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How To Check JAMB Regularization Status 2024/2025 (2 Steps)

Check JAMB Regularization Status: How do I check if my regularization have been approved? How long does it take for JAMB regularization to be processed for 2024? any deadline to regularize admission with JAMB? How to know if my JAMB regularization was successful?

Hey SAVANT! welcome to today’s episode of my “Tutortainment Series“, in this episode I will show you how to check how your JAMB regularization is been processed, your JAMB Regularization Status, and consequently answer some frequently asked questions on this topic. Cool right? STAY TUNED!

Jamb Regularization (Condolement of Illegal Admission) For Student With Jamb Reg Num
JAMB Regularization (Condolement of Illegal Admission) For Student With JAMB Reg Num.

Before now, I have explained the entire process involved in processing your JAMB regularization for 2024/2025 in one of my previous episode, there I showed you the steps to take, requirements, cost and deadline.

But today, what we shall be addressing is how you can tell whether or not your application to regularize your admission with JAMB have been approved or not, believe when I say this…

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…not all students that applied for JAMB regularization gets approved by the Board (JAMB), so the sooner you are able to determine your JAMB regularization status the better your chances of preparing for whatever outcome or challenge that is imminent.

Okay fine!🙋‍♂️, I see why it is important for me to check my JAMB regularization Status, but I don’t know the right steps to take?‍

Well, that is the essence of today’s guide, at the end of this blog post, you will learn the two (2) cost effective and recommended ways of confirming if your application for JAMB regularization has been approved or not…

…and guess what, you don’t need to do much from your end, all you have to do is to take a glass of water and read through diligently for details. ENJOY🥂

How To Check JAMB Regularization Status

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There are currently two (2) known methods of checking your JAMB regularization status, there include…

  1. Email Address Used For Regularization (Recommended)
  2. JAMB Student’s Online Portal

Whatever method you decide to use will most definitely lead to the same outcome, but using your JAMB Registration email to check your Regularization status is the easiest and cost effective, so I will begin with that.

1. Through JAMB Registration Email

Checking Jamb Regularization Status Via Email
Checking JAMB Regularization Status Via Email

When registering for JAMB you were asked to provide your email address, it is with this email address you will be able to access your JAMB CAPS, but that is not the only thing you can do with the email address you registered JAMB with.

This email also serve as a means of communication between you and the Board (JAMB), so all information, confirmed payment, and transaction would always be communicated to you using this email address, and the status of your JAMB regularization is not any different.

This method is my recommended way of checking your JAMB Regularization status, it is cost effective, and do not entail much technicalities, all you have to do is…

  1. Locate and Open your mail app on your mobile Phone (If you don’t have this app installed on your phone already, you can download it from Play store or apple store for iPhone users)
  2. Sign in to your email address if you have not already (you can also access this email directly
  3. Next, locate the search box, type “JAMB” and hit the search icon, all emails relating to JAMB will appear on your home page.
  4. look out for an email title “APPROVAL OF ADMISSION LETTER” as shown in the image above.

If you find an email with such title, then your JAMB regularization has been approved, ensure to check you spam folder, sometimes the email could be filled as SPAM.

The other method for checking your JAMB regularization Status is through JAMB Student Portal…

2. Through JAMB Online Student Portal

Jamb Efacility Login
JAMB Efacility Login

If your previous admission was processed through JAMB CAPS and along the line you were able to change your course, or the course you applied for was not the course you were admitted into, then you can use this method to check your regularization status.

Here, knowing your email address and JAMB portal login password comes in handy, once you know your JAMB email address and password then you can use this method, the good thing with this method is that, it provides you with multiple option to check your JAMB regularization status…

  • You can confirm your Regularization using the JAMB Admission status option
  • You can also check your JAMB regularization Status by using the indemnity form option on your Students portal

Don’t worry, I will show you the necessary steps to take for these two methods shortly.

1. Check JAMB Regularization Status Through JAMB Admission Status

Check Admission Status on Jamb Caps
Image Showing JAMB Check Admission Status on JAMB Profile

To check your JAMB Regularization Status through the JAMB admission status checker, follow the steps outlined below…

  • First, visit JAMB portal login page
  • Next, fill in your correct Email address and Password in the required box, then hit the login button
  • Once logged in, locate the check admission status icon as shown in the image below
Check Admission Status on Jamb Profile
Check Admission Status on JAMB Profile
  • Click on the “check admission status” button on the next page.

If your regularization is approved, you will see your updated course reflect on your admission status page.

The other way of confirming your regularization status on JAMB portal is by using the indemnity form option.

2. Check JAMB Regularization Status Via Indemnity Form option

Jamb Indemnity Form Page
JAMB Indemnity Form Page

This is another effective way to check if your JAMB regularization application has been approved by the board, to this simply…

  • Visit JAMB portal login page
  • Next, fill in your correct Email address and Password in the required box, then hit the login button
  • locate the “My JAMB indemnity Form” option as shown in the image below once logged in and click on it
Jamb Indemnity form
JAMB Indemnity form
  • On the indemnity form page, you will see two links, which allows you to either check your application status or print your indemnity form
  • Click on the “Check Application Status” if approved, you will see the relevant notice indicating your approval.

With these two methods, you can check your regularization status online.

In conclusion

You can check or confirm your JAMB regularization status for 2024/2025 either by checking your mail or by login to JAMB CAPS and check your indemnity form or Admission status, whatever method you decide to use should be base on what is convenient for you.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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  1. I checked for my indemnity form statud and it shows my transaction ID supplied has not be used to apply

  2. I have paid for my admission letter letter and I can’t print it out because the reg number is coddly stated, I did reg without jamb number

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