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NECO Result June/July 2023, Here’s How To Check

How To Check NECO Result Online 2023: How can I Check my NECO Result for 2023 with my phone?, Is NECO Result Out?, when will NECO result be out?, Is C6 a good grade in NECO, Can I upgrade my NECO result to get better grades?, Is NECO result the same with Waec and NABTEB result?.

Hey SAVANT! to another episode of my “O’ level Toolkit Series“, in today’s episode I will show you how you can check your NECO results Using NECO Result checker Page, here I will also provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions on checking NECO result… STAY TUNED!?

NECO result Checker Page
NECO result Checker Page

First of all, congratulation on successful completion of your NECO Exams, trust me when I say I know how stressful it is.

Checking your NECO result can be quite tricky compared to checking results for other Exams like JAMB, WAEC et al. JAMB only require Registration number to be able to check result

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…while for WAEC, scratch cards are used. But same is not true for NECO, to check NECO result you will need to first get what we calla “token”, it is with that token you check your NECO results, and trust me, this is not as easy as it sounds.

To make sure you are sure of the right steps to take, I will show you all the steps involved, from purchasing your tokens, to checking your result using the token.

All you have to do now is sit back and read through diligently as I take you on this Voyage… ENJOY!


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Is NECO Result Out For 2023?

Image Source: Vecteezy

No, NECO result for 2023/2024 School Candidates is not officially out and as such cannot be accessible by students on the NECO result checking portal.

This means, if you sat for NECO June/July Exam (that for senior secondary school student) you will need to exercise some patience.

Do well to bookmark this page and follow me on my various social media handle for updates and guide.

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When Will NECO Result Be Released?

NECO results are released Eight (8) weeks after the last paper of the Exam.

From the 2023 NECO timetable, the last paper is Friday 12th of August, then the results would be expected to be released as from Monday 10th of September upward, don’t worry you will be informed by this channel once the results are out.

No need to thank me, what are friends for!?

With all said and done, let me now show you how you can check NECO result online.

NOTE: To be able to Check your 2023 NECO Result, you must first buy your Token

Without this Token, it would be impossible to check for your NECO result, don’t worry much, I will show you how to buy your token and us it to check for your results online.

Requirements To Check Your NECO Result For 2023?

Requirements Check List
Requirements Check List

The things you need to check your NECO result are…

Requirements To Check NECO Result
Requirements To Check NECO Result

1. Exam Year

This is the year you wrote your exam (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 e.t.c), some students make the mistake of entry the year we are in, if you do that, you will receive “No result found error“.

IF for any reason you don’t remember the year you wrote your NECO Exam, you can go to the school you enrolled and confirm your enrolment year.

You can also know the year of your exam by checking ID card you were given during the exam.

2. Exam Type

Exam type For NECO result
Exam type For NECO result

Here, you will choose what type of exam you sat for, whether Basic Education Certificate Examination, SSCE Internal, SSCE External, National Common Entrance Examination, in this case it would be SSCE Internal (June/July).

3. Token

Next, you will need to buy your token, if you don’t have already, I will show you how to buy and use to check your result shortly.

4. Your Registration Number

After registering for NECO, you will be given a registration number, you will need to number to be able to check your NECO result.


NECO Token is NGN625, but I would advice you have at least NGN1000 in your account for the extra charges.

With the Payment of this amount, you will be given a token which you can then use to check your NECO result for a maximum of five (5) times.

With this noted, below is the step by step guide of how to check NECO result online. if you have your Examination number, know your exam Year and type, then you can proceed below, don’t worry, I will show you how to buy TOKEN!

How To Check NECO Result 2023

NECO Results

You should have at least 1000 in your account for the Token, if you have this, then you can proceed further…

Estimated Time 9 minutes

  1. Visit NECO Result Checker Page

    NECO Result checking homepage

    On your Phone, locate your browser (preferably Chrome) and type in in the address box or simply click here to open the page on a new tab.

  2. Click On The “Purchase Token” Button

    Purchase Token button to Check NECO result

    On the NECO result checking page, locate the “PURCHASE TOKEN” button and click on it.

  3. Create an Account With NECO

    Register With NECO to buy Token

    After clicking on the Purchase Token button, you will be taken to the page shown in the image above. Here you will be required to login to your NECO account if you have one already, but if you don’t have an account you can easily create a new account by clicking on “Register“.

  4. Fill The Required Box With Your correct Information

    Registration Form for NECO Token

    Next, you will fill the registration form with your correct information (FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD). Once you are done with that, click on the REGISTER button.

  5. Activate Your Account and Login To Get your Token

    NECO result confirmation page

    When you click on the Register button, you will be sent an activation mail to the email address you filled in Step 4, all you have to do is login to your mail and locate the email sent by NECO, and click on the VERIFY EMAIL.

    Once your account is activated, you can now go back to the login page and fill in your Email address or Phone number and Password to login.

  6. Login To Your New Account

    NECO Result Login Page

    Here, you will fill in your Email address and Password, and click Login. you will be taken to your Account dashboard, where you can buy and check previous token.

  7. On Your Account Dashboard, Click On “Purchase Token”

    NECO Result Dashboard

    Once logged in, locate the PURCHASE TOKEN Option and click on it.

  8. Enter the Number of Tokens You Want To Buy And Click “Pay Now”

    Number of tokens for NECO

    You can buy as much token as you want, but one should be enough, at least that will give you five (5) trial to check your result.

    Click pay now after entering the number you want to buy, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to confirm your imput.

  9. Verify the Information and Proceed To Payment

    Proceed to pay page for neco result

    Verify the information and tick the box just beside “I have verified the above…” and hit the Proceed to pay button.

    You will be taken to remita page, where you can confirm your payment details and pay. Once payment is complete, you will be provided with a token (more like a pin or code), it is with this token you can now use to check your NECO result following the remaining steps below.

  10. Return Back To The Result Checking Page And Fill the Necessary Details

    NECO Result Checking Page

    On this page, enter you Exam year, Exam type, your Token and Registration Number, then click the Check Result button.

and Voila, your results will be shown on your screen, detailed enough right? You can only use one token for a maximum of five (5) times, just so you know.

I will now attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning checking your NECO result

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check My NECO Result Without Using Scratch Card?

NO, you cannot check your NECO result without first buying scratch card, for you to be able to check your 2022/2023 NECO result, you must first buy a scratch card which contains a token (Pin) which you can use to check your NECO result.

You can also follow the steps I showed you here to buy the NECO token yourself, with spending much

How Much To Buy NECO Token?

One Token from NECO cost NGN625, but since you will be paying through remita, you will have to pay remita charges too, which will now sum up to about NGN800 for one TOKEN.

Can I Check My NECO Result For Free Online?

Currently, there are no methods available, with which you can use to check your NECO result without paying for token.

Can I check NECO result without examination number

NO, you must have your NECO examination number, Token, Exam Year and Type, before you can check your NECO result.

If you don’t remember your Examination number for NECO, simply go back to the school you sat for NECO and ask them to give you your Examination number or check the ID card given to you by NECO.

How Many Times Can I check My NECO Result?

The token you buy do not give you unlimited access to your NECO Result, it has a maximum limit of usage is five (5) times, after using the token for five (5) times, you will need to buy another token using the same method I showed you here, if you want to check your NECO result again.

In Conclusion

NECO result is not out yet, you will be able to check your NECO result only through NECO result checking portal which you can access @ once the result are released

This is the much I can take now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

Ensure to share this with friends on FacebookWhatsapp, or any other social media network you can connect them with…

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      1. I heard the results are out now but I’m still seeing this “candidate results not found under ssce internal (June /july) of 2022.”

        1. yes, the result are now out Joan.

          make sure the details you entered are correct, as any mistake can trigger this error feedback.

          But if you are sure about information you entered, then you should wait a little longer as the results are being uploaded.

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