall be learning here today… No need to thank me, what are friends for!😊

Imaging sitting for an Exam, especially one that was to test your level of preparedness, and not being able to see the result later on, JAMB understands this plight and for that reason came up with a number of ways students can use to check how well they perform in the Mock Exam.

Without Further Ado, lets get down to business… ENJOY!


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Is JAMB Mock Result Out?

shy to ask questions

NO, JAMB Mock Result for 2023 is not officially out yet.

This means, you won’t be able to check your result for now following the step by step guide I will be showing you here shortly until the results are released.

It is expedient to note also that, the score gotten in Mock will not be added to the main Exam.

When Will JAMB Mock Result Be Out?

JAMB Mock Result is released 24 to 48 hours after the Exam

This means if you are to sit for the exam Thursday 16th March, 2023 as announced recently by the Board, you should be expecting the results to be out 17th or 18th of March.

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How To Check JAMB Mock Result 2023?

Image Source: Vecteezy

The steps for checking your Mock result for JAMB is quite limited, unlike that for the main UTME Exam, for the main Exam, students will most likely get their JAMB Result Via SMS.

Precisely to the SIM with which they registered for JAMB, but this is not obtainable for JAMB Mock exam, you will not be set your Mock Exam Result as SMS.

If I can’t check for my MOCK Result for JAMB through SMS, what Method can I then Use?😏

Aside the SMS method, there is only one method for checking your JAMB UTME mock Result, and this is through JAMB Mock Result Checking Portal.

Currently, this portal is not activated because the results are yet to be uploaded.

Once the results are live, the portal will become fully functional, in the meantime, here is a step by step guide to follow when checking for your JAMB Mock Result online…

How To Check JAMB Mock Result Online

Jamb mock Result checker
JAMB mock Result checker
  • First, visit JAMB Mock Result Checking Page @
  • You will be taken to the checker Page as shown in the image above
  • On the Page, fill the required box with your JAMB Registration number for 2023 UTME
  • Next, click on the “Check JAMB Mock” Result button

Tada! Your result will be shown to you afterwards.

Key Notes On Your JAMB Mock Result

  • High Score In JAMB Mock do not guarantee same in JAMB
  • A Low Score in JAMB Mock do not Guarantee the same in the main Exam
  • JAMB Mock Score will not be added to your Main JAMB UTME result
  • There is no known consequences for missing your JAMB mock Exam, but the Exam will not be rescheduled for you.

This will be all on checking your JAMB Mock Result, I will now take some frequently asked questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check JAMB Mock Result On Phone?

YES, you can check your JAMB Mock Result on using your Mobile phone.

The procedure for doing this have been highlighted on this Post.

How to check JAMB mock result through SMS

Currently, you cannot check for your JAMB Mock Result through SMS, if you must check your JAMB mock result, it must be through JAMB Mock result checking Portal.

How to check JAMB mock result without email

You can check for your JAMB Mock Result without using mail by directly vising JAMB Mock Result checking Portal @

Will JAMB Mock Result Be Added To JAMB?

NO, your JAMB mock Result will not be added to your main JAMB Score, as the mock exam is strictly for Practice.

In conclusion

There is only one method you can use to check for your Mock Result, and this can be done by visiting JAMB Mock Result checker page @

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This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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